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like your blog but no offense how are you on Tumblr in ur late 20s?

Good question anon! Here’s my secret: the old folks home lets us out for an hour of water aerobics every day and while the other residents are huffing and puffing like a bunch of suckers I’m off to the side of the pool with everything I need for posting quality content to Tumblr Dot Com.

We’ve got people being offered housing in Manchester, a man that just lost his wife being forced to put his terrified children in another high rise, a man that lost his wife being shunted into an old folks home and case closed. And they’ve got no choice or they get this “walked out of the system voluntarily” label and that’s that.

Enough is enough, this is sick.


– Star Wars Insider #81, Ask the Master Q&A, by Pablo Hidalgo


Legit canon is, when they have an extra important message to get through, they say, SO I HAVE A MESSAGE FOR THE OLD FOGIES IN THE RETIREMENT HOME, this is a thing that has been approved of by the Jedi Council.  In canon.

I’ve seen griping about Thor Ragnarok and let me say this: so much of it WORKED. So much of it got down to the basis of what Thor should have been in the MCU. 

1. Thor is FINALLY damn charming and likable. Sure he’s been the “hero” in the rest of the MCU, but he was hard for me to like. In this movie he’s funny and charming and KIND and arrogant but with a sense of humor. He’s very much a crown prince with a major sense of duty, but he’s so often gently put in his place by circumstances when he gets out of line and acknowledges that and he’s FUNNY. He’s got a cheeky sense of humor, and can be just as sarcastic as Loki. He’s also just so sure about people too. Take into account the fact that he literally wills Bruce, Valkyrie AND Loki into helping him. He knows Bruce is at his core a hero who will help those in need. He knows Valkyrie really wants redemption. He knows Loki is capable of so much MORE than just being a little shit. He sees the hero at the core of those around him and like any good leader, enthusiastically points that out. 

2. And speaking of Thor and Loki, this movie finally settles their relationship. No angst, just an acknowledgement on each side that yes they love each other, but they will NEVER see eye to eye about anything and both are so much themselves at the core, one basically a little shit and the other very noble. But rather than wallow in that, the two have figured out how to relate to each other. Thor just recognizes that Loki will always be Loki. He’s God of Mischief. He almost can’t help himself in just doing stuff that causes issues. 

3. Loki’s character finally makes sense. He’s not a big bad here or even an angsty antihero. He’s simply weasely and manipulative, but at his core he’s a warrior and hero almost in spite of himself. Thor’s opinion of him matters in the end. And you can tell Loki LIKES a good fight no matter how much of a negotiator he is. In the end he throws himself right into the fray with as much style and competence as the heroes. He’s presented not as someone who murdered his adoptive father (and as someone who couldn’t when given the opportunity), just as the son who dropped him at the old folks home. Asgard isn’t a crumbling ruin when Thor shows back up. Loki has basically been living out his fantasy as a wanton but nonthreatening ruler who likes the arts and is trying to build his own myth (it’s telling that the “play” he’s so enthusiastic about is more about Odin and Thor valuing and thinking he was wonderful more than anything else). Even Odin doesn’t hold it against his son for leaving him in a retirement home. He doesn’t even acknowledge it, just immediately treats him just the same as Thor without missing a beat and Loki responds both with shame and respect. Odin even makes sure Loki knows how proud Freya would be of his accomplishments (as poorly used as they are). Thor and Loki are treated as equal here. Loki also gets his final say in pointing out Thor finally understands how he felt in being lied to (and beat up by the Hulk). Loki is finally able to give in to the fact that there IS a streak of heroism at his core. Sure we all know he can’t resist causing trouble (we’re all well aware he stole the Tessaract. AGAIN.) but you believe it truly isn’t malicious now. He’s just a jackass. And someone who desperately wants people to think he’s important.

Basically Thor Ragnarok treated the Norse gods in the MCU how it made more sense to treat them. Thor as a charming, funny, well intentioned hero. Loki as a shifty, troublesome, ultimately reluctant hero himself. And it WORKS. 

