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can you do a fic or imagine where josh is late to someone's funeral (like a family member or something) and realizes he wants to bring flowers so on his way he steals some from the readers garden!!! fluff if you can :) love you tay xoxo


Warnings: death mention, poor sappy sad josh. 

Note: I’m so sorry that I take so long to update and write. I’ve been in a bad place lately, but I’m trying to pull out of it. You guys are the best, thanks for sticking with me through all this stuff and being so supportive!! honestly idek what this is, I wrote this half asleep all while eating an unhealthy amount of pasta, so please excuse the inevitable typos that you will find. But anyway here’s a kinda sad, kinda fluffy mess of a fic. 

Josh is late. In every sense of the word, he is so late. He’s even still in his work uniform, grey polo shirt scratching uncomfortably under his rain jacket. His hands are freezing and he doesn’t even have any flowers. Ashley is going to be so mad.

He’s power walking, well aware he probably looks like a mom tracking down six kids in a crowded mall (thinking of that makes his heart clench in his chest). There’s one more street to walk down–he refuses to drive there, it makes it feel too real. He stuffs shaking hands in his pockets and turns the corner.

Josh doesn’t have flowers. He’s visiting for the first time since it happened, he’s late, and he doesn’t have flowers.

He’s a block away when he sees them, the roses growing almost chaotically over a small light pink fence. He stops and looks down at them, then around. No one’s watching, so he crouches and picks a decent handful, murmuring a few sorries as the stems snap. He notes the house number and reminds himself to write a thank you note before standing up and continuing on his way.

Everyone’s already there when Josh arrives, eyes watery from the wind. Ashley gives him a look that would’ve been terrifying if not for the red around her eyes, and Josh mouths his apology while passing out hugs.

With a deep breath he crouches and places the six roses at the base of the polished stone. “Hi, mum.” Josh whispers, pressing a kiss into his hand and then to her name. “Sorry I’m late.”

I miss you. I stole these flowers for you, the old lady they belong to probably noticed already. My boss gave me a few extra sick days because she knows. I’m tired of everyone knowing. I love you.

It happens seven times in the course of two months, and Josh really doesn’t mean to make it a habit, but he can never seem to remember the flowers until he’s well on his way, and there are so many of them in the garden that he hardly feels bad. He never got around to writing the note.

He’s sitting in front of the grave with a bunch of daisies. “The girls miss you.” Josh says quietly, arranging the flowers nicely along the stone. The white is almost too bright to look at. “We all miss you, mum.” He whispers, feeling a tear run down his cheek. “Today at work a girl brought in her therapy dog. She was behind the counter with me and her dog—I can’t remember it’s name, but it spent the whole time licking my shoe. Reckon he knows, too? Anyway, it was nice. Maybe I should get a dog.”

Josh never means to cry but he always ends up doing it. It takes about twenty minutes for him to be able to breathe again, then he says goodbye and walks the three blocks to his car.

He usually visits once a week, sometimes one of his sisters comes with him. If it’s Abigail, they go get ice cream after. If it’s Ashley, which it usually is, they get coffee and don’t talk about it.

It’s running on month six when Josh sees her. He’s holding a beautiful bunch of chrysanthemums by his side, when he notices that there’s someone in the window holding the curtain aside. They make eye contact, and Josh feels very guilty. She doesn’t look angry, although there’s a noticeable furrow between her eyebrows. She’s wearing a cotton bathrobe and holding a mug of coffee. Josh could use some coffee.

He doesn’t know what to do, so he just smiles and holds up the flowers. Then turns on his heels and walks as quickly as he can.

“It’s not an old lady, mum, it’s a girl. She saw me today, caught me red handed.” Josh mumbles, laughing a bit to himself as he clears away some old flowers and places the new ones. “She didn’t do anything though, so I think I’m okay.” His voice cracks as he says it, and then, as usual, starts crying.

It takes two more times for the rightful owner of the flowers to confront Josh about his thievery.

Josh’s on his knees, picking some cute purple flowers when he hears her voice.

“Um, hello?” Josh nearly jumps out of his skin.

“Oh shit.” Josh says, looking up and feeling his heart sink. “Right. I’m sorry I just–your flowers are very nice.”

She smiles and crosses her hands over her chest. “Thank you.”

