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Colorblind (Wally West x Reader/Artemis Crock x Reader)

A/N - Not a request, but I felt like torturing a dead character today, and I chose Wally since I’m trying to protect Jason and Damian from angst, so they’re off limits. Towards the ending I sort of lightened it up because I got in a better mood, either way, I hope you enjoy!

Le tagging: @speedypan 

Warning(s): Slight mention of self-harm, but none is committed by reader!

You stood in the shadows, eyes glued to the floor as the service went on and you were tired of your life being filled with no light, just darkness, no orange, no yellow, just black. Many people argue whether black was a color, but for you, there was no debate. It was the color of your pain, the color of your mourning. It was the color of death, of all things wrong in this world, and now… it was the color of your heart, of your now dark, soulless eyes. Once the universe decided to take him, it took you along with him… and now all that remained is a shell of who you once were, of the person you used to be.

You couldn’t stand much longer of this, you’ve already run out of tears to shed, and you couldn’t feel anything except the bitter cold of the dark church and the soft cries of the audience, Artemis sitting by the West’s, trying her best to console them. If you could still feel, you’d probably feel guilty, guilty of all the envy and hatred you’d felt towards her… but now… now with Wally dead…

You walk out of the shadows, although you feel as if you had never left it, and walk out the door, not being able to take any more of this. You crumbled the soft, black material of your dress in your fists, eyes furrowed at the falling rain. “Great,” You mutter to yourself, marching yourself across the parking lot, your h/c clinging to your s/c skin, “even the world is mourning the death of Wally West.”

When you reached your car, an old Ford pickup truck that your grandfather gave you when you were sixteen, you just sat in there, watching the rain fall upon the windshield, the water squeezing through the small cracks between the windows. You rested your forehead on the wheel, looking down at the floor of your car. Black. You wondered if you cut your skin if the red, familiar liquid of blood would be dark, blackened by your emotions, or lack thereof.

When Wally West died, you felt part of you break. Even though he chose Artemis over you in the end, the two of you were close friends, and you loved him, and not in the brotherly sense… you absolutely loved him… he was your soulmate and that day on New Year's… you wanted to be the one to kiss him, but Artemis beat you to it and ever since then, he’d been happier than he’d ever been with her than with you.

You felt yourself slipping away then, but when he died… you built these walls around you, protecting yourself from the world that went on around you. You cried, you yelled, and most of all… you were heartbroken. You had pined for him almost your entire life, but yet, even now you didn’t know the cause of his death.

You had drowned in jealousy and now you were suffocating by heartache, and now you had put it to an end. There was nothing left for you hear, and as you lifted your head from the wheel, you felt a single tear escape your eye, which you quickly wiped away.

The rain was pounding against the glass now, but you didn’t care, you didn’t care about anything anymore. You grabbed your keys and started the car, the engine letting out a loud sputter before dying. You groan and throw your head back in exasperation, why did everything have to go wrong for you. Your love life, your social life, and now your car? You try to start it again and like before, it was dead, motionless.

You get out of the car, your already damp clothes now soaking as you walk through the storm, wind pushing against you. You sit on the curb with your head in your hands, sobbing. Black and blue… black and blue… One more color for your spectrum of pain. You sob for what feels for the first time in forever, the emotions you had kept in being released, like an overfilled suitcase.

For a while, you are alone, up until the time that the funeral ends and someone sits next to you. You didn’t need to look to know who had sat there, but she cried to, she cried as if the world was ending, and in a way… it sort of was, because in a world without color, it wasn’t one to live in, and you knew she was going through the same thing.

When you finally looked at her, you saw her dark eyes, the black filled with so much pain, a familiar color with you, but now you say the yellow, the sun that Wally had fallen for, and for some reason, it made you feel better, because now you had your own little piece of Wally in that hair, in those eyes that he had gazed into for so long, and then you looked down at her stomach, a small swelling showing the part of him that she’ll always carry.

“How long?” You ask, your voice raw from crying, but you needed to know. It took minutes before she replied, with the same voice that you had asked her in.

“Around two months now, I was going to tell him around the third…” She whispers, looking at you, and you were able to find the sadness in her eyes.

“You aren’t alone, I’ll be with you…” You put a hand on her small stomach, “Both of you. I… I loved him too.” and suddenly, she smiles weakly, putting a hand on yours, “I know… I’ve always known… I’m so sorry…”

“No, don’t apologize. It’s me who should be apologizing and I… just let me help… you can’t do this alone.”

The two of you look at each other for a few minutes, hands not leaving the warmth of the other. It was you who stood up first, and you offered her your hand, “Come on, let’s get you inside, it’s cold… and you’re soaking. The funeral’s over anyways, maybe we could find a towel or two.”

She took your hand and this was when you knew that even though you lost all the colors, you may be able to regain them, and the life that was growing inside her… it was going to help you find them all… you were sure of it.