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harry potter rated by mentions of goats
  • philosopher’s stone: mentioned that a bezoar can be obtained from the stomach of a goat which would be pretty solid except its mentioned in the context of snape being a dick to some eleven year olds. the goats didn’t give up their magic healing kidney stones for this. 3/10
  • chamber of secrets: no mentions. 0/10
  • prisoner of azkaban: no mentions. 0/10
  • goblet of fire: both karkaroff and young dumbledore are described as having goatees, a type of facial hair that, unless you’re idris elba or brad pitt or someone, is probably best left to goats. first mention of my main man aberforth and his fondness for goats, though unfortunately phrased in a way that convinced half the readers he fucked a goat. 5/10
  • order of the phoenix: a nice bit foreshadowing in which the hogs head smells like goats. unfortunately, there’s also a mention of the giants eating dead goats. a harrowing image. -5/10
  • half-blood prince: harry reads the half-blood prince’s tip about bezoars and with some truly stunning information retention, remembers what snape said about them being an antidote to most poisons + coming from the stomach of a goat in their first ever potions lesson. i am so proud of him. harry uses this totally unprecedented feat of academic success to flunk out on doing any actual work and piss off hermione. worth noting that harry also uses a bezoar to save ron’s life, begging the question, would the wizarding world be ruled by voldemort and all of our faves be dead if it wasn’t for goats? the answer is yes. a monumental achievement for goats everywhere. we owe them so much. 20/10
  • deathly hallows: aberforth and his fondness for fiddling with goats returns. he apparently throws goat dung at people in times of stress- what a guy. a goat patronus saves the day by looking kinda like a stag if you squint a bit. aberforth reminisces about feeding the goats with ariana. a touching, bittersweet moment. all around a pretty good time for goats. 10/10

[thinks about louisa may alcott being forced to marry her butch self insert protagonist off to a 60 year old man] [tends my goats a little harder trying to hold back the sadness]

Svtfoe Review. Crystal Clear

First of all: THIS DUDE

He is nuts. 

When i first knew about the episode, i though he was going to call the entire council. Yet, instead he brough Star to…..(dramatic pause)

OLD super goat. Who looks like a nice and clever guy. And of course he did not like the “gift”. Star on a cube.

You can almost hear him saying: WHAT IS THIS?!?!?! 

Turns out to be that crystal dude thinks Star is the one absorving the magic of that place. Making those cristals more and more fragile.

As we see, Eclipsa is also trapped there.

Really, Toffee? That is your master plan?

Because that hole is clearly yours

What do you want from Eclipsa? Is she your boss? Your mother? YOU ARE THE MOSNTER SHE MARRIED TO?


This dude is technicaly 30 years old

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So, you posted the quick history of Olexians quite a while ago, but I'd like to ask what it means by hoofed feet and animal heels?

there’s your arbitrary lieutenant fact of the day 


Going from “I want to draw them in school uniforms” to “why did my brain think this was a good idea”.

I blame @ocean-kun for this–look at what you made me do I couldn’t stop thinking about Frisk in seifuku–

Okay now I can go crash :D

EDIT: Also here’s the sketch because for some reason I really like it haha–

Baby goat hitches taxi ride from Halifax airport after flight delay

Casino Taxi driver Mark Thurston has been behind the wheel of a cab for more than 30 years. But Tuesday night brought a call he’s never gotten before — to pick up a baby goat travelling solo at the airport.

It turned out she was better behaved than some other fares he’s had, Thurston said.

“She was very noisy at first, but I just turned the music on low and was talking to her and calming her down and she was fine for the half-hour drive,” he said. 

Grounded by weather

The three-month-old goat was travelling in the cargo hold on a WestJet flight from Halifax to St. John’s, where her new owner was due to pick her up.

She was a Christmas present, destined to live out her days as a pet goat on a farm in Newfoundland.

But bad weather forced the plane to turn back to Halifax, and staff at the airport had a dilemma on their hands. What do they do with the goat until the next flight in the morning?

So they decided to send the goat — named Gidget — to the Metro Animal Emergency Clinic in Dartmouth.

Tom Jones of Rosehip Farms, who raised Gidget, had dropped her off at the airport but couldn’t drive the four hours from his home in Freeport, N.S., to pick her up when her flight was delayed. He praised the cargo crew for going the extra mile to keep her safe and comfortable by arranging for her to spend the night at the clinic.

“This guy really went out of his way. He got her a cab and got her over there,” said Jones. “He handled it amazingly.”

At just 10 pounds, Gidget is small enough to fit in a pet carrier and needs to be fed by a bottle. Staff at the Metro Animal Emergency Clinic don’t see many goat patients, so they spoke to Jones by phone to make sure she would be well-fed.

Jones said Gidget landed safe and sound in Newfoundland on Wednesday afternoon after her long, strange journey in the city.