Josh’s still kneeling, hands shaking where they’re holding stems. She has long, dark hair and a sort of crooked smile on her face. Neither of them are saying anything. She’s wearing an old shirt with a hole near the hem. Josh’s hands are sweating.

“You know, if you’re going to steal my flowers to take to your girl, I think I’m going to have to come with you to make sure she’s beautiful enough to warrant theft.” She says, oddly calm and good natured.

Josh doesn’t know what to say. He just nods, trying to ease the panic rising in his chest.

“Add a few roses.” She orders, and Josh nods, picking a few and standing up, finally. “I’m Y/N, by the way.“ She says, extending a hand.

Josh smiles and shakes it. “Josh.” She smiles at him one more time and then they start to walk.

She pesters him with questions about his imaginary girlfriend, and Josh tries to answer them in the vaguest way possible, all the while trying to figure out how the hell he’s going to explain this when they get to the cemetery.

“Did she like the daisies you picked last time? I always thought those were more of a flower you give your mum, but I guess they’re nice.” she babbles, and Josh almost chokes.

“Yeah, um. Yeah.” he says, his heart racing in his chest. The small side entrance is only a few meters away, and she still has no idea. Josh doesn’t say anything as he walks through the gate, holding it open for her, who immediately stops talking as well.

The silence feels like a heavy blanket, and she just follows Josh as he makes the walk now committed to memory. Josh almost forgets she’s there, dropping to the probably permanently grass stained knees of his jeans and managing a smile. “Hi mum.” He places the flowers around the base of the stone, like he always does. Josh jolts when he feels a hand on his thigh, near his knee. He follows the arm up and meets her green eyes. Josh hadn’t noticed her kneel, too.

“Josh…” she whispers, obviously surprised. Josh doesn’t blame her.

“Don’t.” he says quietly, sniffling and looking away from him. “I brought someone with me. She’s the one I’ve been stealing all the flowers from.” Josh says, smiling a bit and he hears Y/N mumble a soft hello. “She hasn’t called the cops on me yet, which I guess is good.”

He takes a shaky breath before getting choked up. He puts his face in his hands and this was always just a part of his agenda, but the arm around his shoulders is new.

She starts talking.

“The first time I was sitting in my kitchen and I was like oh god do not pick the hibiscuses, they’ve got bees. But he didn’t, he chose some tulips instead.“ she laughs a little, and Josh almost starts crying again. “Between us, I hope he never stops.” she whispers, and Josh knows he wasn’t meant to hear it. There’s a lot he wasn’t meant to do.

Josh sniffles loudly and sits up to wipe his eyes. Her arm is still around his shoulders. “I’m sorry.” he says out of habit, as he’s been doing every time anyone’s seen him cry since October. She just shakes her head and uses a thumb to wipe a stray tear.

“Don’t apologize.” She says, and puts her hand back on her own lap. Josh wants to tell her to put it back. “I’ll um, give you some privacy.” She says, standing up and brushing her jeans off. “And, Josh, you’re welcome to my flowers anytime.” She says, giving him a bright smile before walking away.

Josh doesn’t watch her walk away. He turns back to the gravestone and sighs. “She’s kinda nice isn’t she mum?”

Josh can almost hear his mum yelling at him. Don’t be stupid, dear, go after her.

He kisses his hand and presses it agains the warming stone. “I love you.” He gets up, not bothering to dust off his knees and all but sprints back out to the sidewalk. Josh jogs down the road and turns the corner, smiling when he sees her walking peacefully down the street.

“Hey!” Josh yells, picking up to a run. She turns, and stops walking, looking surprised that Josh is running after her.  

“Let me, um, buy you lunch.” he says breathlessly.  “Figure I owe you one, since I’ve been stealing your flowers for months.“

She smiles and nods.  “Yeah, I guess that’a fair payback.”

They talk as they walk to her pick of café, and Josh feels lighter than he has in months.

They walk back to Y/N’s, and she makes Josh promise to close his eyes as she grabs the spare key. It’s painfully adorable.

“Wanna, um come in?” she asks, looking down at her feet as she says it. Josh’s cheeks go hot at that, being suddenly floored by how pretty she really is.

“I-” Josh starts, before checking his watch,. “Really need to be heading home.” He tries not to let the way her face falls hurt his feelings too bad. “I have work in like, an hour, so.” he explains, and she nods.

