old japanese style

A sketch I did based on the old town streets we saw with Kana on our trip to Kanazawa and Kaga-shi.
I didn’t want to paint exactly what I saw on the photos we took there but imagined a street that is an amalgam of some of the interesting places I remembered.

Paper: HOLBEIN Waterford white 300g/m cold pressed cotton paper A5 size sketchbook
Lines: Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni pencil 3B
Colors: my main 48 color Schmincke set


* 紙: ウォーターフォード水彩紙 ナチュラルホワイト 中目  300g
* 下描きと線画: Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni 3B 鉛筆
* 着色: 48色のシュミンケ水彩セット

Compilation of some of my favorite dialogues from the BNHA manga.

I really hope all of these make it into the anime, cause they’re all comedy gold. 

Bakugou: Heh, kid thinks he’s an adult.
Todoroki: reminds me of someone I know….
Todoroki: relax… it was a joke. 

Yaoyorozu: The more I consume, the more I can create.
Sero: kinda like poop
[Jirou punches Sero in the face]

Midnight: I’d suggest trying something different for your hero name…that’s not gonna slide….
Bakugou: fine.
Midnight: Again…not gonna slide.
Kirishima: How about Blasty McSplode!?!

Shouji: I’ll tell you now…I don’t have anything interesting in my room…
Mina: …more like you don’t have anything PERIOD!!!
Todoroki: ….Is this what they refer to as “minimalist”?

[Yaoyorozu offers to tutor people]
Kirishima: [to Bakugou] Talk about a gap in personal virtue
Bakugou: I’m plenty virtuous too fuckmunch!! Why don’t I tutor you till you’re a puddle of blood?!?
Kirishima: Ohh i’ll take you up on that! 

Todoroki: Bakugou, what are you going to do about the provisional license supplementary lessons?
Todoroki: Well then, I’ll leave you to your cleaning. Enjoy!!
Bakugou: DAMN IT!!!

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First floor of the house my main character bought to live in. An old and quite small Japanese style detached house just outside Tokyo. As the house will play a significant role in the project I set out to make a model image. I probably broke a hundred more strict Japanese architecture rules with this one but the only reference I had where photos on Japanese house renting websites (a great resource BTW).
Painted on non-watercolour paper which was a mistake probably, looking back. 

Technical stuff:
・ Paper: TMK KENT 200 B4 
・ Colours: My 48 colours watercolours set 


・ 紙: ミューズ ケント紙 ケントブロック B4 #200
・ 色: 僕の48色の水彩セット 
・ 線画:HI-UNI 2B

Ink-Matty Healy Imagine

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Some sensuality and fluff

A/N: This is a sequel to the previous Matty Healy imagine I did. Hope you enjoy it!

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   “Are you sure about this, Matty?” I asked, eyes glued to the framed black and white old school, traditional, and Japanese style tattoo examples that hung on the off-white walls in the back room of the tattoo studio.

   Matty was lying on the black leather reclining client’s seat, wearing a long-sleeve black shirt that hung off his body, showing off his previous chest piece, and tight black jeans. He seemed impossibly calm, but that could have had something to do with the cigarettes he’d smoked before we came in.

    “Positive, love. What better way is there to celebrate our anniversary than with a little ink?” Matty asked.

   “But it’s so…permanent.”

    “That’s the idea,” Matty said. “I told you that you didn’t have to come.”

    “I wanted to. Thought I may as well be supportive.”

    Matty gave me that look that told me that he knew I was lying. Well, of course I was! Ever since he told me that his anniversary gift to me was going to be a tattoo on himself, I had been trying to talk him out of it. Since he had gotten tattooed before, the pain and permanent arguments were out of the window. So, I tried to tell him how research shows that it’s rare for couples to stay together after getting matching tattoos.

   “Well, we’ll prove them wrong,” he had said.

   Honestly, I did find it endearing how he thought we were going to be together for a long time, but I didn’t want him to get a tattoo that he would regret. If he broke up, he would look at it and be reminded of the stupid mistake that he made when we were together. However, I did hope that we wouldn’t have to break up ever especially after the whole debacle with my parents.

    Leon, the tattoo artist covered in colorful and interesting tattoos, walked in and sat in the artist’s stool next to his equipment .”So, you’ve decided on what you wanted?”

