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EngPru home has lots of books as both of them are canonly bookworms. Gil usually cooks and often something baked by Luddy is dropped by there. Funiture's a mix of classy old and punk-ish stuff. There's a wall with portraits of their favourite bosses (such as Frederick the Great and Elizabeth II). The bathroom is full of Lush products for Gilbert's needs. The main bedroom is rather big and there's a second bathroom. The couch is confortable and in front of a fireplace. Everything is clean af

My interior design skill is shitty so have a part of the livingroom //CREI THANK YOU FOR SUCH CUTE HEADCANON AAH

I drew this

this is where we are,
and these are the things
i have counted

keeping track of suns and moons,
picking up pieces of broken promises,
broken hearts and broken bodies

the bed is unmade,
our words mere murmurs
floating in silence
trying to drown out the sound
of our bodies moving in sync

this is where we are,
and these are the things 
i have dreamed of

so give me wings, 
put them in the right place
and i will test
the limits of our love

—  icarus is dancing, but never too close to the sun // e.n.