“Yeah, don’t worry about it. Maybe another time.” she says, eyes wide and hopeful.

Josh grins. "Definitely. I’ll call you–or you’ll see me in your garden, either one.” He throws in a wink and leans in to peck her cheek before turning and walking down the street to his car.  At the corner he turns and finds Y/N still standing in her doorway.

It was not a good day. Josh has been avoiding sleep because every time he closes his eyes at night,  he can’t stop picturing the time he showed his mum how he could climb the tree in the backyard. He fell on the second branch and skinned his shin and elbow. She patched him up and bought him ice cream, and then they watched movies until Josh fell asleep against her on the couch.

He sighs and presses the heels of his palms into his eyes. He’d stopped crying about an hour ago, now he’s just staring at his ceiling with his eyes burning. It’s four thirty. Sleep is definitely out of the picture, so Josh grabs his keys and does the only thing he can think of.

He picks seven roses on his way, hops the fence, and finds he can still cry, forehead pressed against cold stone.

He doesn’t know how long he sits there for, but when he opens his eyes, the sky is more grey than black. “Fuck.” He curses and rubs at his stinging eyes. “Sorry for swearing,” He whispers, laughing a bit. “I’ll be back soon, I love you.”

He stands.  It’s about to be five in the morning, and Josh really can’t see himself driving all the way back home. He doesn’t quite know what to do as he walks back, but then he sees the garden, and finds himself knocking on the door.

It takes a few, but Y/N does open the door, hair a mess, grey sweats hanging low on her hips. “Josh,” She says, surprised. “What are you doing here babe?” she asks softly.

“Couldn’t sleep. Needed some flowers.” he mumbles, blinking a few times to try and get rid of the blurriness creeping across his eyes. “Can I come in?”

“Yes, of course.” she says without missing a beat, and Josh sighs, relieved. He toes off his sneakers at the door and lets Y/N lead him through the house.  He can tell that Y/N wants to ask, but doesn’t.

In fact, she doesn’t say anything, and Josh finds that oddly comforting, she just sits next to Josh on the couch and keeps her hands curled in her lap.  

“I took some roses again this morning,” Josh admits.

“What color?” is all she responds with.

“The white.”

“That’s the best kind,” she assures him. You can keep helping yourself to those.” she says, leaning over and poking into Josh’s side. “Think of it as my gift to your mum, too.”

That makes Josh tear up a bit.

“I should go,” he says, not wanting to start crying in front of her for a second time.  

“Oh,” she says, sounding almost disappointed.  “Right— okay.”

Josh stands up, his chest feeling tight and his thoughts racing.  But in the midst of the chaos, he hears her voice.  Clear as day; the reason behind his messy, illogical mind. Don’t be stupid, dear, go after her.

Josh turns suddenly then, and takes a step closer to Y/N, so he can hold her hands in his own. “Can I take you to breakfast right now?”

She beams at him, dimples drilled into her cheeks as she nods in agreement. She hurriedly finds shoes and a jacket, stopping at the door to lock the door before following Josh out. They walk to his car hand in hand, and it all feels so right.

They get pancakes, and Josh kisses the whip cream off her lips. People give them looks as they laugh obnoxiously and fond over one another. Josh doesn’t care.

He wakes up the next morning in a bed that isn’t his own and to the smell of bacon. He smiles to himself. “Are you ever going to let me make you breakfast?” he asks, laughing a little when he sees Y/N standing in front of the stove.

“Maybe, if you ever wake up before me.” she says, looking over her shoulder and smiling at Josh.

They sit down to eat breakfast on Y/N‘s couch, blanket pulled over both of them, and it’s home.

Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf

Modern AU

Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Words: 1544

Warnings: Swearing, implied smut, kissing

A/N: Happy Halloween! I hope you all have enjoyed Spoopy Week! There may be one or two more Halloween imagines up today, but still it is sadly the end of Spoopy Week! Love you all!

“My Halloween party is going to be great! You coming, (Y/N)?” Alex asked, his face covered with a wide grin.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Who’s going?” You asked, smiling just as brightly as he was.

“I invited pretty much everyone we know.” Alex said.

“Even Eliza?” You asked, wiggling your eyebrows.

“Oh, shut up!” Alex yelled, his face turning a bright red.

