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Then and Now:

The northern gate of Purana Quila (Old Fort, Delhi), built in 1543–44, is called the Talaqi-Darwaza for reasons unknown. On this gate, in the front, carved marble leogryphs in combat with a man are seen above the oriel windows. Built in random rubble masonry with dressed stone facing, the gate has a tall arch enclosed by two smaller arched openings. Two bastions adorn the gate with high ceiling rooms. On the second floor of the gate, there are two openings. Exterior surface of the gate had colored tiles and the inner rooms were covered with incised plaster work.

DAY 2374

Jalsa, Mumbai               Oct 15/16,  2014               Wed/Thu  1:41 am  

A wanderer an impatient soul, one that wishes speed through all what he or she encounters in their day or days .. the impatience of the youth of the generation next as they call them, is infectious .. not just a behavioural infection, but an infection that translates to the means of other existence - the machines the thoughts the entertainment the processes, the language .. everything ..

And I .. this soul within a soul, desperate to walking if not running beside these speed hungry personnel, am caught within the age of reality and the reality of age ..

Age shall happen to all .. some earlier than usual, but happen it shall .. and those that ponder or despair on its effective reflects on our being, must start to ponder at a very early age … indeed from the moment they are born ; for birth starts the count for the end ..

The biggest irony of life .. but of that some other occasion ..

But speed .. that is the common denominator in ours and in every other ours .. 

To travel thousands of miles within the span of a few hours, in different circumstances, in different environs, for different causes, addressing different issues .. is the possibility of the generation of today. Because they think it so, it happens .. and happens without second thought, because that is the way they conceive .. they conceive because they know there is possibility .. there is possibility because they know, somewhere somehow someone has devised a most thought out delivery system which shall work .. !! And that truly is the brilliance of the era that swells in the minds of today’s young ..

I think it is a marvellous thought to be a part of it … I think it is a stupendous idea to be in the grasp of the intentions that it propagates .. I think it is only wise to walk with these, rather than look at them from distant disdain .. distant disdain shall only succeed in distance from them .. distance does make the heart grow fonder, but it is not the heart that is the problem - that we know and we acknowledge - it is the mind !

Our minds have been replaced by superior alternative. Alternatives that guide and think for us, work for us, advise us, inform us, remember for us ..

They are the forces that keep mankind and womankind distant from their usage of cells .. cells that are often known to exist in the upper stories of our edifice .. those wonder tubular curves within scalped protection, often called the brain .. the brain which has through calculation known to us as being used never to its capacity .. a capacity that in a lifetime consumes just 33 percent of its whole ..

Imagine then what waste of percentage goes under the earth, into the pyre, or wherever else cremation of those that pass on exacts ..

One day … not too far in the distant future .. we shall be replaced .. by a replacement created and manufactured by us ..

The largest and the biggest and the strangest irony of life .. !!

This Blog of the DAY 2374 … ladies and gentlemen of the extended family has been the effort of one such manufacture ..

Good night ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

ps : 

I work here at the ‘Purana Quila’  … the old fort in the heart of the city of Delhi .. for the film of Vidhu Vinod Chopra and titled 'DO’ so far ..