   “Yeah, I want Milady written across my right hand, right below the knuckles, in this,” Matty pointed to the script in the portfolio on his lap, “font.”

    Leon looked at it and nodded. “Can do.” He looked at me. “Nothing for you?”

    “No, no, I couldn’t.”

    “Why not? You’d look proper fit with one,” Matty teased.

    “We’ve already been over this: I work in a lab twenty hours a day, five days a week, and I need to look as professional as possible—no offense.”

    “None taken.”

    “I’m just here for support.”

    “Nice girlfriend,” Leon commented.

     “Thanks,” Matty said.

     Leon began doing the outline and I shifted my weight from one Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boot to the other. The fact that Matty was getting a tattoo for me was not only sweet but solidified the whole “bad boy not worthy of me” idea my parents had of him. The brunch that my mother had invited me to after running into Matty and me was full of berating me for even speaking to a musician like Matty.

    “They’re no good, Y/N,” Dad said. “Why don’t you go out with that prince of Luxuemborg?”

    “Because he’s into race cars and I hate race cars. Besides, Mom, Dad, I really like Matty. He is a lot smarter and much different than what you think of him. Why can’t you give him a chance?”

    “Because he’s trash! He’s musician trash!” Mom exclaimed.

    “He is not trash!” I hissed back. “He is kind, sensitive, and has so much integrity that it’s amazing.” 

    “That’s what he wants you to think. As soon as you…sleep with him, he’ll throw you aside, and move on to the next girl.”

   “It sounds like you have experience with that, Mother.”
   The look on my parents’ face was filled with horror. Never had I dared to insult or stand up to my parents before, but she had crossed the line. Matty wasn’t like that, at least, I hadn’t thought so at the time. 

   “You apologize to your mother this instant, Y/N,” Dad demanded.

   “I will when she apologizes to Matty.”

   After that, I hardly spoke to my parents outside of holidays and birthdays. Even though Matty and I were going strong for three years, my parents refused to take it seriously. I decided that it was their problem and not mine. I was happy to be with Matty and he pushed me out of my comfort zone—-I needed that.

   He grabbed my hand as Leon started the tattoo gun. “Here it goes.”

   “You’re doing this for my benefit, aren’t you?” I said, my eyes trained on Leon’s hand as it got closer to Matty’s.

   “Of course.”

   “Now, you’re just going to feel a little sting,” Leon said.

    Matty didn’t even flinch and just watched Leon do his work while I couldn’t have been squeezing his hand harder. It was interesting to see Leon tattoo Matty since he was so graceful about it. 

    “I still can’t believe you’re doing this,” I whispered.

    “Too late to turn back now,” Matty said.

    “Why would you get this now? I mean, who knows what’s going to happen?”

     Matty eyed me. “Y/N, if I was going to break up with you, I would’ve done it a long time ago. Most people get sick of each other by this time but I find you interesting to be around. Sure, you can be a proper basket case sometimes but you’re also the smartest person I know. I couldn’t love you anymore if I tried.”

    Even though Matty had told me he loved me before on several different occasions, it was the way he said it then that made me so happy. He basically said that he was always going to love me and that made me feel safe because he felt the exact same way as me.

   “I know the feeling,” I muttered before pressing my lips gently against his.

   Seconds later, he let go of my hand to run his hand through my hair as he kissed me back harshly. I smiled into it and nearly forgot that Leon was still sitting there and I pulled away.

   “Sorry about that,” I said, feeling my cheeks get warmer.

   “Trust me, it wouldn’t be the worst thing that’s happened back here,” Leon said, still concentrating on his work.

   Five minutes later, Leon was wrapping Matty’s hand in shrink wrap and giving him after care instructions. Milady was written on Matty’s hand in a delicate, feminine font. It kind of reminded me of my grandmother’s signature; she had such beautiful handwriting.

   “What do you think, love?” Matty asked.

   “It’s gorgeous.”

   “Makes you want one, doesn’t it?” Leon teased.

   “Yeah, that’ll be the day.”

   As Leon and Matty chuckled, I couldn’t help but wonder “why not?”. If I got a small enough tattoo, I could easily hide it at work and no one would be the wiser. Plus, my parents would never have to know about it if I was smart with placement. 