“Don’t be embarrassed, you two are cute together.” You said, causing Alex’s face to grow an even brighter red.

“Stop!” Alex covered his face with his hands.

“Hey, Hamilton!” You stopped your teasing to see Jefferson approaching the two of you.

“What do you want, Jefferson?” Alex growled, glaring at the puffy haired man.

“Just wanted to ask you something about your Halloween party tonight. Is it a costume party?” He asked, shifting his eyes every so often to look at you.

“Yes, it is and you better be wearing a good costume.” Alex said, rolling his eyes. “What a stupid question. Why wouldn’t a Halloween party be a costume party?”

“Wait! You invited Jefferson?” You asked in horror.

“I said that I invited everyone we knew.” Alex shrugged.

“I didn’t think that included him!” You exclaimed, pointing at Jefferson.

“I’m still standing here.” Jefferson said, watching in distaste at the exchange between you and Alexander.

“I noticed.” You rolled your eyes.

“Chill, (Y/N). I invited him to show him that I throw the best parties and that he could never out do me.” Alex smirked at Jefferson.

“I never throw parties.” Jefferson said, raising an eyebrow at Alex.

“Exactly.” Alex nodded his head, looking very proud of himself.

“Don’t you have a meeting right now?” You asked Alex, looking down at your watch.

“Damn it! Thank for reminding me. See you tonight!” Alex called over his shoulder, beginning to sprint down the street.

“So, what are you dressing up as tonight?” Jefferson asked, his eyes still on Alex’s retreating figure.

“Why do you want to know?” You asked, ready to defend yourself.

“Just curious.” He shrugged, turning to face you.

“I’m not sure yet, I’m not as lucky as you.” You said, watching Jefferson’s face contort in confusion.

“What do you mean?” He asked, his head tilting slightly.

“You don’t need to buy a costume. Your horrible personality is terrifying enough.” You shook your head sadly.

“Wow, (Y/N). That was low.” Jefferson glared at you.

“Yeah, I know. See you tonight, Jefferson.” You turned and began walking away. Jefferson’s eyes not straying from your back until you turned a corner.


You arrived at Alex’s house when the party was already in full swing. You were only a half hour late, yet it looked as if everybody had already arrived. You smiled at those you knew, as you pushed your way through the house.

“(Y/N)!” You heard a girl scream from across the living room.

“Eliza!” You squealed, racing into the girls open arms. “You look adorable.”

You grinned at Eliza’s costume. She was dressed as Sandy Dee from Grease and from where you were standing, it looked like Alex had dressed up as Danny Zuko.

“Oh, thank you! I didn’t think Alex would actually be okay with dressing up as Danny Zuko.” She blushed, glancing over at Alex. “But, I love your costume! You’re actually matching someone that already came.”

“I am?” You looked down at your costume. “Someone dressed up as an old lady?”

You were dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. You couldn’t think of a single costume that would match this. An old lady? A lumberjack?

“No silly, he’s dressed as the Big Bad Wolf.” She grinned, winking at you. “Maybe the two of you could hook up tonight.”

“Hm, maybe. That does sound a bit kinky though.” You smirked, winking back at her.

“Oh my God, speaking of the devil. Good luck.” She hugged you again, quickly walking to Alexander’s side.

“Looks like we’re matching.” You turned, your face inches apart from the man dressed as the wolf.

“It would seem so.” You said, studying the man in front of you. He seemed distinctly familiar, but you couldn’t put your finger on it.

“Would it be rude of me to hope you didn’t bring a date to this party?” He asked, smiling at you.

“Why would you not want me to bring a date?” You laughed, raising a brow at the strange question.

“Because I was hoping that I could spend the majority of the night with you.” He laughed with you.

“I would enjoy that very much. Want to go get a drink with me?” You motioned to the kitchen.

“It would be my pleasure.” He held out an arm for you to loop yours through.

The two of you got shot after shot. You never ran out of things to talk about, and agreed on many topics. That didn’t mean that you disagreed on some things, but even then he was able to be very respectful of your opinion and try to see it from your perspective.

Talking to him seemed like one of the easiest things you’ve ever done. As the night was drawing to a close, you grew sad. You didn’t know if you would ever see him again. You hadn’t even learned his name yet!

