old ken

They say, summer is a smile, a kiss, a sip of love.

They say, the best people fall likes leaves in autumn.

They say, no matter how long winter lasts, spring would sure follow.

They say, spring brings the first sweet sound of birds to heal our winter weary souls.

 And This is a cycle I would gladly embark on as long as you are with me. 

- Kaneki to Touka and mini ken 

credit to artist - 电波 

Kennings in Old English
  • weorðmyndum - honour (minds worth)
  • heofon-candel - sun (sky candle)
  • heofones gim - sun (sky’s jewel)
  • heofones wynne - dawn (joy of the sky)
  • bānhūs - body (bone house)
  • beadolēoma - sword (battle-light)
  • guð-wine - sword (war friend)
  • wægflota - ship (wave floater)
  • swan-rād - sea (swan road)
  • hron-rāde - sea (whale road)
  • uht-sceaða - dragon (twilight-scather)
  • lyftfloga - dragon (air-flyer)
  • hordcofan - thoughts (treasure-chamber)
  • ferðlocan - mind (spirit-chest) 
  • lēod-gebyrgea - king/ruler (protector of people)
  • heaðo-wædum - armour (battle weeds)
  • lind-hæbbende - warrior (shield possessor)
Who Shot Mr Urie? And Other 135 Predictions

Given that Shikorae has already been established to have a Koukaku, a Bikaku, and an Ukaku, I wouldn’t be surprised if, when pushed to his limits, he can unleash a Rinkaku as well, making this seemingly minor reoccurring Ghoul one of the most powerful in existence, possessing all four different kinds of kagune. He is cowardly and lazy, but in a locked room with enemies, he’s a whole different kind of threat altogether.

So what does that mean for Urie? While Urie has developed a long way already, I don’t think this is quite the end for him. As @coromoor has pointed out, Urie’s framed-out regenerative abilities are nothing to scoff at. We’ll probably see Urie go into insane Ghoul mode, and manage to escape through those windows at the back of Furuta’s office that are just waiting to be broken.

Not sure if Iwao will get the same opportunity though :/

Kaneki might be silent about it now, but he can’t ignore his Han Solo-like intuition for too long. But even if he leaves early, it’s very unlikely he’ll arrive in time until the battle is over, and with the latest development at the chapter’s end, things aren’t looking good for Goat without reinforcements. Kaneki hasn’t responded to Mutsuki’s letter either, so we can’t trust in a betrayal from her quite yet. So where does hope lie for Goat?

Might it be in Ayato’s timely arrival? Perhaps…with another King in tow?

The miniature timeskip that allowed Goat to head out on its foraging mission and Urie to gradually leak CCG information may have been enough time for Ayato to have completed his own quest to find the former One-Eyed King. If so, when Kaneki returns, it will be to a devastated base without a sign of life, and for a time, may think it’s all over…until he hears about the latest attack by the One-Eyed King on the news, and finds that his position has been usurped by a man (or indeed, woman) with all his qualities and more - the willingness to kill humans.

That last part went into fanfiction mode a little, but hey, it’s fun to imagine a battle of two One-Eyed Kings. Although, if the old King is still alive centuries after his rebellion, doesn’t that give hope for Kaneki to live beyond his half-life? I get the feeling it might be due to constant cannibalisation though…and I wouldn’t be surprised if the naagas were his kagune.

With power like that, the Old King would be an indispensable ally, and an implacable enemy.