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An Open Letter to Underage Girls That Want to Be Sugar Babies

     I think every sugar baby that has been on Tumblr for an extended period of time has received or read on someone else’s blog your requests for advice, little sister. You’re sixteen or seventeen, you’re mature for your age, and you think that you’re ready for the glitz and glamour of the sugar bowl. But whenever you ask us for advice we tell you no. We must be jealous. We can’t handle younger girls coming into the bowl and making things difficult for us. We can’t compete with your youth and beauty. We have no idea how mature you are. We don’t understand that there was that one time when you had an older man wrapped around your finger. We don’t know how much you yearn for more, to escape the life you have now, to make some money to help your family, to help you achieve your dreams. 

     I’ve said no. I’ve said that you’re just not ready but little sister you’ve been on my mind and I would like to say something more to you than no. I want to tell you why.

     When I was sixteen, I worked at a summer camp. It was easy to work, and it was fun because we went to different places every day. Swimming, the library, the zoo, the movies, museums. I was getting paid to hang out at all of my favorite spots. Sure I was there with a bunch of eight-year-olds, but even that could be fun. We went to the local skating rink once a week. I became friends with one of the co-owners. Friends. I was sixteen, and he was a thirty-two-year-old white man with two mixed race children. He flirted with me, and I was so bored with boys my own age. I lit up. Eventually, we exchanged numbers, and he told me on Saturday when I was sitting on my floor stretching after 7 hours at my dance studio that the age of consent in Maryland was sixteen, so anything we did was okay. 

     There was something wrong with that. Something I didn’t like. I couldn’t tell anyone what it was especially not my friends who thought I was weird for wanting to hang out with an old guy. But he’d promised me things. Told me about the adventures we could take together. And I was so bored. But what he said. There was something about it. 

     I never saw him outside of work. Eventually, I stopped talking to him at the skating rink. When he tried to approach me, I moved to be closer to the adults I worked with. I knew he wouldn’t talk to me if I were anywhere near them. 

     The skating rink was sold. It’s a dollar store or a church now. I can’t remember. I drove past it when I came home from college and looked at it and remembered that man and had the words to put with that feeling. 

     My mind, my sixteen-year-old mind, recognized a predator. My sixteen-year-old mind recognized that this man wanted something from me that I wasn’t ready to give. I recognized when I drove past that there is something inherently wrong with a man that looks to underage girls as potential romantic partners. Girls that have not lived half the life he’s lived and doesn’t have the experience he does.

    Little sister, if you’re anything like me, you’ve had men in their twenties and thirties, good looking men, leaning out of their expensive cars with smiles on their faces and promises on their lips. They can make a woman out of you. They can take you shopping and on trips. They can make their friends want to be you. And, little sister, they can. They have the money to do it. What you have to do is ask yourself what you will have to give in return because you will have to give something. 

     Little sister, when we tell you to stay away from the sugar bowl what we are saying is to wait. Wait until you’ve lived a little. Wait until you’ve seen the world. Wait until you have boundaries. Wait until you know yourself, can control yourself. We don’t want you to be us, little sister, crying in your dorm room or on your childhood bedroom floor wondering when money and things and what you thought was love became so important to you that you have allowed a man to take you over.

     We know about the abuse, little sister. We know about the manipulation. We know how they will isolate you from your friends and family. We know because they did it to us. We know how they will make you doubt yourself and the things you used to know with certainty were real. We know because it happened to us. We know that the men that approach you will do it because you’re young and beautiful and innocent and impressionable and easy. 

    You say that you aren’t innocent. Those horrible things have happened to you. And they have. We know. But these men have lived, sweet baby. They have seen the world in ways, because of your age, that you just can’t yet. They have recognized things about human behavior, about women, about you in your beautiful youth, that you don’t know yet and can’t be ready for. 

     Some of you won’t care. You’re rolling your eyes right now. You still think I’m jealous. You still think I just want to stop you from having fun. I’m not. You are young, but I am experienced and don’t want to be you. Experience, baby, will always be better. 

     I don’t think you should wait until you are 18. I think you should wait beyond that. I want you to wait until you are 21 but I know circumstances and impatience, and I know you may not listen. 

     And I don’t know about you, but I went to a school where there were boys my own age who had allowances and cars that their parents just handed to them because they had good jobs and more money than they needed. Those boys? Those boys are just sitting around waiting for you to practice on them. Get to it. The adult men that you meet when you are old enough to join the bowl won’t act much different. 

To my little sisters and sugar sisters, do you have anything to add that I missed? Let me know in the comments. I read every one even if I don’t respond to it right away. 

Mockery (Negan x Lana)

Summary: Lana is the queen of sass. Negan may have just met his match. 

