old gamers

You are a sim living in sim city (the video game). You are a decent sim with a loving family in a picturesque neighbourhood. All you want is a good life for you and your kids. However, the mayor of your city is a sadistic 11-year old gamer. Describe the worst day of your life.

all offence but i’m tired of 20+ yr old dude bro gamers bitching about the cringe factor whenever chloe price, a 16 yr old girl, complains about something in before the storm. like yes the dialogue is cringy sometimes but you can just tell it goes beyond it being cringy and starts going into how 20+ year old dude bro gamers can’t help but make fun of a 16 yr old girl’s problems bc its become culture to make fun of anything a teenage girl says or does for the sake of being funny bc everything they do is stupid or cringeworthy and everything they like is ridiculous and dumb.

bc no matter what they do they’re either being “fake geek” or “fake edgy” or basic or whatever the hell people want to shit on them for. it’s become so standard that whatever teenage girls do is “stupid” and they obsess over stupid things no matter what they are. it’s so common, that a 16 yr old girl, A 16 YEAR OLD, can’t think the world is out to get them or have any angst or rebel in anyway without it being cringy and stupid and dumb and be compared to fan fiction. it’s to the point where a 16 yr old girl can’t act her age without getting shit for it and it’s fucking gross and it needs to end