old liquor bottles


[ Request: Jax smut where he admits his love after a break up with a boyfriend (feelings reciprocated) ] 

You threw your keys at the wall, slinging your boots off and throwing your purse to the ground all in one swift motion. You had just had the day from hell, and your dumbass boyfriend has just made it worse. Or maybe I should say ex-boyfriend, you thought to yourself. The dick had dumped you via text less than an hour ago. Not that you really cared all that much. You weren’t exactly dating Prince Charming by any means. He was just somebody to pass the time with. But the fact that he had dumped you with a text message after a little over a year together coupled with your shitty day at work just pissed you off. You needed a drink, and you needed it fast.

You stomped your way to the kitchen, hoping to God you had something stronger than beer to drown your sorrows. You ripped open your cabinets, quickly searching through them for any sign of hard liquor. Then your eyes landed on a black-label bottle of whiskey. 

You snatched the bottle out of the cabinet, a wicked smile stamped across your face. You were determined to forget this entire day had ever happened.


“Jesus Christ,” Jax muttered to himself as he took in the scene formerly known as your living room. There were bottles scattered everywhere, and the place was a wreck. He could hardly make out the sofa underneath the massive pile of neglected laundry. He took in a deep breath and shook his head. He knew his work was cut out for him this time. 

Jax had known you for as long as he could remember. You were like family to him. Hell, Gemma jokingly called you her daughter on more than one occasion. Jax had been with you through practically everything. All the ups and downs. All the heartbreaks. All the high school drama, followed by all the real adult drama. Jax had been with you through all the changes that life had brought about. But through all the years of friendship, one thing had remained the same. Jax was irrevocably, incredibly, heartbreakingly in love with you. And there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it. 

He knew you loved him. But the way you loved Jax and the way Jax loved you were two totally different kinds of love. You loved Jax, as a friend. Jax was in love with you. And he knew he could never tell you that. You had brought home boyfriend after boyfriend, and Jax had met them all. Jax had also hated every single one of them. He knew they weren’t right for you. None of them were good enough for you. Especially not the last one. Jax had hated the guy ever since you had introduced them. He knew the two of you would break up eventually, and judging by the current state of your living room and your liver, Jax assumed that time had come.

“Y/N?” he called, cautiously stepping further into the house, dodging piles of clothes and old liquor bottles as he went. He peered down the hallway, towards your bedroom. “Hey, Y/N!” 

You opened your eyes and groggily stared at your celling. Your head pounded, and your body ached. Why you had decided attempting to drink an entire fifth of whiskey in one night was a good idea, you couldn’t remember now. 

“In here,” you moaned, clutching your head in your hands and willing it to stop aching. 

Jax followed the sound of your voice. “You alright?” he asked as he stepped into your room. He let out a light laugh as he took in the sight of you. “You look pretty rough,” he told you with a smirk. Truthfully, he still thought you looked beautiful, even hungover and with messy hair. 

You sighed and cracked a weak smile as you looked at your best friend. “I’m good.” 

Jax grinned. “Wanna get some coffee?”

You nodded your head slowly. “Please and thank you.” 


“So what’s the deal with you and what’s-his-name?” Jax asked, taking a drag of his cigarette.

The two of you were sitting outside TM. Jax had been crashing at your house every night for the last few days, basically ever since he found you in your drunken stupor. He told you it was to keep you company, but you had your suspicions that he had other reasons.

“What do you mean?” you asked, taking the cigarette from his hands and taking a long drag.

Jax watched you for a moment. “Come on, Y/N,” he leaned forward, placing his arms on the table that separated you two, “Don’t lie to me.” 

You sighed loudly. You had known this conversation was coming. Jax wasn’t one to just let things go. But you didn’t want to deal with it. Not now. Not ever, really. 

“He dumped me,” you answered matter-of-factly. “About a week ago.” You took another long drag of the cigarette between your fingers and stared into Jax’s blue eyes. “Haven’t talked to him since.” 

Jax nodded his head, taking his cigarette back from you. “Sorry to hear that.”

A small, satisfied smirk spread across your lips. You narrowed your eyes and shook your head as you looked at Jax. “I’m not.” 

Jax raised his eyebrows, a smirk now forming on his own lips. He shook his head and let out a deep sigh. “Well,” he said, taking one last drag off his cigarette before putting it out. “That makes two of us then.”


“Jax,” you moaned. You couldn’t get enough of the feel of Jax’s lips pressed to your skin. He gave your thighs a squeeze. His lips curled up into a smirk. He loved hearing the sound of his name coming from your lips. 

He kissed his way up from your thighs back to your lips. He wanted to kiss every part of your body, run his hands over every curve, every inch of your skin. He had waited so long for this moment, and now that it was finally here, he wanted to savor every moment. He longed to feel more of you. 

“Jax,” you breathed, pulling him closer to you. 

Everything had happened so fast. You and Jax were talking, then suddenly you were clawing at each other’s clothes. Before you knew what happened, you found yourself in his bed, your bodies pressed together, your limbs tangled up. You fit together so perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle. Like you belonged together all along. 

“Say my name,” he whispered into your ear. You felt a shiver run down your spine. You needed to feel more of him. 

“Jax.” You pulled at his hips. You wanted him more than you had ever wanted anything before. You needed him like a drug. You wanted to feel every part of him. 

Jax’s strong hands gripped your hips. He worked his way between your thighs and spread your legs apart with his knees. “I’ve wanted this for so long,” he breathed, pressing a kiss to your neck. You let out a satisfied moan as he entered you for the first time.


