old johny

Why do we as women let men get away with ageing? Like for real tho.. they dont do that shit for us, like anytime i talk to a girl about johnny depp or leonardo dicaprio they’re like “omg they never age .” they are so cute.” “They look the same as they did in the 90s.” like no bitch these men have gotten ugly as fuck just deal with it. Stop letting them get away with ageing when they are disgusted by are aging. THEY DO NOT LOOK THE SAME AS THEY DID IN THE 90′S 

I see a lot of people smugly talking  about how Amber Heard is a gold digger and I ask you even is she is so fucking what? Even if she was primary attracted to his fame and wealth so fucking what? Do you think an old fart like Johny Depp fell for a girl who is 22 years younger then him because he was so in love with her personality? Why are we seeing as the sexual lust of an old men as something more “noble” then being a gold digger? And how the fuck is this any excuse for domestic violence?