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20 in the I know you have many more fics to write prompts... about the contract... seriously love it!

It was a fairly often occurrence that one of the boys would do something stupid. Be it the time Tim ate a two week old McDonald’s hamburger for a dollar, the time Dick got stuck in the chimney, that one time Jason locked himself in a closet, or when Damian ripped his pants on a fence as he was running away from one of his brothers. But this was a whole new level of stupidity. It just so happened that the four of them had been assigned to a mission involving a magic cult and some weird happenings at a local city. They had split into groups, Dick with Damian and Jason with Tim, and when they were able to meet back up after disbanding the cult and getting them locked safely away, when Dick and Damian noticed that Tim was supporting Jason, an arm under Jason’s, practically dragging him along. “Is he okay?” Dick ran over, quickly checking to see if Jason was badly injured “Um… well, about that. He may have signed a contract type thing with a cult member to get them to stop practicing demonic summoning and whatnot…” Dick and Damian just looked at Jason, who, though unconscious, looked pretty much the same “So, what happened to him?” Damian looked Jason over to see if there were any visible effects “I’m not really sure. I think we’re just going to wait and see.” 

Jason finally woke up the next day but he seemed a bit… odd, not at all like his usual self. “Hey gents,it’s really nice to see you on this fine day” Jason greeted his brothers with a wide smile, causing all of them to recoil away from him “What the actual-” “Dude what the heck?” Jason gave them a quizzical look, still keeping a smile on his face “This is so much worse than anything that we could have ever imagined.” Dick immediately grabbed his phone “I’m going to call Zatanna because this needs to be undone. I know I typically try to make you guys act happy but this is disturbing.” As Dick talked on the phone trying to fix Jason, the other two tried not to vomit at the disgusting display of cheer and sunshine that Jason currently was. When Dick came back he looked a little less worried as he explained that there was a way, albeit a long convoluted way, to undo the contract

When the boys had finished redacting the contract and making Jason less…cheery, they tested it by having Dick give him a hug, to which Jason socked him in the ribs. “Yup,back to normal” The other two let out a relieved sigh while Dick tried to regain his breath “So, Jason, what we learned is that this is why you read contracts before you sign them!” Jason shrugged “Eh, it was in the fine print. What I learned is that smiling makes your face hurt, I don’t know how you do it Dick.” Tim groaned as Dick chuckled and Damian huffed, “You’re absolutely hopeless.”

I Thought You Were Different: Book 2 (Part 2/?) (Avengers x reader)

Part 1

Steve let out a long yawn and opened the refrigerator, pushing away boxes of leftovers and plates of half-eaten food, looking for anything that resembled milk for his coffee.  He grumbled in disgust at an old hamburger in the back corner of the shelf, grabbing the entire dish and tossing it angrily in the nearby garbage before continuing his search.

“You guys are pigs.”

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what they are hiding under there bed

Admin griffin here to see what under there bed, crawls under

America: candy stash/ hamburger stash/ old wrappings of junk food and a … playboy…..?

England: Harry potter merch and some perverted magazines 

France: roses?? and Romance novels and some candles and ok did not need to see that

Russia: His pipe replacements, empty vodka bottles,and a cheburashka plush

China : Plushes hello kitty, more hello kitty, and ore hello kitty

Canada: lets see some dust bunnies, a couple of lost socks

Germany: crawls out form under bed and washes eye out with holy water

Italy: uhh we got a few cat plushes, a real cat, and a jar of pasta sauce

Japan: a miku body pillow some hentai a katana

Romano: why is it all Tomato in here

Prussia: birds fly out form under Bed

Okay I’ve got to ask. Do those guards look like they are made of old hamburger meat? And Silat. I admire the bravery in your fashion statements, but shoulder pads that seemd to be modeled off of Sperm cells is a BIG no no especialy with those pine cone bases. And take off that silly hat, it looks like a milk chocolate hershey kiss. And why does this look like a page from the long awaited Men of the Kushan calender?