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There's always that one freshman

That one who sings in the shower. Maybe they forgot the Rules or maybe they think that running water will keep them safe.
The ones that sing old lullabies and folk songs are usually Taken, but those who sing hymns or country are always left alone.
Sometimes, if the singer is returned, they continue their shower serenades, but with the ability to sing duets by themselves, or they sing in an unknown language that makes you want to sing along. Those that do end up biting off their tongues.

Why You Should Watch Newsies

A movie review from the journal of my 2006 self.

  • “It is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!  
  • All the songs!!!  King of New York, Carrying the Banner, Seize the Day…!!! 
  • And the FIGHTING! There were all these BRAWLS!!! People getting punched out.
  • “on the grounds of Brooklyn”
  • “all hoity-toity”
  • the perfect cornered looks…some excellent backtalking
  • Racetrack and Crutchy and Les and Jack and Spot and David
  • spinning on fans, jumping on counters, fighting with sticks, tap dancing
  • jail!!!  Hopelessness!!!  Brass knuckles!!!  Loyalty!!! Delancy brothers!!!“

this grOSS headcanon is brought to you by @iwritesometimes​ and i yelling at each other about Jiang Wen scream-singing bad karaoke. obviously all the good ideas are hers

BAZE LOVES SINGING TO HIMSELF! Baze loves singing quietly to himself when he’s bathing and when he’s doing his errands around the temple. he keeps it up later when he’s meticulously cleaning his weapons and trekking across the desert and later still when he’s fixing meals in his and chirrut’s tiny, haphazard home

he sings old jedhan folk songs and stories about the jedi and far off planets, and at first he did it absently, or because he enjoyed it. then over time he starts doing it as a quiet reassurance of his presence, so that chirrut can hear him and know where he is, filling the silence between stone walls. chirrut never asked him to, and baze is off key and hoarse more often than not but chirrut basks in it

(chirrut can, of course, play the space equivalent of the guzheng, and his teachers have complimented his clear strong voice, but he never sings along in these quiet moments; he just wants to hear baze)

at night when he can’t sleep, baze goes to the topmost spires of the temple and sings out his praises to his city, because he always found this more effective than meditation. sometimes chirrut will join him, and these are the rare times they duet, caterwauling together out into the night sky, though it’s broken and muffled by laughter and kissing

baze sings his songs into chirrut’s mouth, his neck, his shoulder, his collarbones and his stomach, changing the lyrics into odes to chirrut’s body, smiles against his belly and chirrut laughs until he’s just as hoarse as his beloved


I like to imagine Nor sings old Norwegian folk songs (except the fourth is literally “Frozen Heart” from Frozen)! The last song they’re singing is Sami ‘u’ 

priincey this was a beautiful headcanon holy shit hahahaha it’s so damn cute! You should all listen to the songs! They’re really great: Liti Kjersti, Villemann MagnhildRolandskvadet, Hjertefrost Iđitguovssu


I am a huge fan of old, macabre folk songs, and this one is a top favorite of mine. This song was used in the awesome show, “Penny Dreadful,” but the song itself dates back to as early as the 1400′s. 

Songs about death and ghosts was a common theme hundreds of years ago. 

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Congrats on 600 followers! I don't know if there's any soulmates left, but if there is could I have one please? I'd prefer a male soulmate if you please. I'm a strong willed, independent, book loving 19 year old. Though I am young nobody believes I am only 19, they all say my eyes are old, and I feel old. I'm that mother hen friend who knows weird little folk laws and old songs. Thanks in advance and congratulations again x

“Oh don’t deceive me, oh never leave me. How could you use a poor maiden so?” Any time you were alone in the Botany lab, you wound up singing to the plants. Maybe it was a good thing. You really only new old folk songs and the plants in the lab weren’t about to criticize you for being off the pitch. You lapsed into humming when the words failed you, and continued puttering along with your research. 

Sulu popped in after his shift to check on his pet project, and laughed when he heard you singing. 

“It’s no wonder my plants are always so happy,” he complimented. “You’re cheering them up with your singing.”