“I like you a lot, wolfy.” You smiled, leaning slightly on him.

“I like you too, red.” He kissed the top of your head lightly.

“I’ve honestly never felt like this with someone before. Is that weird of me to say?” You looked up at him, slightly nervous to hear his response.

“Not at all, I feel the exact same way. I’ve never been able to connect with someone this easily.” He intertwined his fingers with yours.

“I don’t want this night to end.” You sighed, watching people say their goodbyes.

“It doesn’t have to end. Would you like to come home with the Big Bad Wolf?” He smirked.

“I would love too.” You smirked back at him, the two of you walking hand in hand past a very shocked Alexander. “What’s his deal?”

“I have no idea.” You could see Eliza having to hold back Alexander from running straight at you. The look of horror on his face was unforgettable.


You slowly woke up, the sun blinding your eyes. The sun never shined in your room like this. You shifted slightly in the bed, the sheets feeling softer than normal. You shrugged it off, nuzzling your face deeper into the pillow, only to feel it vibrate with a laugh.

“Well, good morning to you too.” A deep voice rumbled in your ear.

You shot up in shock, looking around at your surroundings. This was most definitely not your room. You heard another chuckle from behind you. You slowly turned around, to be face to face with Jefferson.

“Jefferson?” You asked, your eyes widening.

“Hi.” He smiled at you. The surprising thing was, it was a genuine smile, not one of his smug smirks.

“How did we end up here?” You asked, fidgeting with your untamed hair. Unconsciously trying to get out the knots.

“You wanted to go home with me. Will you stop messing with your hair? Trust me you look beautiful.” He reached out and grabbed your hands gently.

“You’re the wolf?” You looked down at how easily the two of your hands had intertwined so easily.

“I thought you knew that…” Thomas started to trail off, you could see pain flash through his eyes.

“Um, no. Did you know it was me?” You asked, beginning to slowly play with his fingers.

“Yeah, I knew it was you when I came and approached you.” He watched with a small smile as you played with his hands.

“So we…” You trailed off, beginning to stare at his shirtless chest.

You don’t know how you hadn’t noticed that before. To say the least, it was very distracting.

“Yup…” He stared at you sadly. “I’m sorry to have put you in this position, (Y/N). I just assumed that you knew it was me and I hoped…”

“You hoped what?” You asked, looking at the bed. It was too hard to look him in the eyes.

“I hoped that you liked me as much as I liked you.” He sighed, slowly peeling his hands away from yours.

“What if I did like you back?” You asked, slowly bringing your eyes to meet his.

“What did you say?” He asked, perking up slowly.

“If I liked you back, what would we do? Cause my best friend hates you. Not to mention, that we constantly argue. I’m not sure if this would even work out, but what if I did like you?” Thomas slowly inched towards you, his face becoming inches from yours.

“Then I say, what the hell? I like you, you like me. This may not be love, but if it is, isn’t it said that it’s able to defy anything?” You could feel his warm breath on your face as he spoke.

“Then, I like you. I like you a lot, Thomas.” You smiled, shifting your eyes from his, to his lips.

“Good, because I’ve liked you for way too long now.” He grinned, slowly closing the distance between you.

shopping headcanons | DW

✄ since dally likes to approve what you wear, you often force him to go shopping with you.

✄ “this is my valuable fucking time you’re wasting here,” dally starts as you honk your horn in traffic.

✄ “the girls are busy! you’re the only one left, dal!”

✄ dally acts like he doesn’t care and hates it, but he secretly enjoys being in the packed malls with bright lights and tons of people.

✄ “see that guy over there? loser fucking checked you out. that’s why I say no to the shit that you pick out.”

✄ dally thinks he’s slick af pressing a dress up to you as a way of trying it on, but feeling you up in the process.

✄ “see with this shit,” he holds up a set of undergarments, “it can be as sexy as I want and no one’ll see. get me?”

✄ reminding dal that you need tops, dresses, and skirts not lingerie.

✄ “lingerie?”

✄ “no, dally, it’s not pronounced linger-y.”

✄ “baby, how ‘bout this?”

✄ old ladies giving dirty looks as dallas cheerfully holds up red and black lace everything.

✄ dally awkwardly pacing — when lingerie isn’t around.

✄ dallas winston has surprisingly good taste.

