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Is it just me?

So thrilled Jerome is back…obviously and that has caused me to binge watch Jerome scenes on YouTube but I’ve noticed while watching that I don’t see old Jerome in the same light anymore for some strange reason…just watching him is different in a way. I can’t explain why but it’s just not the same as it was 2 weeks ago. I like watching old Jerome and I still love him but like I said, it’s different now…a bit weird even haha! I hope it isn’t just me haha! 😂

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- Killing People you don’t like or just anyone

- Kissing each other while covered in blood

- Watching Thriller Films to get ideas on how to kill people

- Cuddling all day

- Running away so you don’t get caught

- Having sex constantly [ especially after killing someone]

- Hiding out in abandon places

- Always moving your hide outs

- Changing identity all the time

- Wigs and disguises

Cold Nights.

// Here’s this smol little bean of a short story.

Yes, this is going to be short.

Sorry not sorry (but yeah it’s going to be really short, so sorry about that)

Title: Cold Nights.

Warnings: Non.

Rating: Fluffy fluff.

Need to know: Y/n is a part of the Maniax. //


“You can say you’re not cold, but I can see you shivering from all the way over here.”

Y/n lays down on the couch, staring up at the ceiling. All of the rest of the group members are gathered around, talking about their newest plans.

“So, I was thinkin’ we take out a bunch of old people. Maybe a bingo game night, an old person’s home…” Jerome rolls his eyes at this.

“Oh, snore. But, I do like how your thinking.” He sits up from his spot on the ground, and eyes y/n. “What do you think, y/n?” Her gaze meets his, and a chill runs up her spine. She shivers, sitting up.

“I wasn’t really paying attention,” she says, still shaking from the cold.

“Well, dollface, youth, or elders?” He asks. She wraps her arms around herself to try and keep warm, and shrugs.

“I dunno. Youth? They’re the newer generation…they’d probably make more of an impact. Assuming you’re talking about killing them.” Jerome cocks his head, and his eyes narrow in concentration.

“Are you cold?” He asks, moving forward. Y/n stares up at him, shaking her head.

“No. I’m not.” His head tilts more as a smile spreads across his face, and he shakes his head.

“You can say you’re not cold, but I can see you shivering from all the way over here.” He murmurs, moving forward slowly. Y/n shakes her head, a small smile spreading across her face.

“Why do you care?” She asks, pulling her knees to her chest. He shrugs, slinking forward towards her, his head down. He looks up at her through his lashes, a smile spreading across his face. He raises his eyebrows, stopping when he gets in front of her.

“You know, you could be warmer.” Y/n cocks an eyebrow, scooting closer in the corner of the couch.

“What…? What do you mean?” She asks, her gaze traveling across his body, looking for any possible threats. His smile turns into a goofy, lighthearted one, and he holds out his hands in a hug.

“Come here,” he says giddily. Her eyebrows furrow, and she tilts her head.


“Come here. We can cuddle,” he says.

“What are yo-” Before y/n can finish what she’s saying, Jerome tackles her, rolling them off of the couch and pulling her in a tight embrace. “Wha-J-Jerome!” She shouts, pushing against his chest to try and get away. This sends Jerome into a fit of giggles. Y/n huffs and stays still, her face bright red. Not only because Jerome is pulling this off in front of everybody, but the fact that his body is actually really warm. The heat that spreads from him to her starts to make y/n tired, and her eyes close. She buries her face in his neck, causing Jerome to freeze in shock, his eyes widening. She yawns softly, and Jerome curls closer to her, wrapping his arms around y/n. He sighs contently, and looks up at everyone else, an expression of pure childish bliss on his face.

“Let’s talk about this later…” He murmurs, stroking y/n’s hair gently. “I didn’t think she’d actually…you know,” Barbara rolls her eyes.

“I don’t think it surprised anyone else,” she remarks, standing up and smacking Tabitha on the shoulder. “Come on you guys, let’s give these kiddos some privacy.”

Request: Older boys ( Jerome x Reader)

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“Jerome, you’re a little old for me…”
Jerome swung his legs and tilted his head in thought above you.
“That’s true by a few years huh… But that’s what makes it fun!” He jabbed a thumb to his chest. “I’m eighteen and you’re going to be sixteen in a few months.” Jerome cackled, the thought bringing him joy.
“I break all kinds of rules!”
He grinned like it was an achievement.

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: I lo-
  • anyone who has ever spent five seconds around me: Yes, you love Jerome Valeska, we know, you love Jerome Valeska so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Jerome Valeska, we KNOW, you love Jerome Valeska, ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE JEROME VALESKA. WE GET IT.
Whatever You Want

A/n: This is my first imagine, so be nice! I’ve just got a Gotham bug, so this is the result.

Children weren’t in abundance in Haly’s Circus. There were a few teenage runaways, but never anyone his age, so when nine-year-old Jerome heard that the acrobats joining had a daughter his age he simply had to meet her.

He wasn’t sure what he was expecting. If he was honest with himself, he was hoping for a friend, but that was a long-shot. His presence had always been greeted with blows to the stomach, shouts declaring that he was nothing but a circus freak.