Best Parts of Thor: Ragnarok

-the beginning: “I’m not even moving”
-Loki’s reaction when Thor arrives in Asgard
-Old folks home
-Loki’s reaction when Hela tells him to kneel: priceless
-Thor and Hulk’s interactions
-“I don’t even like banner”
-“I don’t even like the hulk”
-ball to the face
-Get Help
-Loki being predictable, Thor getting wise to it
-Thor checking Loki is/isn’t there for real
-the redemption character arcs
-brotherly interactions
-“If you were really here I might hug you”
-being really there

Kiwi, Though.

A/N: this is a bit of an extension of the birthday bows/valentine woes world, but certainly functions as a stand alone piece.  thank you for the request*, nonny 😘

this is a very, very smutty, dirty piece about anal so if that’s not your thing, turn back now. there’s a lot of movement in this, so please offer me a bit of suspension of disbelief and just know that harry and his missus did everything they needed to in order to be clean and safe in this encounter.

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He didn’t mean it. Really, he didn’t. Well, he did, but he didn’t. And he certainly didn’t mean it anymore. Not now. Not now that you were hanging it over his head and torturing him with it.

It had been just another nightly FaceTime before bed from miles and miles apart; well bedtime for you, the night had only just started in Jamaica. And it was just typical banter to hide the sour feeling due to return once you hung up. And it was just a sly comment to rile you up, get you excited to join him in Jamaica in a few days.

“Yeh not gonna be able to keep yeh hands off me, love.” And that would have been enough, but Harry often struggled when it came to shutting his big, stupid mouth. “Not even if yeh wanted.”

Your eyes went wide in surprise, mouth ajar with incredulity. “Excuse me?” you scoffed. “I can keep my hands to myself much better than you can, H.”

“Right.” A cocky smirk crossed his lips. “Always got yeh hands all over me, kitten, ’specially when we’re reunited. S’never enough with you. Keep me up all night–satisfy your every need–but then yeh right back on me in the mornin’. Insatiable, you are.”

“If I’m insatiable, what’s that make you?!” Sure, he was right; you liked a few sleepless nights upon reunion, enjoyed testing the limits of your bodies, but it’s not like he protested. It’s not like he didn’t want to explore your body, relearn your inner workings mind, body and soul and try a few new things, too.

“Sex slave. At your every beck and call, kitten.” He was pleased with himself, grinning ear-to-ear as he teased you.

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Wow you literally remember 1991? That's so weird to me, I was born the year The Phantom Menace came out :') Gosh I feel soo young now hahaha

LOL well I’m glad to have made you feel youthful…because if you were born in 1999, you most assuredly are youthful. ;) 

And yes, I do indeed remember 1991. Twas a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…but I was there! 

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Anonymous said:Headcanons for being Darry, Soda and Pony’s sister would include please?

A/N: Heya lovely! I’m so happy to have been able to do this one! I love this fandom so much and I love the Curtis boys sooo much! Thank you for blessing our ask box with your request, it means so much! Hope you enjoy this! - Admin Kat 💟

Being the Curtis’s Sister Would Include:

- Do comprehend how protective your brothers are going to be of you? They don’t care if you’re older or younger, you’re the baby of the family (even to Ponyboy).

- You’ll never walk anywhere on your own, okay? Either themselves or one of themselves will accompany you you.

- NO BOYFRIENDS! They know what guys can be like and not even the gang will allow you, either.

- If you’ve got shorts on, you’re gonna be heckled to put some pants on and cover up like a nun.

- You’d be spoiled. They’ll find a way to do it, believe me. (Note: Being spoiled doesn’t always mean material wise.)

- They WON’T tolerate the boys (or any other boys, for that matter) whistling at you or anything of that sort. 

- The boys would flirt with you just to joke around.

- Pony would always bring you to movies with him.

- “I swear, it’s a two minute walk to the drug store, Pony.” you’d insist persistently.

- “Yeah well, there’s another movie comin’ up that I’ve been meanin’ to watch…” Ponyboy would grumble out vigilantly and with red ears.

- “Wow! Get you, kid!” You’d grin incredulously, messing up his tuff hair. “When did you get so into girls? Or are you just listenin’ to Dar?” You’d taunt him.

- “Shut up” he’d gripe.

- Sodapop would be the shoulder that you cry on, the brother who understands nearly everything that you’re going through.

- “S-Soda?” you called, half of your body stuck in the bathroom. “Can you come here for a minute?” your voice is quiet, but Soda senses it, shooting looks at Two-bit who makes comments.