“No,” you laughed.

“My Sansevieria trifasciata might disagree with you. I’ve never seen it looking so robust,” he countered. “You have a lovely singing voice. You should come down to the lounge and sing with Uhura sometime when Spock is playing his harp.”

“I couldn’t!” You shook your head and turned back to your work.

“Have it your way, then,” he shrugged.

A few days later you were alone in the lab again, and were caught up singing a drinking song your grandfather had taught you, not noticing the lab around you. 

“Whiskey you’re the devil, you’re leadin’ me astray, over hills and mountains -”

“I don’t think the plants struggle with alcoholism,” an accented voice interrupted behind you. You stopped in your tracks, the mark along your ribs burning as each word was spoken. You tried to gather your thoughts, think of anything clever to say in response, fully realizing whatever you said was already burned into his skin.

“Well they certainly won’t after this cautionary tale,” you retorted pertly, turning. Your breath caught. He wasn’t much older than you, if he was at all, and he was adorable, caught with a deer-in-the-headlights look you were certain matched yours.

“Боже мой,” he breathed. “I had hoped for pretty. You’re beautiful.”

“And you are?” You asked, feeling yourself flush with embarrassment and confidence at the same time.

“Pavel Andreivich Chekov.”

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A while back if you recall you reblogged a post about the song 'Go tell Aunt Rhody' and how it seemed to be about Eurus even sharing the tune to the song that had the skip-code in TFP. Well I just realized, the song, being an old folk song, has many versions, one of which, my friend has informed me, is 'Go tell Uncle Rudy'. The similarity of names was mentioned in the post but the OP didn't know about the alternate version. ~tess~

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For a thoroughly charming dose of indie folk pop music, Philadelphia’s Good Old War is here to knock your socks off with their endearing and rambunctious single Tell Me What You Want From Me. The catchy and bright tune is a sweeping, heart warming offering from the duo, who also announced a fourth full length album, Broken Into Better Shape, due out June 30th via Nettwerk Records.

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Imagine making dinner for Connor.

A/N: So this was kinda difficult to write since it was hard for me to actually imagine this situation and I really didn’t know what food to use (cause I have no idea what native americans ate back then) so I just decided to use something very basic… hope this is good! requested by artynerd23.

A delicious smell of food filled the air as you rambled through your large kitchen. You opened one drawer after another, trying to find something to mix the food with. Eventually you decided that the wooden spatula that you had found from the second drawer would be fine, and you returned back to the oven. You looked inside and the stew you had been cooking was finally looking ready. You carefully pulled out the pot, using some old rags to keep your hands from burning. You didn’t even notice you were humming some old folk song until you were interrupted by a deep chuckle.

“Your voice is very beautiful.”

You made a surprised noise and turned around to see Connor leaning to the kitchen counters.

“Oh hi Connor, didn’t hear you coming in…” you muttered, blush creeping to your cheeks. You turn back to the stove and continue to prepare the food. You could feel Connors eyes on your back, but you just kept quiet and doing your things. You would have wanted the dinner to be a surprise, since you knew that this was one of his favorite childhood foods. You had spent hours by searching some kind of recipe that would help you, and had finally found one from an old book. You used deer meat, beans, quinoa and some herbs (like chili) and had cooked the stew in a low heat for several hours. You had also baked corn bread with it.

 You carried the stew to the table and placed the basket of bread next to it. The plates were set to the table and you assumed Connor had done it while you were at the kitchen.

“Connor, dinner is ready, sit down and eat”, you spoke with your voice high from the excitement. He walked next to you and glanced to the table. His brown eyes went wide and a small smile appeared to his lips.

“It sure smells delicious my love”, he complimented before sitting down. You sat on the table, too eager to see his reaction to actually focuse on eating your own food. He placed a portion to his plate and took a piece of bread. He then took a mouthful of the food and chewed slowly. For a moment it was quiet. What if he doesn’t like it? your mind questioned. Before you could even start to imagine any other “What if”s, a muffled moan came from Connor. You observed him closely, as he shut his eyes and kept chewing. When he had swallowed, he opened his eyes and looked straight in to you. And tears begun to roll down his cheeks. You were stunned. What in the earth was happening right now.

