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Unexpected Guests: Begin!


It’s been a while since I’ve drawn any comics, but I dusted off everything I’ve learned to turn a short fic I was working on into this! Expect silliness, shenanigans, and some feels as the story unfolds–hopefully every Thursday, possibly more frequently as my schedule allows. For now, enjoy! And I hope you’ll keep reading ^^


JY: Running in such a hurry, were you scared that I left?

ZX: If you dare to not come back… I won’t forgive you.


last year i saw a group of ppl cosplaying soul eater a few seats in front of me at a panel and they sure seemed to be enjoying the music playing before it started

and the unintentional (but not unwelcome!) reaction—

the shower thought of ‘hey wouldn’t it be cute if sun/moon got to be friends with gladion’s big dog over the years’ turned into something too elaborate to be called a doodle LAUGHS o(–<


jimin, the local swedish boy ♡


Back in 2011 a friend of mine showed me a Youtube video of two men roleplaying in Minecraft. I ended up watching the whole series of SoI and the Yogscast became a part of my everyday life.

Now, almost 6 years later, I often find myself looking back (sometimes at old fan arts) thinking about all that’s happened and changed in my life and in the group/company. It’s been quite the journey and I’m glad I became a fan back then! I’m thankful for every Yogscast member, the fandom itself and for being able to share fan art with you throughout the years!

also I have no idea what happened in 2014, maybe I hibernated the whole year 


Hey-Hey! New commission post!

So my name’s Snowish and to make a long story short, I don’t have a bank account and my parents have confirmed I will not be getting one any time soon.

So! In order to get certain things that I want, I am taking commissions for Nintendo eShop card and iTunes gift card codes! (I can also do things for if you get games on my steam wishlist, but that’s a thing better discussed one-on-one)

You can see my commissions page for more examples and info, as well as my art tag for more of my stuff!

If you can’t purchase, please consider signal boosting, as this is really my only way to take commissions without a proper bank account.