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A little comic strip, it’s an illustration and answer on the question “what was the mission of Executioners”. So I tried to answer according to the official guidebook of Old Hunters DLC.

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speaking of playing bc wow with my friends it’s kind of a hilarious experience

like my friend shane managed to find this old french wow vanilla guidebook he had when he lived in france and it’s actually really useful, it has all the class skills and when you get them, plus what it costs to train them, it has all the quests in the entire game (because blizz didn’t put in enough fucking quests to get you to 60), it even has weird little comics and tips on “role playing” which he admits he might have mis translated as it’s just an explanation on racial lore

so yeah that’s a thing

i know this is crazy coming from someone whos url is literally myst1993 lol but i finally finished playing the original myst for the first time today!! and it was cool cuz i was playing realmyst masterpiece edition so i got to go to rime too!! and it was really pretty i  loved the snow.  ahhh i love myst. <3 also atrus pronounced d’ni way differently than i always have in my head. (and i think differently from yeesha?? idk i have to play urur again even though i literally just did haha my attention span when shes talking is NIL) (i say it dih-KNEE and he said it like DAH-knee i think) i was making fun of my ye olde vintage myst playthrough guidebook from 1995 for spelling it “Dunny” but it makes sense now haha. yeah i accidentally got trapped there with atrus opps lol but we can just figure out the tunnels and come out in new mexico hes done it before its chill. :P good thing i could return to an old save. now i just need to play myst V and ill have played each of them at least once!!! i really want to replay IV too, but i have to figure out how to install them they need patchers or something and my ex was the one who did that for me on my old laptop ugh.

SNK Guidebook Scans: Darius Zackly

Thank you, Julystorms, for the scans of all the Guidebook pages! 

I’ve looked at each page looking for spoilery stuff, or anything that might give us hints into the mysteries of the Shingeki world. I didn’t see much of that.

The only think that truly surprised me was Darius Zackly’s stats. Dang! That’s the best we’ve seen from any character. He’s flawless on the characteristics he’s graded on. We haven’t seen that with any other character - not Erwin, not Mikasa, not anyone.

With this, plus his reappearance in Chapter 61, I’m even more interested to see where this character goes.

I don’t know if this was already posted elsewhere (actually, I would be surprised if it wasn’t, since this info is pretty old), but it was mentioned in the first Magi guidebook how old Sinbad was when he conquered his last three dungeons:

Furfur: 21 years old
Vepar: 24 years old (the MV is also a ring)
Crocell: 25 years old (four years before the start of Magi)

Interestingly enough, while the previous two pages in the guidebook cover Zepar and Focalor djinn equips, they still don’t mention how old Sinbad was when he conquered their dungeons. As it was revealed a few weeks ago, someone else conquered Zepar, did Ohtaka plan this to happen from the start?