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We Are Winning.

Yesterday, as I reflected on the recent days of Life Under Trump, I came to a realization about our Great Leader: he’s tiring.

I know he’s been tiring since he first started campaigning, but I mean that he, Donald Trump, the 71-year-old grandfather in the White House, is actually becoming tired. He’s played all of his cards, every single one–and he’s starting to have to rely on his old hits.

He’s just not tweeting like he used to. Back during the start of the campaign, he was making promises, attacking everyone he could, and rallying support for new candidates and promising results from new Cabinet members. He would talk about obstruction and wall funding, and eventually he started a war with the NFL.

He tried that again the other day…and it was pathetic. He just made the one tweet, only one comment, where normally he could have three or four or even six show up in one day. Granted, the longer format on Twitter means that he no longer has to use “dot dot dot”, but even that was just another weapon he used to cultivate suspense. Now, that weapon is gone. One tweet is all he gets, and I don’t even know if he has the energy for that.

He’s decided to fight LaVar Ball, of all people, in order to secure a victory that is really just him doing his job–he’s not even fighting for a victory, but for recognition of a victory. Had he let it drop and simply said “To the three young men I freed from a China prison–you’re welcome!”, he could have started a debate and projected confidence, forcing an air of gratitude onto them. Instead, he revealed that he had not been thanked and wanted the recognition…because he’s desperate. He’s not feeling his old pride anymore.

His travel bans have been defeated time and time again. Obamacare lives. Two candidates he supported both lost in humiliating elections, and he can’t send an endorsement to the current battlefield because it would mean endorsing pedophilia. People are turning their eyes back to his sexual assault scandals with a new hunger, sensing vulnerability. The Russia probe is closing in. Advisers and aides are being indicted, and he has already chosen the defense of “they’re really not affiliated with me”–a defense that could easily crumble when someone close to him succumbs. Stephen Bannon is gone. Sebastian Gorka is gone. Kelly won’t let him have the briefings he wants, and even Kelly himself has been questioned. He just got back from Asia, where he met multiple leaders who were smarter and more unchallenged than him, and it made him feel inferior. It’s cold, and he didn’t go golfing–and he knows the next time he goes golfing, the press is going to hound him. If he goes to Mar-a-Lago, the press will be there. They’ll turn it against him. The list goes on and on.

Do you want proof that this is working?

His last weekly address was on October 13th. Over a month ago.

He’s tired. He can’t go on like this. He’s stressed, he’s collapsing. He had a glimmer of hope with the Uranium One thing and the Donna Brazile story on “Crooked Hillary”, but even that little number is getting weaker and weaker–with Hillary simply shrugging and calling him “obsessed” with her.

Because he is. That’s the one political battle he could win, and now he’s staring right down the barrels of two more defeats: the tax plan and the Alabama election.

I’m making no promises, but if both of those turn against him–if the tax plan is shot down in the Senate and Doug Jones becomes a Senator–it could all be over. This could be the end of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the man has a coronary before his one-year-President-anniversary.

He doesn’t fight. He doesn’t smile. He barely speaks. When’s the last time he held a rally? When is his next rally?

Old Man Donald needs a win. Taxes, Alabama, the border wall, he needs something. But he’s terrified that he’s going to lose them all.

Let’s see to it that he does.

Don’t relent, don’t relax. Push harder. Call your representatives and tell them to vote against the tax bill, campaign for Doug Jones and denounce Roy Moore, don’t bother defending Al Franken or any other ally who is accused of sexual misconduct, keep fighting the battles on Trump’s turf and break down his walls. His armor is cracked–go for the kill.

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Sometimes watching the video I get the feeling that you guys are high or slightly drunk but then i realise that you are THAT soft hahaha do you guys drunk/smoke at all?

i can see why you got that idea but really we were just very tired :’) and we’re generally quiet so speaking up for the video seemed a bit uncomfortable and we just continued being soft instead
we don’t smoke and we don’t usually drink but can get an occasional cider once in like 3 months or champagne for the new year, you know?

So back in 2010, Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel did an interview with Entertainment Weekly revolving entirely around Luke and Lorelai’s future.

EW: Do you think Lorelai and Luke would have had a kid?

Alexis: I think so.

Lauren: Oh, really? Yes, probably.

Alexis: Maybe like two.

Lauren: Two? Well. oh, my goodness, we just got busy really fast! We didn’t even have the wedding.

Alexis: Well, it’s what the audience wanted.

Lauren: All right, well then, hey - we probably got married in year one. We’ve been away from the show three years. We had kid one in year two, and we had kid two in year three. That’s what Alexis says, and I am very overwhelmed by my toddlers.

I usually am one to defend Luke and Lorelai not having progeny, but give me a minute here.

Originally posted by livelovecaliforniadreams

So this isn’t going to be another rant about how ASP is a malicious writer who mostly wants pain and misery and heartache for her characters and is too consumed with her own narcissism to consider for half a second what the audience wanted, but I think Alexis knew better here.

(You know what Alexis also is right about? The fact that she and the audience wanted professional and personal contentment for Rory, not disappointment and failure. But enough about that).

My feelings on this have evolved a little bit over the past couple of months. I still think that a lot of the fans who are still upset over this plot thread have jumped to conclusions that I do not agree with. Luke and Lorelai were clearly content without marriage or babies or a more traditional sort of life, just focusing on life in Stars Hollow and putting down some limits when it came to Lorelai’s parents and their daughters that weren’t entirely unreasonable. They clearly did have some communication issues (which is not uncommon in a long term relationship) and that contributed to them never really discussing the issue. However, I don’t think either of them were spending their time together desperately longing for marriage or kids and afraid to talk to the other person about it. I don’t think the fact that it never really was an issue means that they can never communicate about anything ever and their life together was worthless because they never got it together in this area.

That said, did these things matter in a more primal way to Luke than they did to Lorelai? I think they did. It’s clear that by the time Lorelai proposes again he is long over his cold feet and the reason that they aren’t married yet is because she isn’t ready for it. It’s also clear that he did want another kid in the old-fashioned way at some point, but that neither of those things mattered as much as being with Lorelai.

So why wasn’t Lorelai ready? Why was she so afraid? I think she felt incredibly guilty for obliterating her relationship with Luke in order to achieve her goal of getting married. She found out the hard way that it wasn’t going to make her happy, and she ended up hurting a lot of people. If repeating any of her actions during that process meant that she would end up losing Luke again, she didn’t want to do it.

(This is the point where I don’t understand fans whose blind trust in ASP essentially leads them to believe that Luke would easily forget the interlude with Christopher and would would have reconciled with Lorelai right away if Rosenthal hadn’t taken over. I get why people want to believe that, but I don’t think that’s what would have happened. Clearly even if the original writers had written season 7, Lorelai would have been so scarred by whatever the plan was for that season that she would have avoided the topic of marriage for a while afterwards).

The thing about all of that is that we can rationalize all of these things after the fact, but it’s not wrong to want a happier or easier road for our OTP. It’s not wrong for us to want them to have a traditional happy ending. It’s not wrong for us to want Luke to have the chance to raise that baby from scratch like he wanted, to have Lorelai get to a point where she wasn’t afraid anymore and could contemplate the option of parenthood while she still had time. If Lauren and Alexis could easily imagine this future, the fans were there already. And it’s kind of bittersweet that it never really happened.

None of this changes the fact that I actually do love Luke and Lorelai’s happy ending as it stands. But I understand the other side of it, and I wish the writers had understood that maybe it’s best for everyone involved to not make things quite so complicated.

(Also, Rory deserved an easier road to happiness, too. But that’s another topic).

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