- “What’s up?” he hums, brushing past you and into the bathroom. There’s kindness swelling in his eyes.

- “Can you get some lemon juice from the store and some uh… lady stuff?” you stare at your jeans, stained red on the floor and the feeling of being abashed swarms you. It’s almost suffocating.

- It doesn’t take Soda long to catch on, but when he does he has a kind smile. “Sure thing kid, I’ll get Darry to guard the door for ya from the knuckleheads in there.” he states like any big brother would. “I get this all the time with Sandy, so I ain’t embarrassed.” he says, getting ready to leave the bathroom. “And neither should you.

- Darry being your protector.

- “You don’t understand!” you barked after him, heading to your room, slamming doors and such as you tirade through your house.

- “To hell I do!” Darry shouts back, stilling the boys in the house. “I don’t give a hang if Tim Shepard claimed to be the Pope, he ain’t goin’ out with you and that’s that! You can be friends with him, but he’s keeping his hands off of you! I swear to God, if I hear even a damn rumor that you two hook up, kiss in a parking lot in the North Pole or hold hands in an old folks home, I’ll belt him so hard he’ll be left half dead. You hear me?!” Darry’s word was the law, ain’t nobody go against.

- “He’s not like tha-” you whirl around to challenge him but Darry wouldn’t here it.

- “You can bet my boots and even Dallas’s boots that he’s exactly like that. There’s one thing that guys want nowadays! I know Tim’s good to us with a rumble, a good buddy of Dal’s, but if I can prevent my sister from hooking up with someone that’ll get her into trouble, you can bet your boots I will!

- The gang all being brother’s to you.

- Like forreal, even Johnny would get tense if a guy comes near you.

- “Well buddy, I’d like to think you’re admiring that sign over there, because this chick is off limits, you hear?” Two-bit would drawl on, surprisingly serious.

- You’d totally know how to fight and would play fight with the guys, but they’d let you win, - even Dallas! -.

- Sometimes wishing that you had a sister, but loving your brothers regardless.

- The boys watching their language around you.

- You use any bad language and you’re grounded for life!

- When and if you ever get jumped, you’ll have most of the neighborhood hacking through the city to find whoever the hell hurt you.

- The gang and your brothers crashing all of your dates.

- “I hope you’re not thinking of hooking up with her, buddy. Her brother’s the size of Superman and will wring your neck out like a towel.” Two-bit would grin into your dates ear.

- “And why the hell should I ca-

- “Because, if you don’t,” Dallas drops into the seat beside your date, the gang scattered around, looking all tough, “I’ll be the one digging your grave. You want it six feet deep or a little deeper? Because I sure as hell don’t want you crawling out.” he’d spit menacingly.

- Bringing Darry lunch on the weekends and any guy who looks at you is a goner! Darry will flex his muscles and have them running!

- Hanging out with Steve and Soda at the DX, getting free Cokes.

- The battle of Coke and Pepsi with Ponyboy.

- “I swear, Coke is sooo much better!

- “That’s not true and you know it!

- Strict rules not to go to Buck’s and if you’re found there by Dal, you’re in for some talking to…

- Two-bit and Dallas always pretending to be your boyfriend when people hit on you.

- Being the only girl that Johnny isn’t scared of.

- “Who knew you had a way with the quiet one’s, (Y/N).” Two-bit would tease.

- You’re going to get relentlessly teased all the time but it’ll be made up in other ways.

- Steve giving you free rides all the time.

- “At least you’re not a drag like Pony.” Steve would compliment you.

- “Oooh get you, threatened by a fourteen year old!” you’d grin.

- Anyone who breaks your heart is freaking dead!

- Being close to Evie.

- Dallas telling you stories about New York and keeping you away from idiots like Curly Shepard.

- Infinite piggy back rides.

- You getting a job so Darry has some help with the bills.

- Arguing with Darry a lot but he cares about you and you know it.

- Watching sunsets with Ponyboy and doing other things he likes.

- Sodapop going with you everywhere and always understanding you.

- Wrestling matches with Two-bit, to which you cheat all the time.

- Being tickled all the time and chased.

- Knowing how to do back flips and if it’s something you wanna do, going onto the cheer leading squad.

- Always getting to be on Darry’s team for football.

