old gif i never posted

That’s an umbrella
Pearl meets Garnet for the first time

this is an old thing I did back in 2016 and never posted… But this is supposed to be in mine Human Au, where Garnet’s a famous boxer and have lots of inconvenient fans. When Pearl appears in her house and accidentally breaks Garnet’s old stereo, G-man thinks is another fan invading her house to steal stuff and sell later on the internet. She’s pissed. She starts to vent about how this kind of thing is toxic, but Pearl isn’t a fan, she’s there just to drop something as a favour to amethyst. She has her share of big bullies to face so when cornered Pearl fights back.

THEY ARE WEARING CLOTHES AND PEARL ISN’T BALD!… I just wanted to take this out of my head as fast as possible.

Watched lots of livestream this week and it made me want to finish all my old sketches for voltron that I never posted. 

So yeah, first: Percy Jackson/ Heroes of olympus AU It was based on a post I saw a long time ago, to which I added my own story and headcanons. I don’t have the link of the post anymore so if anyone find it, feel free to tell me or add it.

Lance as a son of Aphrodite:

  • His weapon is an ameliored version of a crossbow
  • He loves his half brothers and sisters, half-god or not (he’s glad for this very complicated but huge and loving family)
  • Loves playing and styling everybody’s hair (especially Pidge’s and Keith’s)
  • Everybody is under his charms until he open his mouth.
  •  can sing very well.
  • Have been in camp half blood with Pidge and Hunk for 4 years now (beginning his 5 years when Keith arrives to the camp)
  • Wish to prove himself by going on an awesome (and dangerous ) mission. He hope the succes of such mission will stop the people from seeing children of Aphrodite as useless warrior.  He also hope it will make his mother notices him so that he can finally meet her.