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I work for a very old company that’s over 250 years old. Has 24 locations in the UK alone and over 100 worldwide. So not a small company. Had a guy ask me last week if this was our opening day? I work in the flagship store...... the original. It’s been there since the beginning.

Les Mis + June 1832 uprising map masterpost

All my June Uprising related map posts (so far)

(Well at least all the ones based mainly on Les Mis)

General events and locations:

Routes taken by various Les Mis characters:

The Corinthe barricade:

(Should I take this opportunity to read through all of these to check them for all the mistakes I’ve surely made in the past? Probably. Will I? Nnnope. I fixed one (1) thing, that’s good enough for me for now.)

Samaria the Apprentice 

It’s been eons since I posted any art, mainly because I’ve had major art block. But I finally made something I was somewhat satisfied with. But tumblr doesn’t like to cooperate with me ever so the quality looks wonky.

I’ve also been sucked into @thearcanagame (one reason why I’m not active in mystic messenger anymore lol ;;;). And because there was a recent update, I just had to draw my precious child. 

She’s rather shy but not at all timid. Rather daring really. However, she doesn’t have the greatest self-confidence when it comes to her talents. Therefore, she will work herself to the bone to prove herself. Also, prefers the comfort of her rags than any fineries.

ASDFGHJKL THIS IS REALLY LATE BUT sister location’s anniversary was around this month so i decided to redraw one of my first pics of the main characters!!!!<33 dGDGHSHG 


VVV Older version and separates under here! VVV

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When I was in high school we had a really weird fad that got way out of hand. Some kid had found out how to tie tiny strings to the legs of flies so he could carry it around and keep it as a pet. Teachers couldn’t really do anything about it since it was just a fly, y’know. They aren’t so uncommon in schools. Anyway, he started teaching more kids how to do it and it caught on.

Soon every kid in the school had pet flies tied to strings. They’d even get like multiple flies and carry them around like fly balloons. Even some teachers were getting in on it. Personally, I never got into it but I didn’t have the dexterity needed to do something precise as tying a string around a fly’s leg. No one would help me with it either. I was introvert and weirdo with no friends. I still am.

Things started to fall apart when state testing came around and the sound of constant buzzing became way more aggravating to everyone. There was also the problem of flies dying and the floors being covered in dead fly bodies. Like, despite having them as pets people still didn’t like touching flies with their bare hands. When the flies died they just left them on the floors, seats, and desks or whatever. It wasn’t uncommon to sit in a seat just covered in dead flies. You get used to having fly corpses, and fly juice on your butt after a while.

Even though fly pets were eventually banned (and hefty punishments were thrown out for anyone caught with pet flies), there was still a large amount of flies left in the school. The school had basically become a breeding ground for flies. Lunch was inedible because of all the maggots. They’d even be dripping from the ceilings and stuff. They had to shut down school for at least a month to get the exterminators to purge the place. It wasn’t that effective. There were just so many maggots in every nook and cranny of the school that no amount of exterminators could effectively purge the place without completely knocking down the school.

So, the principal decided to release a modest of amount of spiders into the school to eat all of the flies and maggots. Long story short, it didn’t work. They just managed to create a weird fly-spider based ecosystem in the school. The school had to reopen eventually, and everyone just got used to all of the flies and spiders. The cafeteria had to be moved to a nearby building since the school’s cafeteria had become so infested with spiders and maggots that it had to be locked off.

I moved away at the beginning of my senior year. It was weird adjusting to a school that wasn’t filled with bugs, but I made some cool friends there. My old high school burned down. No one was hurt, but arson wasn’t ruled out. It burned so long and so hard that the land on it had basically become scorched hell. They rebuilt the school elsewhere. They say that if you go to the old school’s location on a dark night, you can see a weird man walking around with tons of ghostly flies tied to his fingers. They say that you can hear them screaming for mercy. That’s probably not true, though.

Hello friends today I would like to talk about Damian (surprise!)

It’s just that I noticed a pattern, and I felt like y’all needed to hear about it: I can think of six different times where Damian went out of his way to give people very thoughtful, very individual gifts.

1) The pearl from Martha Wayne’s necklace (B&R 14), which he found in the sewers after a considerable amount of effort– we see him searching for it in two different issues (B&R 9, 13). Side note: made a rat friend, named it Spotty

2) In the first B&R Annual, Damian literally set up a scavenger hunt for Bruce, resulting in three different gifts. A painting by his mom

3) This photo of Thomas and Martha’s honeymoon, at the exact spot the picture was taken

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