The insecurity made him hesitate outside the trailer. Instead, he turned to watch the people who had come to see the show and play the games. He’d never understood their gleeful smiles, the children at the adult’s sides begging to stay.

He was jolted from his thoughts by a sharp hit on the back of his head.

Grimacing and forcing the tears back, he almost didn’t hear the small voice cry out.

“Oh my! I’m so sorry, I didn’t know you were out here!” a small hand grabbed his and pulled him to his feet. “Are you okay?”

“Fine…” he rubbed at the back of his head, pulling his hand back and inspecting it for blood. There was none.

“What were you doing standing outside my trailer?”

Jerome looked up to face the girl, but stopped short. This had to be her. She appeared his age, and he could see the sleeves of her leotard peeking out from under her sweater. But that wasn’t the thing that made him forget himself; it was her eyes. They held no malice, only innocence and a small amount of mischief.

“I-I wanted to meet you. What’s your name?”

Her face lit up with a large grin. “I’m Harley!”

“Hi Harley. I’m Jerome.” a small smile of his own dared to pull at his lips.

A sharp crash and the far too familiar sound of shouting made both children jump. The smile slipped off of Harley’s face.

“That’s my mommy and daddy….”

“Why are they yelling?”

“Cuz they always are….”

Jerome glanced around, he didn’t really know why, but he wanted to put that smile back on her face. His eyes lit up when he saw the cotton candy stand.

“You wanna get some cotton candy with me?”

The smile returned, but it wasn’t as big. “Do they have the blue kind?”

“Whatever you want.”


Jerome Valeska cursed the setting sun. He didn’t want this day to end; what if he woke up to find it all a dream?

After the cotton candy they shared turned their lips blue, Jerome had pretended to be a clown to make Harley laugh. He loved her laugh, soft, chiming, making him forget the harsh realities of his life – if only for a moment.

She adored his magic tricks, and he cheered when she showed him her cartwheels and handstands. The small boy felt as though he were ontop of the world, it was surprising how easily his connection with Harley came, but he wasn’t about to complain.

When she saw that the sun was very low, Harely jumped up. “Its almost dark out! We need to get home!”

“What’s the matter? Afraid of the dark?” he teased.

“No!” she said defensively.

“Then stay. No one will notice.”

Glancing around uncertainly, the blonde slowly lowered herself back down to Jerome’s side. An owl hooted and she jumped, grabbing his arm.

On instinct, Jerome froze. When no blow came, he looked to see the girl clinging to him for protection. He had never protected anything before, he’d never had anything to protect. But he decided then that he was going to protect Harley.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe.” he smiled. “…That’s what friends are for right?”

She jumped again and Jerome couldn’t help but laugh. “Boy, am I gonna be good for you.”

The smile was back, but his fluttering heart all but stopped when she put her arms around her shoulders.

“You can protect me and I’ll protect you!” she exclaimed with the innocence only a small girl could have.

“….Whatever you want….”

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“Oh come on! It was a gift from the GCPD!” The teen huffed childishly as the gun was plucked from his fingers, the female standing between him and the dummy he’d been using for target practice. “They aren’t gunna miss it! They already can’t shoot they don’t need a reminder.” 

How I Do My Rainbow Hair

Just a long ass post on how I die my hair and what products I use. However, the old dye job uses different dye than what I used for this round. 

If you want to know how I get my rainbow hair just keep reading lol 

Here is the old: 

Products used:

  • Jerome Russell Punky Colours - Flamingo Pink, Vermillion Red (fades really quick), Spring Green, Apple Green, Turquoise, and Purple.
  • Manic Panic - Rockabilly Blue, Shocking Blue, Electric Lizard, and Electric Lava.
  • Beyond The Zone: Yellow (not the best)

Side note: I didn’t dye my hair for the sake of color here really, it was mostly for roots and the blues from Manic Panic becoming patchy.

The New: 

Products used: 

  • Jerome Russell Punky Colours - Turquoise, Spring Green, and Apple Green.
  • Manic Panic - Electric Banana.
  • Pravana Chromasilk - Red (vivids), Purple (vivids), Blue (vivids), Pink (neon), Green (neon), and Orange (neon).

The Process: 

  1. Start with preferably dirty hair. Having dirty/oily roots will help your hair not be as damaged by the bleach during the next process.
  2. Mix your choice of bleach; box bleach is not a good choice. I use Salon Care Prism Lites Violet lightener and Salon Care 20 Vol. developer. Section your hair in the easiest way, I use vertical motions; like when you do a middle part, you start in the front and move to the back to make a part, continue this in small 1-inch sections. I left mine on for 30 minutes.
  3. Next start the coloring process:
  • First Section - PC blue in the roots and faded PC purple into the bottom.
  • Second Section - 50/50 mix of JR turquoise and apple green in the roots and faded JR turquoise through the bottom.
  • Third Section - PC neon green in the roots and JR spring green through the bottom.
  • Fourth Section - PC neon pink in the roots, PC red next to that, PC neon orange next to the red, MP electric lizard next to that, PC neon green in the ends.

~After all the dye is applied I left it in overnight (8 hours).
~Rinsed it with cold water and let my hair air dry, DONE!

Final Look:

So I hope this was helpful.