old lampshade

good music you should listen to:

  • sleep forever - portugal. the man
  • toothpaste kisses - the macabees
  • nice and slow - max frost
  • hold on - alabama shakes
  • old friend - sea wolf
  • lampshades on fire - modest mouse
  • all the time - bahamas 
  • southern sun - boy & bear
  • flashed junk mind - milky chance 

Okay. So I loved Voltron. A LOT. 


Shiro and Pidge and Allura and Hunk, and even the bratty children Lance and Keith. 

It’s really so good y’all.

It sidesteps expectations based on the old versions brilliantly. It lampshades shit not being built for varied body types as careless. It has ongoing dealing with PTSD as an important part of a character’s arc. It does gender does not look the same across alien species (not all aliens have boobs!). The plot is good. The animation is pretty.

Please go watch it if you have not yet friends. 

AND REMEMBER, rate it on the star system when you’re done watching. Positive feedback folks. Heck, Get on the customer chat & tell them you want more.

I need more as soon as possible @netflix, pretty pretty please.

A few things that come to mind when I hear Lorde Pure Heroine:

~ Long car rides late at night.
~ Lazy parties where I’m hiding in a corner somewhere.
~ Orange juice (because duh).
~ Diamonds and other jewels like sapphires and rubies.
~ Old fashioned lampshades.
~ Expensive lipstick.
~ Deep green colours.
~ Red lips, white teeth.
~ Swords and battle and victory.
~ Loose gold coins.
~ Wild roses.
~ Warmth and solitude.

This is still my favourite album. Yes, my absolute favourite. And I love everything about it and lordemusic.

Thank you for so so much.