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TalesFromRetail: Lottery calls

I’ve recently started lurking Reddit again and this is more of a nice thing I wanted to share rather than something bad to happen.

So I work at a pharmacy store and started about a month ago, three weeks ago while cashiering I got a call from a nice old lady asking for the winning numbers of the lottery and it would repeat each shift I would work. After a few calls before the call ended she said thank you, asked for my name and said to have a lovely day. Nicest thing to happen that day then yesterday she called again for the numbers and I put her on hold since I was processing a customers items then a manager picked up the call and it ended. Then 5 minutes later she called again and asked for me and I told her I was the same guy from earlier and that she called just to tell me I’m always so nice whenever she calls and she loved talking to me and to have a great day then hung up. Honestly the best thing about work

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Shakespeare Characters Saying 30 Rock quotes

Macbeth: Your boos are not scaring me. I know most of you are not ghosts.

 Friar Laurence: Science is my most favourite subject, especially the Old Testament.

 Lady Macbeth: There’s only three things standing between you and winning: your breasts, and wanting it bad enough.

 Ariel: I don’t think it’s fair for me to be on a jury because I’m a hologram.

 Mercutio: Tell her you want to donate her body to science and you’re science.

 Richard II: There is no problem in this world that can’t be solved by throwing money at it.

 Henry V: When you’re handsome nobody ever tells you the truth. For years I thought I spoke excellent French.

 Olivia: Listen up, fives. A ten is speaking.

 Timon: Goodbye forever, you factory reject dildos.


- Casemeiro has probably murdered an old lady by now and hasn’t been sent off
- Vidal was sent off for WINNING the ball
- Ronaldo scored despite being so far offside he was still at the Allianz

things that have happened to me since ive started working in a retirement home:

1. I was called a sinner because I was winning at a board game

2. An old lady was wearing a pin of a pot leaf

3. Old ladies bring me flowers from their gardens daily 

4. One old lady even brought me carrots

5. I got my ass kicked in checkers by an old man and he brings it up every time he sees me  

6. One old lady stole another old ladies crackers

7. They all talk about how “retirement homes are where you go to die” like its a casual thing

8. One lady invited me into her room for half an hour so I could pet her cat

9. One time during the church service one man asked to pray for peanut nutter ice cream, because it was what he is most thankful for

10. The same man was disappointed because it was July and the snow hadn’t started yet

11. Speaking of church, like half the people fall asleep during it

12. One lady even fell asleep during exercise time

13. Ive also been told “im very nice with the internet”

Which Haikyuu!! Character Should You Fight: Karasuno Edition

Hinata Shouyo | Who wins: Hinata
Okay, first of all, why would you want to fight Hinata? Hinata is literally joy personified. Do you also go around kicking puppies and spitting on old ladies? If you’re just doing it because it’s an easy win, think again. Hinata might be small, but he has the willpower of a sports anime protagonist. You could literally beat him with an inch of his life and the kid would just stand up, stare at you with that scary face he makes sometimes, and say something about how he’s going to nationals. He’s too stubborn to defeat. Also, he’s fast as fuck and has canonically jumped over Ushijima before. At some point he’ll scale the wall and then drop kick you from above. Don’t fight Hinata.

Kageyama Tobio | Who wins: You
Kageyama looks really intimidating, but don’t be deceived. He’s only making that face because he’s confused. Remember that time Oikawa was about to punch him in the face? He just stood there and let it happen. He is completely unable to recognize and respond to danger. You could probably beat the shit out of Kageyama before he even realized what was happening. However, are you really gonna gain any satisfaction from that? Kageyama doesn’t want to hurt you. Kageyama just wants to play volleyball and aggressively drink milk. You just beat up an innocent nerd. Fight Kageyama if you want.

