old liquor bottles

what the 100 characters remind me of:

monty green: clean laundry, the sky early in the morning, roasting marshmallows, the sound of typing on a keyboard, laughing until your stomach is sore and the smell of plants after its been raining.

bellamy blake: freckled skin, cold showers, the smell of leather, the sound of metal scraping against stone, sand from the beach, strong warm hands, the feeling of being at home and the smell of old books.

octavia blake: bright smiles, neon lights, carving your initials into an old tree, sunsets, soft lips, the smell of soil and pine trees, steel toed boots, hard liquor in old bottles, clear water in a lake, butterfly kisses, sparks from a fire and the feeling of being free.

john murphy: the smell of petrol at a gas station, the sound of a crackling fire, cloudy night skies, second hand cigarette smoke, the taste of blood in your mouth, soft hair, callus hands, the sound of ripping paper, sweaty skin and soft touches.

clarke griffin: books arranged in alphabetical order, the smell of graphite, kissing in the dark, the feeling of paint on your skin, the sky on a clear day, the smell of smoke from the fire in your clothes and the sound of rain beating against a window.

jasper jordan: healed wounds, growing out of your clothes, the feeling of not getting enough sleep, cold mornings, dewdrops on spiderwebs, the smell of freshly baked pie and the sound of ice clinking in a glass.

raven reyes: engine oil, the sound of a drill, soft clothes, the stars in the sky at night, the sound shoes make on a hardwood floor, warm skin after a hot shower, feminist literature, empty carriages on the subway and the smell of coffee in the morning.

lexa the commander: black eyeliner, the full moon, walking through the forest at night, the sound of a knife scraping tree bark, candlelight, hot baths, chipped nail polish, wooden cabins and the sound of wolves howling.