   “Could you do it now, Leon?”
   Then, Matty and Leon stopped laughing.

   “Uh, yeah, I guess, if you’re sure about it,” Leon said.

   “I’m sure.”

   “You do know that this is permanent, right?” Matty asked.

   “Of course,” I said as I laid down on the chair. “I want a small crown on my pointer finger.”

   “Like this?” Leon pointed out a cute little cartoon crown in his portfolio.


   “Cheers.” Leon began sketching and Matty stood next to me.

   “You don’t have to do this for me, Y/N.” 

   “I’m not. I’ve always kind of wanted a tattoo so why not a crown?”

   “Sure, you are my queen.” Matty kissed my cheek.

   “And you are my king,” I teased.

   “All right, enough, enough. You can distract her after I get started.” Leon said as he drew the outline on my finger. “Looks good?”


  “All right, I’m going to do the first line, tell me if there’s any issue and I will stop.”


   I leaned back and grabbed Matty’s hand since I would certainly need it in that moment. Part of me couldn’t believe that I was getting a tattoo. I used to think that only tramps and rock stars got tattoos but it seemed appropriate to get one. Plus, my parents would probably die if/when they find out about it. 

   “Okay, here it comes,” Leon said.

  I didn’t really feel anything as Leon drew on the first line—-it just felt like someone was drawing on my finger but was digging in a little bit more.

  “You’re doing great, love,” Matty said.

  “Geez, you make it sound like I’m giving birth,” I said.

  “I suppose this is good practice for that, but you’ll probably break my hand in half when the time comes.”
  I turned to Matty slowly. “You want to have kids? With…with me?”

 “Course, thought that was obvious.”

 It would’ve been more obvious if we had discussed having children earlier or ever during our relationship. For Pete’s sake, we hadn’t even talked about marriage! The idea of having children scared me with the whole idea of gaining fifty plus pounds, taking care of someone all the time, and having someone spit up on me regularly. 

  “No, it wasn’t.” I looked at his hand. “But, the idea of having kids with you doesn’t sound too bad.”

  Before I knew it, Leon was finished. He bandaged up my hand and told me to stay away from the sun and swimming for at least two weeks and Matty would help me with the rest. We paid and headed back out into the dreary London weather.

  “This has to be our most eventful anniversary: getting tattoos, talking about children,” I teased.

  “And who knows? Maybe we’ll get married.”
  “Maybe. I would just want to wait because I want my parents to be there.”

   Matty groaned. “But we both know they hate me.”
   “Hopefully, by the time we’re planning our wedding, we will be able to show them just how upstanding of a guy you are.”

   Matty’s smile faltered slightly. “Yeah.”

   “C’mon! There’s a brownie cake back at the flat with our names on it.”

   “Alright, I’m on it.”
   Little did I know that Matty had a little surprise for me in his jacket pocket, inside a ring box, to be exact.

とろとろどるちぇ お団子えっち編 (Torotoro ♡ Dolce • Odango ecchi hen)

Vanilla Recipe has announced a new CD for their Torotoro Dolce series!

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

You are currently dating the son and heir to a old tea shop called 青柳園, 青柳一織 (Aoyanagi Iori). 

One day, while spending your time off with Iori at his home while he’s renovating the old Japanese-style house, Iori prepares some of your beloved white dango for you…?

CV: 茶介 (Katou Masayuki)

Release Date: September 27th, 2017.

Nihongami: Hairstyles of the Karyukai - Tayuu, Shinzo & Kamuro

Historical Time Period: Mid-Edo Period - 2nd Half (1753-1789)

Hairstyle Name: Kottai Ume (古体 - 梅) lit. “Old Style - Japanese Apricot”

    This hairstyle, a variation of the Tachibana nihongami, is meant to invoke the symbolism of the Japanese apricot a.k.a. Ume. It’s normally a kimono motif prescribed to spring, but it is also considered a symbol of maturity and spiritual strength. Knowing this, I would think it most appropriate for bandou shinzo (番頭新造), who work as personal secretaries for tayuu, and taiko shinzo (太鼓新造), shinzo who excelled at non-sexual fields and could perform at banquets.