- “You’re such a girl, (Y/N)!” Steve or Dallas would tease.

- “I’ll make you a girl!” you’d throw your fist in the air and make them laugh.

- Getting off with quite a lot, but always taking up the blame for Pony because you think Darry is too tough on him.

- Saving up secretly to help Darry go to college.

- Pranking everyone all the time and being yelled at for it but they get over it. But it does start a pranking war!

- “Alright, who the hell put my socks in the ice box? They’re soggy now!” Sodapop would snap, only for you and Two-bit to giggle like school girls.

- “You guys are nuts!” Pony would grin.

- Borrowing your brothers shirts (part from Darry’s, unless you’re in desperation bc he’s huge!).

- “Okay, who took my sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off?” Ponyboy would call, as it was the last clean shirt he had.

- “It ain’t much of a sweatshirt now, is it?” you’d say, parading in with the sleeveless sweatershirt in name on.

- “I swear to God!” Pony would yell. “You’ve gotta stop doin’ this! I’m gonna end up goin’ to school stark naked!

- “Well, I have a shirt with daisy’s on if you’d like?” you’d offer jokingly.

- If you ever forget a jacket, you’ll be bundled up with the gang’s.

- “It’s thirty degree weather out!” you’d retort indignantly.

- “Well, it get’s cold out later on and if you don’t bring a jacket, Two-bit’ll be freezing his nipples off!” Darry would bark back.

- Being the baby of the gang and of the family and being so cared about. You may not have the material world, but you’ve got love and family, and you’re so grateful for that.

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Byun Baekhyun//Psych - Part 5

Summary: After a month of being broke at college, you finally find a place to stay, but the only con is that there is nine other people you have to share a house with - one in particular who makes it his mission to irritate you at every turn - but they’re hiding something from you. Something big. (1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7)
Scenario: Werewolf!AU, college!AU, series
Word Count: 4,218

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So Cold

Fandom: Marvel

Characters: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: Young (but legal) reader, kinda angsty but not really, self depreciating Bucky, a couple of swears

Word Count: 1,476

Requested: Yes

Anon: Can you do one shot for Bucky, where he has a crush on the newest avenger(reader) but he is cold and distant to her because she’s young

A/N: Thank you for the request, I really enjoyed writing this one!

Y/N = Your name

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A Breach of Trust: Chapter 23

(Act 1: Chapter 1-9 )

(Act 2: Chapter 10-18 )

(Act 3: Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 22Chapter 23, Chapter 24)

When Tetsuo slipped back into the office on the morning of October 10th, everything sat exactly as he’d had left it, as though nothing had changed. The papers on his desk had been left untouched. They were printed copies of casefiles Tetsuo had been picking through before he left work on the evening he encountered Reigen, the evening he’d entered the Mogami house, the evening he’d learned the truth of what had been happening to his hazy memory, of what had been inside him.

Tetsuo skimmed a hand over the papers, as though to check that they were even real. They didn’t seem real, nor did they look it. They felt like they belonged in a photograph, filed away in some strictly “before” time of his life, when now he was so terrifyingly mired in “after”. The two weren’t compatible. Nothing could possibly exist from the time when he felt safe.

“Hey stranger. First day on the job?”

Except for Isa.

Tetsuo glanced up from his papers. Isa stood at the edge of his desk, weight leaning slightly into the hip she used to support the stack of papers held between her body and right arm. The stack was easily two inches thick, and Isa did not use her right hand to support it. Both hands were occupied with near identical Styrofoam white cups. Tetsuo craned his neck to see into them. The contents of one were a swirly, milky beige. The other was black.

“Sorry lady. I may be new, but I’m happily married,” Tetsuo answered, catching up with her teasing.

“Haha,” Isa responded, her voice flat. “You’re not my type anyway, beardy.”

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Thank you for all the sweet comments! I’m happy there are people out there who still look forward to my art, it really means a lot. Ever since I first launched this askblog five years ago (5th year anniversary was this past July!) I’ve met a lot of really cool people and grew as an artist. I owe it to all of you as my followers for sticking with me for so long and putting up with my long hiatuses.

Truth be told, I was considering retiring the blog because it’s been hard to find time between work and adult life. I decided to stick around a little while longer though because I have a few more stories to tell before I join the old folks home. Will update more, stay tuned!