old ler

last night me n some friends were going through a list of old once ler ask blogs, and let me tell you, true horror is going on a once ler blog and seeing the words “posted 2 hours ago”

Most Important Zodiac List You Will Find On Tumblr Dot Com
  • Aries: Original Once-ler
  • Taurus: Greed-ler
  • Gemini: Swag-ler
  • Cancer: TrollOnce-ler
  • Leo: The Lorax
  • Virgo: 1972 Once-ler
  • Libra: Fem!Once-ler
  • Scorpio: Steampunk Once-ler
  • Sagittarius: Mr. O'Hare
  • Capricorn: Old Once-ler
  • Aquarius: Jackfrost-ler
  • Pisces: Camp Weehawken Counselor Once-ler