old land rover

We’ve always had a soft spot for the sidecars made by @uralmotorcycles. Yes, they’re relics from a bygone age, but they’re also practical and charming—like the old ‘Series’ Land Rover parked next to the Moto Guzzi in my garage.
Now Queensland man Peter Adams has built a Ural we couldn’t resist showing. It’s designed to transport his Boxer dog ‘Argo’ and a surfboard.
Peter started his career in boat building, and then moved on to the design and manufacture of light aircraft. So he knows his stuff when it comes to engineering.
Anyone else fancy taking the dog and surfboard down to the beach?
Hit the link in our bio to find out more—and pore over the hi-res images.
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jackharries: **Help!** Yesterday I arrived home to find that my beloved old Land Rover has been stolen from the front drive of my home in London. It’s a rickety old car and not worth all that much but it means everything to me. It was stolen at some point between the 28th of Dec to the 4th of Jan. It could be anywhere in world right now and may even have a different appearance. Distinctive features include a large roof rack with a tent on top and three stickers depicting the Union Jack and the French and Spanish flags. The break lights on the rear right hand side were also recently smashed. The number plate is N341 RHP. The car is currently reported stolen and the crime reference number is 0500228/16. If anyone has any information I would be eternally grateful. Thank you! 🙏🏻🚙

Things have come a long way from the old Land Rovers. A British Army Foxhound at Camp Bastion, Helmand, Afghanistan - June 2012. The V-shaped hull was designed specifically to counter the IED threat. Utilising advanced technologies, the nations’ pioneering motorsport industry was an unorthodox contributor to the project. In not quite pit stop time, but close, the engine can be removed and replaced within 30 minutes - and it can drive along merrily with a wheel forcibly amputated.