Nishinoya Yuu | Who wins: Nishinoya
Nishinoya is extremely small, but remember that time Aone aggressively pointed at Asahi and Noya had to be physically held back from punching him in the face? Aone is a giant wall of meat and Noya showed no fear or hesitation. That kind of confidence does not come from nowhere. He also sorta smacked the vice principle that one time? Noya has no concept of fear, consequences, or chilling the fuck out. He will show no mercy. Don’t fight Nishinoya.

Tanaka Ryunnosuke | Who wins: You
Okay, Tanaka enjoys threatening to fight people, but have we ever actually seen him in a fight? All he really does is make weird ass faces at people from afar. There’s no way that kid actually has any idea how to fight. Just punch him in the face while he’s yelling and trying to be intimidating and you’re probably good. Also, getting the shit beat out of him would probably be a good experience for Tanaka. Do it. Fight Tanaka.

Daichi Sawamura | Who wins: Daichi
Good lord. Why would you fight Daichi. Have you seen Daichi? The guy has tree trunks for legs and arms that come second only to Iwaizumi and Bokuto. He also spends all day watching over a bunch of volleyball-playing toddlers, so he has a shitload of pent up rage just waiting to come out. If you really have that much of a death wish, there are much less painful ways to die. Do not fight Daichi.

Sugawara Koushi | Who wins: Nobody
If you make an attempt to fight Suga, he’s not going to retaliate. No, he’s just gonna give you that really nice, wide smile, pat you on the shoulder, and give you life advice. You will be rendered stunned by the fact that you are speaking to a literal angel and will completely forget that you ever intended to fight him. However, the life advice you get from him will probably make you a better person, so go ahead. Try to fight Suga and grow as a human being.

Asahi Azumane | Who wins: Nishinoya
Okay, you can 100% take on Asahi. I’m aware that the man is large, but he’s a complete baby. He will probably burst into tears even thinking about the concept of fighting someone. He does not have the mental strength to handle a fight. However, as covered earlier, Noya was ready to throw down when someone pointed at him, so actually try anything and Nishinoya will spontaneously appear out of nowhere and beat the shit out of you. And he will show no mercy. Do not fight Asahi.

Tsukishima Kei | Who wins: You, but at what cost?
Alright, Tsukki is really tall, but he is also incredibly skinny and he spends his spare time playing with dinosaur toys and learning about very specific types of fish. You can definitely beat up Tsukishima with little to no difficulty. However, he will retaliate later by finding all of your deepest insecurities and weird traumatic middle school social blunders and then following you around and mocking them. Tsukishima will destroy you mentally until you are a pile of self loathing. Can you really handle that? Think carefully before fighting Tsukishima.

Yamaguchi Tadashi | Who wins: Not you
Could you beat Yamaguchi in a fight? Maybe. However, after you have beaten Yamaguchi in a fight, he is going to go back to volleyball practice and all of Karasuno is going to see that someone has harmed the most innocent, pure, undeserving of pain member of their squad, and they will come after you with a thirst for blood. Shimada will probably tell the entire Neighborhood Association that someone beat up his sweet little student, so then they’ll all come after you too, and Tsukki will tell Akiteru about it and he’ll join, and Bokuto and Kuroo will probably also hear about it from Tsukki and they’ll join in for shits. Also, me. I will personally come after you if you try to harm Yamaguchi, you absolutely monster. Do not fight Yamaguchi unless you can beat a literal army of angry volleyball players.

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if you're still taking things for the shipping meme: jack/geoff --ryanthepowerbottomguy

falls asleep on the couch:

  • geoff’s got that “i don’t give a fuck” attitude that’s unfortunately paired with the “my back will TOTALLY give a fuck” attitude
  • so what happens is he falls asleep on the couch and then has to be hauled protesting sleepily to bed by jack or else everybody’s gonna have a bad time

makes friends with the neighbors:

  • jack somehow manages to rope half the apartment complex into weekly games of poker and consistently hands their asses to them
  • but jack is also capable of being The Sweetest and therefore nobody really seems to catch on
  • plus jack brings booze and baked good on occasion so it’s all good
  • “you still owe me fifty bucks,” jack says in the elevator one day to mrs. hanson, who is approximately forty million years old with white hair and a wooden cane
  • the old lady cheerfully flips jack the bird and says, “i’ll win it back from you tomorrow night” as she gets off on her floor
  • geoff’s staring incredulously. “what the fuck kind of neighborhood are we living in?”

