old interview but he looks fine as hell

I haven’t gone in a long time [to a Masters of Horror dinner]. I went to the first few and it was a lot of fun. [..] Then, it sort of became something else. I think the night that got me– David Cronenberg showed up. And he’s an old friend of mine. And unfortunately, he takes himself so seriously these days…He’s an artist now. And literally, he was holding court in the middle of the room, so I came over to talk to him. And he didn’t look at me. And I thought, this is enough of this, forget it, goodbye. And I walked out, I thought, I don’t need this anymore. And you know, fine, Eli Roth with his Hollywood hair … Darren Aronofsky, secretly I think hates horror films… Let the geniuses go. Let them go– let them be geniuses. I’ll stay home.

[Interviewer: Play X-Box?] Hell yeah.