✄ “what? fuck no. that blouse thing with this skirt.”

✄ you look pretty in red, blue, black, pink… shit, also white. and — oh, that’s all the colors, ain’t it?“

✄ “you’re gonna model all those for me later, right?”

✄ “you can cover all the underwear, winston. didn’t bring enough money for it.”

✄ dally  a l w a y s  pays.

✄ “hurry up!”

✄ if you take too long trying on your clothes dally invites himself inside the dressing room.

✄ this is not good.

✄ well, it feels good. but it’s fair to say what happens in those dressing rooms is not good.

✄ “fuck, remind me never to go shopping with your ass again. okay?”


a/n: if you read this, you’d know it mentioned dally “allowing” the reader to wear things. know that this was not serious, but written as pure fluff.

do not let anyone tell you what you can and cannot wear because as a person, you have the right to express yourself however you want!


thank you, guys!

Creepypasta #1151: May I Pet Your Dog?

Length: Medium

When I was a child, every time we went to the park and someone had a dog with them, I would want to pet it myself.

I understood very well how it worked. You politely ask the owner if you may pet the dog. If they say yes, you stick your hand out and allow the dog to smell it. If the dog approves, go ahead and pet it.

Not all owners were approving of their dogs being pet by a strange kid, and not all dogs were friendly. But the majority of the dogs and owners I met approved, and I always held those moments of making a (temporary) new friend in high regard. In fact, there were several dogs that were recurring visitors to the park and I had met on a regular basis, like Chip the wire-haired Dachshund, Hal the German shepherd, and Fritz the golden retriever.

I remember one cloudy summer day, we had the park to ourselves. I was spinning around the soccer field to see how dizzy I could get before I fell to the ground. I got up after the fourth or fifth time, and noticed an old woman walking a large dog along a paved path in the distance.

In hindsight, I’m not sure if the animal she had with her even was a dog. It was very large, larger than any Saint Bernard or mastiff I had ever seen. It had coarse black fur, a hunched back like a hyena, long thin legs with tan stripes, tall pointed ears, and very long jaws. But back then, any large animal on a leash was a dog, at least in my eyes.

I ran to my parents and pointed to the big dog over there, asking them if I could pet it. As soon as my dad saw the huge animal, his face turned cold. I could see his hands shaking. Then he turned to me.

“No,” he said with a stern look. “Stay away from it.”

My mom looked at Dad confused. As soon as she turned her head and saw the large dog as well, though, she gained the same cold expression.

“Your father’s right,” she said. “Don’t go near that dog.”

I wondered why they said that. Usually they were perfectly fine with me petting people’s dogs as long as the owner was alright with it and the dog was friendly. What was it about that particular dog that made my parents so afraid like that?

A few weeks passed. One day, we were once again alone at the park. This time, it was just me and my dad. I was playing in the sandbox when I suddenly heard a creaky and scratchy voice calling me.

“Little boy! Over here!”

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Rafael Barba: Good Neighbors / Part 2

A Part TWO to “Good Neighbors”, a previous request re: living next to Rafael in your 20s & reconnecting. This one’s the re-connection, :).

Originally posted by sherrykinss


It took you at least a few days to finally get the gusto to call his cell;



“How did you know it was me?”

“How couldn’t I?”

“Well, I was wondering if you did want to get together sometime, I’ve missed you so.”

“Tomorrow night?”

“Uh… so soon?”

“It’s been too long already.”

“Right… Right, yes, tomorrow should work.”

“I’ll text you the place, eight sound good?”

“Sure, Rafi.”

You were just on time, apparently minutes after he arrived- and he rose to standing the second he saw you come in through the doors he had been absolutely transfixed on.

When he hugged you, you felt like you were twenty-something all over again; fresh, young, full of life and anticipation. And oh, he hugged you; the moment you were in reach, Rafael nearly tripped over the table in his rush to embrace you. It was kind, gentle, and he wrapped arms over your shoulders to keep you close for just a second too long- not that you minded.

“I’m so glad you called,” he held you out before him, and let out a shameful, hushed wolf whistle of approval. “Look at you; Lovely and all grown up.”

“Oh stop,” you brushed his hands off of you, before wagging your shoulders proudly. “The years have been pretty good to you too,” A pinch to his cheek, you couldn’t tell if the pink hue that came up was from your fingers or his blush, Lord he was handsome. “Bet you have to knock the ladies off of you with a baseball bat at this point.”