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I’m Chicanx that grew up a traditional community of other latinxs and I never realized how AMAZINGLY BATSHIT CRAZY WE ARE.

Lemme tell you, carnals, about mis tías.

So my I have 6 great tías (Soccorro, Estella, Irma, Elvia, Maria, Anselma - all 60-80yo) who have all collectively taken over the role of mi abuela after she passed a few years ago. They’ve also taken the role as mother for mi mamá.

I have stories out the ass but here are my favorites.

My tías are the kind of old ladies that will uproot a plant or flower from the mall and STICK IT IN THEIR PURSE to put in their garden.

There was one time they all compared their butt sizes at my primas bridal shower and screamed at the sister who’s chair collapsed, “FAT ASS YOU WIN”

They are the kind of old ladies that bring a 5 course meal to the annual roasary prayer we do at my abuelas headstone. Then the whole family has a picnic at the cementary.

They are the old ladies that are the dearest things to my heart. And when mi mamí got cancer she sat them all down in the kitchen to tell them.

My Tía Estella howled and Tía Irma yelled “No te llores crybaby she’s gonna be fine shut up” and my Tía Elvia yelled, “No te grites a su hermana. Let her cry what’s wrong with you.” While Tía Maria lifted her shirt and started pointed to her mascectomy scars “We’ll be boobless twins” Tía Soccorro was yelling that it was too loud and I think Tía Anselma’s response was to serve more food.

This week my Amá got her surgery and my tías roll up with a fucking ice chest on wheels to the hospital. It’s full of burritos and a thermas full of café. MY MOTHER HAD BEEN OUT OF SURGERY FOR 12 HOURS AND THEY ROLL UP WITH A MEXICAN BUFFET.

I couldn’t be there for the surgery but I’m here now and lemme tell you. There is nothing in this world better than your tías and your latinx family. I dunno what I’d do without them and I’m proud to have dozens of assorted packages of honey and hot sauce in my purse because my tías taught me well. I’m blessed by the universe to have known true love in this form.

Imagine Jax, Opie, Juice, & Happy falling apart after their old lady telling them they can’t just be with them anymore. They had hurt her way to much. All of them making a promise to win their old lady back no matter what it takes.

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Ronald Colman 9th February 1891 - 19th May 1958

During his first screen test for The White Sister (his big break), he told director Henry King “I do appreciate more than anything in the world someone calling me up for an interview, but I’m no good in pictures. I’ve been told that I don’t photograph well…” then after a long afternoon of filming test reels (and having a moustache painted on his face by King) Ronnie said, “You know, I’ve enjoyed this work very much. I’m just sorry I know you won’t like it!” …King offered him the part the next morning.

More reasons to love Ronald Colman

Bunty: Well Jared, nice hand. Again. You’re running hot tonight, aren’t you? But seeing as §5000 of those chips piled in front of you are mine, after all, the sporting thing would be to give me another chance to win some of them back. Please, Jared. Just toss me one of those little §100 chips so I can get back in the game. You can spare it, can’t you? Huh? Come on buddy, what do you say? Help an old lady out?

Jared: Sorry, Bunty. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I can keep busting you all night if you like. But when the money is gone, it’s time to move on. That was what you taught me. Now, you should get out of here. Before you lose your car and your house. 

