old ideas

so i’m a bit nostalgic and i begged my sister to dig up some photos of our first family dog and she literally found one picture…

and it’s of her and the dog. 


this is probably one of the last pics we have of him and i know we have better ones. i asked her to see if she can find any earlier ones but idk if she’ll pull through for me. 

anyone wanna guess his mix (2 breeds) from just this?

Has anyone any idea how old the squadmates in Mass Effect Andromeda are?

Vetra is in her late 20s, according to her writer. 

Liam … I have no confirmation but I’d put him in his mid twenties probably.

Drack is over 1400 years old. (They said he caused ca. 1400 years trouble in the Milky Way.)

Peebee … I guess she’s older than Liara but still in her Maidan Stage, and younger than Lexi, so maybe 150 years? Give or take some decades. BioWare, just tell me … 

I’d put Cora into her late 20s. 

And Jaal is probably the oldest, he gives me that vibe … 

The Ryder twins are both 22 years old. The sister is the older twin … as far as I know. She said she was born a minute ahead of her brother, but idk if the brothr says the same thing? 

As with the Tempest crew … 

Lexi is 275 years old. (So still in her Maiden stage.) (This is confirmed information btw.)

Gil might be in his late 20s.

Suvi … idk … early 30s maybe? 


Beauty and the Beast Official Trailer 


(do not repost) old halloween comic from last year! this actually happened to me when I was a kid and it was probably the last time I went trick or treating….

Thanks Kids!

You can stop reblogging this. You guys are amazing and have helped me oh so much thank you for blessing me and my family. We will have the best Christmas ever thanks to you! Happy Holidays and bless you all.

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