old ideas

U kno that one friend thats a tru blessing….like god themself plopped them on ur lap and was like “here. 1 good thing for u”…..amazing

//scrapped scene i still wanted to get out of my system

  • Slytherin: *stubs toe* FUCK!
  • Ravenclaw: *stops drinking coffee* Put a dollar in the swear jar. *continues*
  • Slytherin: *takes random can out of the trash* Judging by what you did last night, you need to put a dollar in the sin tin.
  • Ravenclaw: *chokes*

Fallout New Vegas, 2010. Obsidian Entertainment.

“You steal the air out of my lungs, you make me feel it

I pray for everything we lost, buy back the secrets

Your hand forever’s all I want

Don’t take the money

Don’t take the money”

idk man