OctoberFicFest: Mama Scully’s Party

The series is as follows :

Mama Scully’s Party …. MorningUnderwearsMapsNachosFoul BallPromisesStayPhone CallsFlannel InterruptionAwakeningFriendly CompromisesScrabbleApart …  A Long WeekLightningMissing YouInterimStuffWaitingGoingHandsUnsteadyFearFastSlowRegardlessInto the DarkLightSurfboardsCurbsShowersBordersCanyonsSoakedIce CreamNever HappenedDeep SouthAlmostBlue-Suede ShoesUnwelcomeRemarkableStarsDoorbellsM&MsKnees … Home


Why they had to use the hammock in the first place was comedy enough but watching them try to get in there had been priceless, at least according to Maggie, who spied on them until she knew they weren’t going to either kill themselves or each other.

It wasn’t a big party by any means but it was Thursday and Mulder and Scully, aka Fox and Dana, were there as well as several ladies of the neighborhood along with several decks of cards. As had become the Thursday evening staple, Mulder was leading the charge on Gin Rummy points but tonight, however, he was nursing his Rum and Coke faster than normal.

Given the case they’d just returned from on Wednesday and the fact that they told Maggie flat out that they wouldn’t, shouldn’t and couldn’t tell her anything about it for fear of giving her nightmares, Scully hit her glass of wine pretty hard … or should we say, her bottle of wine. No one judged them, no one questioned them, no one asked more than if they wanted a refill or another slab of ribs.

Mulder had come to truly enjoy his weekly card games at Maggie’s house. The Scully’s were his family, regardless of if he ever managed to work up the nerve to kiss Scully, then marry her or ask to be adopted by Maggie. Both had about the same chance of happened at this point in his life and, though he’d rather marry his partner, a set of adoption papers bearing Maggie’s signature weren’t the shabbiest backup plan in the world. He thought about this yet again as he whooped the two old ladies to his left and buried Scully into the ground with his winning hand, ignoring that she had enough alcohol swimming in her veins to have had to ask if 5 came before or after 6.

By his third Rum and Coke, however, he was having trouble holding the cards together in his hand, having to resort to propping a tablet of paper against a canister to shield his cards from others as he lay them down on the table, attempting to sort them in his more than intoxicated state.

Mrs. Stein or Betty, smiled gently at him, patting his arm, “if you need to Fox, I’m sure I can help you put out the cards you need to.”

Beaming a brilliant smile in her direction, “you are the best Betty ever.”

Not ten minutes later, he lost his hand so miserably that he carefully stacked his cards when it was over and solemnly handed them to Ellie, the woman on his other side, “can you please deal me out, Ellie? I think I’m a little too drunk to play right now.”

She laughed as she took the cards, “of course, Fox.”

Looking around, he finally noticed Scully suspiciously absent from the room, “Maggie?”

From her chair two over from his, “yes, Fox?”

“Where are you hiding your daughter?”

“She went outside.” Glancing through the backdoor glass, “she’s sitting out on the deck.”

Squinting out along Maggie’s sightline, “I don’t see her. Are you sure?”

“Bend over a little, dear. You probably can’t see her because of the window frame.”

Mulder did as told, then, “ah-ha. You were right. She’s right there.” Pointing into the darkened backyard as he turned back to Maggie, “I see her. I’m going to go sit with her.”

“Go ahead, Fox. Just be careful on the steps, all right? I don’t need anyone falling down.”

“Aye-aye, Mama Scully.” Making his way unsteadily out the door and across the porch, he didn’t get to hear the gently laughter of the women inside or Maggie’s heartfelt, “he’s a good boy, my Fox.”

Once Mulder had maneuvered the wide spread of deck, he teetered once, then managed to drop down beside Scully, “how you doin’, partner?”

Scully, her chin propped on her hand, precariously balanced on her knee, flopped her head in his direction, managing not to tip over in the process, “not too bad, partner. Yourself?”

“I’m pretty sure I’m a little bit drunk.”

“Oh, hell, I passed drunk an hour ago. I just meant I’m not passed out yet so I’m doing damn fine.”

