old like

I look like shit as I’m ready for bed as you can see (sorry for bad quality pic lol).

If you hadn’t guessed my bias is bunny boi extreme (Doyoung).

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Fun things about walking home at 1am with music in your headphones and alcohol in your system:
- there’s no one around to see you skipping up the road all silly-like
- the streetlights make everything look like Halloween
- nothing MATTERS

wedding music

I have a favor to ask. Can yall either reply to this or send me a message (or reblog/send in a bottle/whatever!) with some songs that you’d want to hear at a wedding?

13-15 year olds having half baked opinions with the “this is what i believe in” attitude really isn’t going to hurt anybody because they’re…. 13-15 years old and are still growing up. also understand that this is entirely directed at like. 17-20 year olds who always wanna hash it out with 14 year olds who are now just discovering themselves.