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When Rob Lopez tried to prank his 2-year-old by waking him up dressed as Darth Vader, he found out his son is actually a complete badass. As soon as Sebastian woke up, he immediately grabbed his light saber, began a mighty duel, then decided to chill and handed Vader his favorite book. Source

hello and welcome to the dodie net !!!! do you love the intertwined ep? do you find yourself crying over her old vids at 2 am? does dodie’s aesthetic make you want to shove the entirety of her wardrobe up your ass? well then you’ve come to the right place !!!!

what is this?

a gc for all of us who love dodie clark more than ourselves !!!! it will most likely be on whatsapp, but if anyone who gets in has a big issue with that we can figure smth out !!!!

how do i apply?

well that’s a good question bud !!! (why am i acting like people are actually asking these questions i’m literally sitting alone in my room typing anyway on with the rules)

why should i apply?

  • you’ll get to meet some other cool dudes who love dodes !!!!
  • “dudes who love dodes” literally gonna name the gc that
  • you can promo all ur shit and we’ll reblog it cause we love you :’)
  • we can rabb.it movies together ???? or skype ???? or play cah together ???
  • (also i’m lonely)
  • you’ll be on the net blog and you can say you’re part of a rad squad
  • a gc where yelling about dodie is not only allowed, but encouraged
  • idk man ????? it’ll be fun i hope ????
  • (the point of this section was to convince people to join and i’ve literally made it sound like the lamest thing ever cool) (you should still join tho)

other things !!!!

  • deadline to apply is february 17th, 2017
  • 10-ish people will be accepted !!!
  • updates/eventually member’s posts will be under the tag #dodienet
  • if ur a butthole don’t apply (meaning racists/sexists/homophobes/transphobes/terfs)
  • ask ur qs here for some as !!!
  • if this doesn’t get 30 notes forget this was i thing i tried to do pls

okay bye bye now have a nice day and i hope you apply !!!!