You stood in front of Jax’s bed, pulling on last night’s clothes that had just been scattered on his bedroom floor mere moments before. Jax was at the front of the clubhouse. You had sent him to get coffee while you showered and got dressed. You had woken up this morning, lying naked in the arms of your best friend. You needed a few moments alone to gather your thoughts. 

You ran through all the events of last night in your mind. It had been the best and quite possibly the most confusing night of your life. You weren’t sure how you felt about what happened or what you thought just yet. Hell, you weren’t sure how it all even happened. You hadn’t had much time to think about it all. All you knew was that you were the happiest you had been in years. And that’s all you cared about at the moment. You would figure everything else out later.

“I think I’m in love with you,” Jax blurted, snapping you back to reality. 

You looked up to see Jax standing in the doorway of his room. He had been watching you for several minutes, but you were so lost in your own thoughts that you hadn’t even noticed. Your eyes grew wide as your mind processed what Jax had just said. “What?”

His lips formed a smirk, but his hands shook with nerves. “You heard me.”

You watched him for a moment, feeling as if all the air had just been knocked out of you. You couldn’t believe the words that had just escaped Jax’s lips. You had secretly wanted to hear him say those words for years, but you never expected that he ever would. And now that he finally had, you couldn’t even form a response. You were left speechless.  

Jax swallowed hard and smiled nervously. “Now would be a really good time for you to say something, babe.” 

Your face broke out into a smile. “I think I love you too,” you said breathlessly. 

Jax’s face erupted into a grin. “Thank God.” He crossed the room and wrapped his muscular arms around your waist. “I’ve been waiting to hear you say that for longer than you know, babe.” He placed a kiss on top of your head. Everything was finally falling into place, and Jax couldn’t be happier.

what the 100 characters remind me of:

monty green: clean laundry, the sky early in the morning, roasting marshmallows, the sound of typing on a keyboard, laughing until your stomach is sore and the smell of plants after its been raining.

bellamy blake: freckled skin, cold showers, the smell of leather, the sound of metal scraping against stone, sand from the beach, strong warm hands, the feeling of being at home and the smell of old books.

octavia blake: bright smiles, neon lights, carving your initials into an old tree, sunsets, soft lips, the smell of soil and pine trees, steel toed boots, hard liquor in old bottles, clear water in a lake, butterfly kisses, sparks from a fire and the feeling of being free.

john murphy: the smell of petrol at a gas station, the sound of a crackling fire, cloudy night skies, second hand cigarette smoke, the taste of blood in your mouth, soft hair, callus hands, the sound of ripping paper, sweaty skin and soft touches.

clarke griffin: books arranged in alphabetical order, the smell of graphite, kissing in the dark, the feeling of paint on your skin, the sky on a clear day, the smell of smoke from the fire in your clothes and the sound of rain beating against a window.

jasper jordan: healed wounds, growing out of your clothes, the feeling of not getting enough sleep, cold mornings, dewdrops on spiderwebs, the smell of freshly baked pie and the sound of ice clinking in a glass.

raven reyes: engine oil, the sound of a drill, soft clothes, the stars in the sky at night, the sound shoes make on a hardwood floor, warm skin after a hot shower, feminist literature, empty carriages on the subway and the smell of coffee in the morning.

lexa the commander: black eyeliner, the full moon, walking through the forest at night, the sound of a knife scraping tree bark, candlelight, hot baths, chipped nail polish, wooden cabins and the sound of wolves howling.

Here’s the continuation of the last part of Tumbling Down! This one was inspired by @furaitsu and this AWESOME PHOTO SET. I always thought he looked kinda sad, though, and it got me thinking about him regularly listening the CDs… I also wanted to make sure furaitsu’s was the pic for the first NSFW bit of this fic, because I wanted to give something back in thanks for all their amazing art @_@

A big thanks to @ero-genos again for translating the audio I used!!!!

((Here’s the next part!!!))

Are you ready? I wasn’t T^T

Too Close







    Genos was far too warm when he forced his eyes open, blinking away the warning signals flashing on his iris. It took him a few moments to orient himself. He was at the apartment, and the sun blaring through the open curtain told him it was late morning. His tactile and visual senses weren’t fully online, but he knew he was laying across something that wasn’t his futon…

    …that was wearing a pair of familiar, worn-out jeans…

    …and having a normal experience for a sleeping 27-year old man.

    The blonde shoved himself off Saitama’s hips, keeping his surprised cry as low as possible. He shielded his eyes as he stumbled so he did not have to see any more of his hero’s morning wood than he already had.

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Hands are shaking

Request: Hey could you do a fic where you’re really insecure about your abilities with an instrument (like keyboard or violin or something) and Dean overhears you practicing?

I sure can!!!!!! And just because I’m an asshole I made this super angsty!!! 

Go listen to this song before you read this fic. It adds to the sad. All gone (No escape)

Written By: redlittlefox

Pairing: Dean X Reader 

Sum: A night of fun turned wrong

Word count: 2.5k 

Warning: Angst. ( I don’t want to spoil anything)

People: @aprofoundbondwithdean @brokenaria @is-this-you-manning-up-sammy @latinenglishfandomblog @winchester-writes @winchesterenthusiast @spnfanficpond @but-deans-back-tho @mamapeterson @mrs-squirrel-chester @mrswhozeewhatsis @the-mrs-deanwinchester @letsgetoutalive @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid

You had just gotten home from a hunt with the boys. It was just a simple salt and burn, nothing really all that special. You were in and out in as little as three days, but something didn’t feel right. Something was haunting you. You decided to push it to the back of your mind because the hunt went fine. Nothing went wrong, so it was probably just your nerves getting to you and nothing more.

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