old indian photos

Never seen these pics before. They must’ve been at a costume party or something? Anyways, they’re dressed up as a cowboy and an Indian and I can’t deal with the cuteness. 😍😆👫❤️💙

hiiii loves. so my name is emily ( postives ). I am a model for Wilhelmina Denver, fogg management, and IMG models worldwide. I have a dangerous obsession for plants, specifically succulents. my fav color is pastel green and I <3 acaiiiiiii. I play soccer and I run a lot. I have 2 birds which I love too. and my hopes in life is to be 100% organic and live all natural lol🌿☕️🐝


Sorry, 2 pic are in Slovak language, but picture where is Indian on the horse has the same idea like pic where is Christal Quintasket :)
So here is translate for the first pic: “In all of us, live two wolves. Good and Bad- which still fight. Which of them win? The one, which you feed.”

Sorry for my english, I hope you understand it :)