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Mr.Bossy - Happy Lowman

Requested by Anon Hope you enjoy!!!

Knowing your place bullshit. Happy thinks he could boss you around in front of everyone. You couldnt take it anymore.
Packing your suitcase not noticing Happy in the door way. That smug look on his face, tooth pick rolling in his mouth, arms crossed acting like hes God himself standing there.
“What do you think your doing little girl”. wasnt really a question more a demand.
“I’m getting the hell out of here, I cant take you bossing me around anymore in the bedroom is one thing but out in public, in front of my family. Not going to happen any more”.
“Your mine you know that. You took my crow and that ring on your finger says so too”. Cockyness seeping out with every word.
“Yeah your right but when I married you, you were different. Now you treat me like arm candy instead of a old lady”. You saw red in your eyes, you were mad.
“Y/N you knew the deal when we got together, I don’t do good with relationship”.
“Then you shouldnt have married me it was that simple now get out of my way”.
“You come back here now”. He said walking out of the room
“No you aint my daddy”.
“Oh I’m not you say”.
He caught up with you and pushed you to the nearest wall. His tongue fighting for dominance
He didnt stop kissing you as he ripped your shirt down the middle.  He grasped you breast roughly. You moaned at the sudden contact. He hoisted you up on the wall as he sucked your nipples. All you could do was claw his head to steady yourself.
Laying you on the floor he took off his shirt as you undid your bra. You helped each other unbuttoned your buttons and zipper. Grabbing his hard cock you started to move you hand as Happy slipped his hand down yours doing figure 8’s on your clit.
“Oh god Happy, I want you”.
“Whats that baby”.
“Please fuck me Daddy”.
“With pleasure”.
He eagerly took your pants off, seeing your glistening pussy just for him.  He pushed his boxers down lined himself up and roughly pushed in. You gasped at the feeling of being filled.
His pace was hard and rough oh god how you loved it. His rough hand roamed your body stopping at your hips leaving finger prints for sure. You clawed him up and down leaving red marks, your butt squeaking on the hard wood floor underneath you.
“Harder Daddy Harder”.        
“Fuck Little Girl your so fucking tight”. “I’m not going to last much longer”.
“Me either, make me come please”.
“Whats the magic words”. Happy said smiling.
“Please Daddy can I come”.
“Come for me Y/N”
You clenched around Happy as you came, you saw fireworks bursting. Happys thrusting became weak as he pulled out and came all over you stomach. He laid beside you. Panting and all sweaty you laced your fingers together and Happy wrapped his arm around your shoulder.
“Will you stay if I promise to not boss you around outside of the bedroom and if theres no danger”.
“Yes I will, how can I leave when I just had the best orgasm ever”. “Plus I love you and I know you mean well sometimes”.
“I just want the best for you”.
“As do I, I love you Mr. Lowman”.
“I love you Mrs.Lowman
You laid on the floor for a long time talking about what was considered bossy. You knew a relationship with Happy was going to have ups and downs but you would take those any day with the man you loved.

anonymous asked:

Do you think any of the guys would randomly bring home to his old lady a bouquet of red roses? Like, she doesn't ask them, never even mentions she likes them (but man, isn't that her favorite flower and what wouldn't she do for one), and he just comes home one night with roses?

I can definitely see Chibs, Kozik and Hap doing it.

Juice, Tig, Jax and Opie I can see doing it more often and maybe having a bit of a routine with it. Especially Juice and Tig. I think maybe once a month they might do it because they like to spoil you and see you smile. But I think Chibs and Kozik would do it once every blue moon when they want to give you a little pick me up after they did it once as saw your reaction

I actually feel like Hap would do it randomly but not so randomly, especially before you start exchanging I love Yous. But he only gives one. Not a whole bouquet, not a dozen. Just one. He’s not trying to be all fancy and he’s not trying to impress you, he didn’t even think about it. He was at the gas station picking up a new pack of cigarettes and he sees the little stand there and picks one out and tucks it into his kutte so it doesn’t get messed up in the wind as he rides. He’ll get home and see you cooking and he’ll silently lay it down on the counter and go take a shower, Let you find it. He might not use his words and let the rose do the talking.