“You are damn fine.”

As if the alcohol wasn’t making her cheeks hot enough already, now he had to go and make a comment that sent them up into triple digit temperatures. About to come back with some lame response to get his mind away from that dangerous line of thought, she instead noticed that his eyes seemed to be the softest shade of green she’d ever seen. How had she not noticed this in all those years of staring at him without looking like she was staring at him?

He always knew she was staring but he sure as hell wasn’t about to tell her that.
When there was no witty or unwitty comeback, he gave her a grin, “made you speechless, didn’t I?”

“No! I just … I didn’t know what to say.”

“We call that speechless, Scully, out here in the real world.”

She bumped him with her shoulder, causing her to lose her hold on her chin and leaning both of them against the railing post. Discovering that she was fairly comfortable smushed against him, she made no effort to move, enjoying his large arm and his intoxicating, Mulder smell. Before she knew it, she’d buried her nose in his sleeve, taking a good long inhale before giggling, “with everything you drank, you don’t smell anything like Rum or Coke.”

He laughed at her, “thank God. What do I smell like then?”

After another deep breath, “you smell like Irish Spring soap and Old Spice deodorant and BBQ sauce and,” with a third sniff, “a little bit of sweat and a little bit of me.”


Rubbing her cheek against his shirt, “yup. I’ve marked you, Mulder. You’re mine.”

“Calm down, calm down, calm down …”


“What what?”

Scully looked at him over his shoulder, keeping her face against him, “you were whispering ‘calm down’. Was that for you or me?”

Well, now, this was embarrassing, but given his mental acuity at the moment, he couldn’t think of anything but the truth, “for me.”

“Oh.” She tried to figure that out but her brain was somewhere five steps behind and the lag was getting worse by the minute so she promptly forgot about it, “I’m tired, Mulder. Are you okay to drive home?”

“Are you kidding me? I’m not sure I can navigate to the bathroom at this point, let alone remember how to use a freeway entrance ramp. I’m assuming you can’t drive either.”

“I could but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get us further than the tree across the street and Lillian loves that tree.” Scully’s eyes drifted even further out of focus, “it’s a really great tree. Been there for decades. Ran into it once on my bike, Bill fell out of it a lot, broke his arm, Lillian’s kids used to dare us to see who could climb the farthest up. It’s a maple tree, I think. Turns really red and orange in the fall. I wonder if we could get syrup from it. I should go ask.”

Mulder held her down with one finger on her knee, “we’ll ask later.”

“Ask what?”

Okay, she was way worse off than him and he was cruising for a five-alarm hangover as it was, “come on, Dana Scully, we need to go sleep this one off.”

“You said my full name.”

“I certainly did, buttercup, now let’s go. I need to have somebody point the bathroom out to me.”

“It’s through one of the doors downstairs.” Not moving like he wanted her to, she remained sitting, “I’ll wait for you here. It’s a nice night. We should sleep outside.”

Bladder urgency overtook her statement for the moment and shuffling as fast as he could, he got inside, got directions to the bathroom, then assistance by Maggie after he attempted to go into the pantry and became confused.

Once out of the bathroom, Mulder stumbled his way to the table, searching each face intently until he found Maggie’s, “is it all right if we here sleep tonight?”

Knowing they had been going nowhere for the night once they’d both poured their second drinks, she was ready for them, “which rooms would you like or would you prefer the couch? I can get Dana upstairs if you want.”

Mulder rubbed his face, recalling Scully saying something earlier, “I think Scully wants to sleep outside. I’m not sure where but she definitely said outside.”

“Um, all right. Well, the only places are the hammock or the porch chairs. Did she say exactly where?”

He had to think hard about this one, “no. Just outside but we’ll figure it out. Blankets? Can I borrow a pillow? Is it supposed to rain?” He walked to the sink and gulped down a giant glass of water without waiting for any answers, then turned back towards them, “g’night, ladies. Sorry to have drank too much but when there’s more heads than bodies, you kind of have to.”

