old ghosts new regrets

The 2014 Vans Warped Tour compilation will be released on June 10th.

1 Of Mice & Men ”Bones Exposed” 
2 Bayside ”Big Cheese” 
3 Saves The Day ”In The In Between” 
4 Mayday Parade ”Girls” 
5 Parkway Drive ”Old Ghosts/New Regrets” 
6 The Devil Wears Prada ”Sailor’s Prayer” 
7 Every Time I Die ”Thirst” 
8 The Word Alive ”Never Forget” 
9 Falling In Reverse ”Bad Girls Club” 
10 Real Friends ”Loose Ends” 
11 The Story So Far ”All Wrong” 
12 Less Than Jake ”Do The Math” 
13 We Are The In Crowd ”Manners” 
14 Born of Osiris ”Exhilarate” 
15 Terror ”Live By The Code” 
16 I The Mighty ”Speak To Me” 
17 Get Scared ”Badly Broken” 
18 Crown The Empire ”Two’s Too Many” 
19 Marmozets ”Why Do You Hate Me” 
20 The Summer Set ”Lightning In A Bottle” 
21 The Maine ”Ugly On The Inside” 
22 Mixtapes ”Elevator Days” 
23 Front Porch Step ”Drown” 
24 Rob Lynch ”Broken Bones” 
25 I Fight Dragons ”Burnadette” 

Disc 2 
1 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! ”Restart”
2 SECRETS ”Maybe Next May”
3 A Lot Like Birds ”Next To Ungodliness”
4 Lost In Society ”Plastic”
5 Well Hung Heart ”Hellaby”
6 Chelsea Grin ”Letters”
7 Stray From The Path ”Counting Sheep”
8 Alive Like Me ”Start Again”
9 Ghost Town ”I’m Weird”
10 Watsky ”Fireworks”
11 Air Dubai ”Soul & Body”
12 American Pinup ”Creeper”
13 State Champs ”Elevated”
14 Teenage Bottlerocket ”Summertime”
15 Brian Marquis ”From Boston”
16 Neck Deep ”Losing Teeth”
17 Elder Brother ”Pennsylvania”
18 Anberlin ”Dead American”
19 The Protomen ”Light Up The Night”
20 Issues ”Stingray Affliction”
21 Dangerkids ”Fractions”
22 Ice Nine Kills ”The Power In Belief”
23 Fit For A King ”Warpath”
24 For Today ”Break The Cycle”
25 Beartooth ”I Have A Problem”


Only 10 more days!!!

Forever fucked
We wage a war of suffering a deceit
100 thousand years of dreaming, drowned in a flood of fear and greed
Precious heritage laid waste before the chainsaws snarling teeth
Bleed the earth, bleed her ‘til her heart no longer beats

And still we wonder why
As the ground beneath our feet turns to dust
The air we breathe, laced with poisons
A legacy of disgust
A legacy of sorrow
So we’re born with nothing and we die alone

We’re born with nothing
And we die alone
Regret is all we have
Death is all we know

Forever fucked
Eradicate the truths of history
Train our eyes, train our minds so we no longer see the casualties
Countless cultures murdered, generations stolen and deceived
No guilt to bear
Born to consume, to breed, to deny all that keeps us free

We’re born with nothing and we die alone
Forever fucked