Characters: Negan x Alana

Word Count: 3,560

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, Fluff and Swearing

Author’s Note: This fic was requested by @i-dont-have-a-harp who sent:

Would you be able to do a fic with a girl called Alana (Lana as a nickname) where she’s super sassy and is taken during the lineup from Alexandria? Negan takes a liking to her but she refuses to fall for him, until he begins showing a softer side when it’s just the two of them, but Lana is too stubborn to admit it until something puts her and Negan in danger? 

I had too much fun writing this. Love me a sassy character. This one is jam-packed with sass, fluff and smut. I hope it’s to your liking. 

Thank you thank you thank you to @ashzombie13 for being my beta reader!

Please let me know what you think! You can message me anytime! I LOVE feedback! (Seriously! Send me asks and you’ll make my whole week)

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“There’s nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm. He’s a one stop shop, makes the panties drop. He’s a sweet-talkin’, sugar coated candy man” 

- Candy Man by Christina Aguilera (lyrics in picture from Bubblegum Bitch by Marina & The Diamonds)

one minute i have people cat-calling me and then the next people are saying there is something wrong with my face wtf????

5 + 1 [2/6]

There might be grammatical errors here and there, ones that I might have missed! I have decided to rename this series to 5 + 1 because Five Times They Pretended and The One Time They Didn’t was quite a mouthful and a handful to type! And this is a personal achievement for me because with this post, I have reached a 100 posts! Will be posting a couple more of your requests throughout the day! This was close to 2K words so I put half of them under the keep reading cut. 

You can find the first part here: [one]

Cancel all plans. Your presence required. – B

You place the little card back in your purse as you put the finishing touches on your make-up. Being friends with Bruce for the longest time means that when he actually tells you, your presence is required, you ask questions later and act first.

Over the years, the two of you have simply grown closer. You had been there when he had left Gotham on what you loved to call his ‘self-searching’ journey and you had been there when he came back to take the name ‘Batman’. (How you found out he had been Batman had been purely out of curiosity but that is a different story for another time). You had been there with him when he had taken in Dick Grayson as his ward. In short, you knew of Bruce and his night-time activities with Dick as well.

So when Bruce had sent a bouquet of your favourite flowers as well as a present – later, it turned out to be the current dress you are wearing – to your office, you somehow have an inkling of what sort of night you were going to go through. But you are his friend and you are never one to say ‘no’ to your friends, not that you have many to begin with.

So you quickly sent him a text back, confirming your attendance once you are satisfied with how you look tonight. You told your driver to drop you off at the manor and the drive there had been filmed with you attempting to read up on the cases you have managed to acquire.

“Miss Y/N, we have arrived.”

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Coffee Talk (Soldier 76)(Coffee Shop AU)

Pairing: Soldier 76/Reader
AU: Coffee Shop AU
Words: 520
Warning(s): None
A/N: Ack Im sorry this one sucks ;;;;
Request: Coffee Shop AU with 76 because why not? Headcanons or fics, I’m not fussy ( @iamanemotionaltimebomb )

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Being in highschool working at a restaurant most days I was working as the cashier/hostess instead of the waitress And what do you know every day a creepy old man will come up and try to flirt w me (I was a minor???) AND a line would form behind him because i wasn't allowed to tell them to get lost ???? I was a minor being constantly harassed by old men and honestly I'm so glad I left that job. Fuck anyone who tries to flirt with people while they're on the job

Workin At McDonald's Sentence Meme

Just a bunch of things myself, coworkers and customers have said or done at my job. This will probably be part one of God knows how many.
“Come back here you little McHoe!”
“I wonder how it feels to drop kick someone in real life…”
“Give em the Burger King greeting I dare you!”
“Welcome to Burger King, home of the Whooper.”
“… What?”
“Is that your order?”
“___! I’ve never seen this side of you before… Show me again!”
“That’s why I fucked your husband!”
“What the fuck is a medium McChicken?”
“If I would’ve tripped, I would’ve went head first out the window.”
*clocks in* “I wanna go home.”
“No… That was discontinued a year ago.”
*blows a raspberry when someone bends down*
“Pimpin’ at McDonald’s. That’s how we livin now?”
“It can’t be a no call no show! I called they didn’t answer!”
“I don’t have that kind of authority.”
“I’m free!”
*clocks out* “FREE THE GAYS!”
“It’s hot as fuck back here.”
“WHY are you wearing that sweatshirt?”
“Deez nutz bitch.”
“Would you like a LIFE with that?”
“We are so fucking fake in here.”
“Nobody who works here is normal! We are all fucking weird.”
“Your hand is so soft…”
“Call corporate I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!”
“I’m quitting. Today is my last day, y'all.”
“Yo please tell me this kid did not write his resignation letter on the damn Happy Meal box!”
“Make sure you give me my key back.”
“There you go. Making a mess again.”
“Welcome to the Goodburger, home of the Goodburger, can I take your orrrdddeeeeeeerrr?”
“Hopefully you’re having a good morning.”
“Help meeee. I’m trapped in Hell.”
“I said my stomach hurt, not that there was a DEMON inside of me!”
“Probably because I’m going through pussy withdrawal.”
“That saggy ass old man, tryna flirt with me!”
“We’re so mean together.”
“Shut up!”
“Fuck everyone.”
“Really? TEN cheeseburgers?!”
“Didn’t they say no pickles?”
“No the WIZARD from the Smurfs! Not a Smurf. He even has the bald spot.”
“I do NOT have time for these shenanigans!”
“Wassup you McThot?”