With that, he disappeared outside again, leaving the five women dumbstruck, Ruth finally breaking the silence, “did he just say what I think he said?”

Maggie looked towards the back porch with such sympathy that it was nearly palpable to the rest of the room, “yes, he did. I’m going to go get them some blankets, if you don’t mind waiting for the next hand.”

Lillian came to help and soon, there were two pillows and two thick comforters stacked on one of the chairs. Mulder and Scully were once again sitting on the stairs, Scully leaning her head on Mulder’s shoulders and Mulder’s head leaning along the top of hers.

Coming up behind them, Maggie crouched down, kissing first one, then the other gently on the cheek, “g’night, Dana. G’night, Fox. I’ll leave the back door unlocked for you.”

Mulder’s response of, “thanks, mom,” made her stop, then smile as she returned to the house, making sure her chair faced towards them so she could help them if she needed to.

It didn’t take long before her daughter and Mulder were on the move, standing, then heading towards the framed hammock on the side of the deck. Well, swaying would be a better word but for now, at least they were moving in a forward direction. The first thump then giggle brought the ladies in the house to the windows, worried at first that someone had hurt themselves, but noticing a chair now far out of place, realized someone had kicked it on accident, causing the noise. No one, however, moved back away from the windows, given the inebriated pair was now attempting to get into the hammock, together.

“Maggie? Will the hammock hold them both?”

With a smile, “it will and more.”

“But should they be, oh, Jesus, I thought she was going to hit her head on the rail, should they be attempting that without some …”

Maggie finished her sentence, “parental supervision? Probably not but if we go out to help, I imagine Dana will just get stubborn and do something silly to prove she’d not as drunk as she is.” Watching the hammock swing wildly for a moment before Mulder got a hold of it, “but I think we should keep an eye on them just the same.”

Ruth shook her head, “how long do you think until they realize they’ve forgotten the pillows and blankets?”

“I give her another minute or … ooh, God, did someone remember to take their guns away from them,” wincing as Scully bumped into Mulder and he flailed wildly for a moment, “please tell me someone took their guns away?”

“I did. I had them put them in the safe in my room.”

There was a quiet thunk and another burst of giggles from Scully as she, having managed to roll herself into the hammock, immediately rolled out the other side, dropping to the ground. Mulder, tangled in the hammock trying to help her up, flapped his arms and finally extricated himself from the cloth nightmare.

“Maggie, next time, we need to make popcorn if we’re going to watch the circus on your back porch.”

With a smile, “remind me.”

It took another few minutes and several more hilarious incidents before they both managed to wedge themselves into the swing. Then another few antics once they remembered the pillows and blankets. In this case, however, Mulder seemed to have made an executive decision and ordered Scully to stay in the hammock while he retrieved the items.

Two loud swears and three muffled ones later, both were settled in the hammock, pillows under heads and comforter pulled up, snug as bugs in rugs. Janet nudged Maggie, “we really should have told Dana to use the bathroom before all that.”

With a shrug, she smiled, “they’re adults … of sorts at the moment … they’ll figure it out.”

Just as they were wrapping up the cards and cleaning up an hour later, the door opened and Scully sleepwalked her way through the crowd, nearly taking out the trashcan in her trek to the bathroom, which, luckily, Janet had shoved out of the way just in time. Moving back through the crowd a minute later, eyes still closed and hair wild, Scully headed outside, all the ladies scurrying to the window to watch how the hell this was going to work.

To their great, collective surprise, Scully slipped right back beside Mulder, who held his arms up to her and pulled her close, setting the hammock gently rocking but spilling neither of them to the ground. Ruth spoke for the group, “he loves her, Maggie. When is she going to figure it out?”

“She has. She just won’t admit it yet.”