Ifan being a nervous, blushing mess of an old man whenever Tiamat flirts with him gives me life. This rugged mercenary man can’t handle, in my mind, public affection. A few people he can handle. The entire Undertavern cheering and shouting at them to get a room, nope can’t go through with kissing her out of embarrassment.

Alone that’s another story. He’s completely in his element, confident and in control- saying and doing what he could in public alone with my lizard baby… *melts*

Tiamat doesn’t regret being openly affectionate with Ifan in public, laughing at how his cheeks flush a deep red (almost obscured by his beard) whenever people stop and stare at them.

For them, chaos and the calm quiet moments are equally beloved. When the world slows down just enough for them to catch their breath they take what time they can to enjoy one another’s company; sharing stories of their lives, poking fun at each other, holding hands, nuzzling into one another, kissing, or sleeping together when the moment presents itself. In the midst of blood, sweat, and tears- they both look after the other. Ensuring no one gets a cheap shot in when either of them can’t watch their backs. Ifan normally starts teasing her when the carnage starts, easing the tension of the situation at hand. Tiamat will tease him right back- normally mocking how long it takes him to aim and shoot. 

After all the fights, Ifan typically chastises Tiamat for her carelessness.

“Didn’t sidestep like I told you to.”


“You’re lucky they were shit handling a blade. If they knew what they were doing you’d be bleeding out from a severed artery.”

“What can I say. I got luck to spare.”

“Be aware of your surroundings, Tia.”

I’m in too deep in Ifan Ben-Mezd hell. 

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Today I had my first instance with an old man flirting with me, I've had the occasional little jokes before like when I ask for their phone number for their rewards they'll say "I'm a little bit too old for you young lady" but I've never had to deal with an old man straight up calling me beautiful.. he kept joking that he "got hit with the ugly tree" which is why I wasn't giving him any coupons and I just wasn't responding to him. Take a hint creep


I’ve been open for 20 minutes and I’ve already:

1. Had a senior complain about the youth of today
2. Had a customer get upset because I served a man who was “clearly a raging homosexual!” they swore never to come back because we are “that sort” of establishment
3. Had a man who was drunk and/or high come in and go, “Eh, when is it gonna be 1947 again? I need to punch Osama Bin Laden in the face”.
4. Had an old man flirt with me and when I told him I wasn’t comfortable with it he complained about how young women think they are entitled and don’t know how to take a compliment.


Alphabet soup tag

tagged by @goldenskychild thank you sweetcheeks! ♥ after 80 years I’m gonna post it too .

rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 10 blogs you would like to get to know better.

A: age | 21

B: birthplace | Kazakhstan but I’m living in Germany now

C: current time | 8 pm

D: drink you had last | Honey melon tea

E: easiest person to talk to | my aunt she is just 4 years older

F: favorite song | Currently it’s Perfect by Ed Sheeran

G: grossest memory | creepy old man flirting with me

H: hogwarts house | gryffindor

I: in love? | No but a big crush on Park Jimin 🤷🏻‍♀️

J: jealous of people? | Sometimes but not so strong just a little envious

K: killed someone | No

L. love at first sight or should I walk by again? | should walk by again

M. middle name | don’t have one but in Russia we take the fathers name like a middle name (??) so sergevina

N: number of siblings | One

O: one wish | Doing well in life

P: person you called last | my brother probably

Q: question you are always asked | “Why do you look so mean ?”

R: reason to smile | Dogs and cats

S: song you sang last | Last Christmas by WHAM! … I don’t know why

T: time you woke up | 10 am

U: underwear color | 👀 … navy blue

V: vacation destination | South Korea or Cuba

W: worst habit | telling too much

X: x-rays | my jaw

Y: your favorite food | fried dumplings

Z: zodiac sign | Capricorn

Tagging : @mochiminah @jamlessarmypiedpiper @i-dont-even-know-27 @chinnychimchim @kittykuroken @bxngtangoals @suchstuffasdreamsaremadeon @kimseaokjin @belgianbaby @

I love this tattoo.

I love it because it’s on a 27 year old man who was flirting with and manipulating me when I was 17. I love it because he told me disgusting things he wanted to do to me. I love it because he flirted with my younger friends. I love it because he is alone.

I love it because he will have a meme on his body for the rest of his life.