“Your child better figure it out quick or I’m sending my daughter over here to snap him up.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” Smiling in the direction of her friends, “next week, ladies?”

“Of course.”

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The casino NaLu AU (*^*) <3 ಥ_ಥ

fine. You twisted my arm~

He moved through the smoky air, sidestepping the upset losers and the clever folk who knew to leave while they were ahead. He flowed past the machines perceived as ‘lucky’, smiling at the eighty year old lady that toasted her complementary soda at him.

The house always wins. His house always wins.

Natsu strolled through the aisles of slot machines, melding with the flashing lights and the catchy music used to lure more customers in. Every security guard nodded to him, respecting his law and his generous paychecks.

The scent of the free popcorn gave him a slight hunger, but he really had no time for that tonight.

He had somewhere to be…people to meet.

Fairy Tail Casino had been his father’s dream, built from the ground up. Now, it was his responsibility to keep it strong. Natsu was thankful he had many people that felt Fairy Tail was as much of a home as he did.

Erza, his head guard, nodded to him as he emerged from the forest of slots and into the grove of the poker tables. “Natsu. Strange to see you mingling on the game floor.” She commented with a quirk of her brow. “Not as strange as you having the comedy lounge closed for the night, though. Any reason?”

Oh, there was a reason, yes. Erza was not on the ‘need to know’ however.

With a shrug, Natsu smirked and cast his gaze to the bustling poker tables, seeing the roulette tables were just as busy on the far wall. “No reason.” He drawled smoothly, not convincing the red head at all.

“Right…well, until I see you again, sir.” She said with a knowing tone as he directed his travel towards the said lounge. Oh, she knew now.

Huffing and settling for a wave over his head, Natsu walked on through the valley of the card tables, onyx eyes locked on the hallways that lead to the lounges and VIP rooms. 

The carpet was decorated with little neon triangles, vibrant against the red background. It had been here since Igneel opened the casino. Maybe he should have that changed.

The sounds quieted as he entered the hall, the noise of machines, tellers, and winners fading to the rhythmic tempo of his shined shoes. The pounding music of the upstairs dance club could be heard now, but faintly.

Where he was walking, there would be no sound. Not yet.

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any port in the storm

an: You can blame this on the two tornado warnings, three flood warnings, and the two hours of rain and hail sent by the wrath of god that happened while I was writing this. 

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She’s ten minutes away from home when it starts - the wind, the lightening, the torrential downpour of Noah-like proportions, and so she pulls off the road at the first sign of life along the highway, into the parking lot of a little diner, the lot lined with big rigs and a group of bikes parked under an awning off to the side. 

And of course her phone is dead.

Emma bites back a groan as she stares at the sheets of water falling from the sky, huffing out a breath, a strand of hair jumping to fall over one eye as she attempts to summon up some divination to figure out how long it’s going to rain.

There’s no hope for it. She’s gonna have to go inside.

She’s soaked by the time she makes it the ten feet from her car to the door, her hair weighed down and dripping as she bundles her bag under her arm, hoping against hope she’s protected it well enough to charge her damn phone.

The diner is well lit and cool against the clammy heat of the rain, and a woman in tiny red shorts greets her excitedly as Emma shakes herself out like a dog at the front entrance. 

“Welcome to Granny’s!” she says over a loud burst of thunder, and Emma stares at the woman in something bordering on disbelief. The diner is mostly full, truckers sitting down for greasy burgers and heavy coffee, a group of bikers lining the counter and laughing boisterously about something or other, and Emma sighs as she makes her way towards the woman, wincing as she squelches her way across the linoleum. 

“What a storm, huh?” the woman says as Emma drips her way to her, and Emma nods. She’d been fairly convinced about thirty seconds after the rain had started that her car was one hydroplane away from veering off the road, and unfortunately for her impatience, she’s pretty sure Henry wouldn’t appreciate being orphaned by a freak of nature storm front.

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