“…Are you okay? What’s wrong?” you asked and then gulped.

Before you could do anything else, you were grabbed by a pair of strong hands and pulled in to a tight hug. You wrapped your hands around Connors waist but pulled gently a little further from him to face him, eyes still looking confused. His eyes glimmered from the tears and his jaw was clenched.

“I’m sorry Y/N, it’s just that the food was so good and brought back so many memories from my mother and childhood…” he started to explain.

“Shhh, no need to apologize. I’m just relieved you like it”, you announced. You wrapped your hands to his neck and gave a small kiss to his lips. Connor was more than eager to answer to it but just as things were about to get more heated up, you leaned away. A giggle escaped your lips and you raised your hand to wipe the lonely tears from his face.

“We have dinner to eat”, you remind him.

“Oh ofcourse” he answer, his voice rough.

Both of you sat down to feast, and a comfortable silence landed upon you. Only the clicking of cutlery and the sound of you eating could be heard. When both of you were finished, Connor thanked you politely.

“So what’s for dessert?” he chuckled, clearly not being serious.

“Well, I think that you already had a preview from it earlier…” you told him, winking your eye playfully. He moved to grab your hand and you stood up, letting him lead you to your bedroom for “the dessert”…


Sorten Muld (’blackened soil’) is a fairly old Danish band that my parents introduced me to wayyyy back. They do these really eerie synth-crossover versions of old Danish folk songs, with varying results. This is such a beautiful one, and I really recommend looking into them! It is weird and esoteric as fuck, but also so pagan it makes your heart flutter <3

All their songs are of course in Danish, but if you turn out to be a fan I’ll translate whatever you need :) This song is called the farmer and the elf girl.


“Samantha has a unique ability to embody whatever a song asks of her, that’s an incredible talent, and I think it’s what separates her from other people in her field. There’s never a moment’s doubt about who the character is when Sam Barks is singing the song, and that’s true whether she’s onstage in Les Miz or you’re in the pub and it’s three o'clock in the morning and you’ve had a few pints and she’s singing an old English folk song. It’s a very unique and special thing to find somebody who can do that.” — Alan Doyle on Samantha Barks.


Whispers in the dark

A Little Preseason Training || Open

The local gym in Hogsmeade left a lot to be desired. Instead of getting a membership or traveling back and forth between the training facility in Appleby, Shang gathered up some supplies and found a decent sized clearing to train in. 

He lugged his supplies on a wooden wagon he fashioned out of some supplies he bought in town. He wasn’t too far from the main strip of stores but far enough where a crowd wouldn’t be drawn. He wasn’t sure how many people knew of his new position on the Appleby Arrows since he didn’t officially start as their seeker until the new season. Just to air on the side of caution, he wanted to stay off the radar.

While he prepared his equipment, he hummed an old Cantonese folk song occasionally letting a word or two slip from his lips.

Things I'm Emotional About (Episode 11x21 – All in the Family):

- KE V I N
- “Holy crap”
- Dean crying over God’s absence and the wobbly voice
- God referencing John
- Lucifer referencing his screw-ups
- God saying “frickin’”
- God making the Winchesters do his work (just like everyone else)
- God taking long showers
- God saying no, just flat out no, thus spake the Lord
- God bunking with the Winchesters wow
- Amara sensing Cas deep within Lucifer even while he was passed out OH MY GOD
- Dean seeing Castiel’s tortured vessel
- Dean SASSING God about the long showers and “crappy old folk songs”
- Sam fanning out about God and wanting to ask questions
- “Before it’s too late…” and “By Lucifer I mean Cas” - Dean
- Dean being impressed that God eats bacon (‘God is a man like me’ theme)
- Metatron has the Winchesters’ numbers and he’s ‘Scribe’ in Dean’s phone
- SUIT PORN OH WOWWW, especially walking into the bunker, HOLY COW Dean looks so good
- Dean likes the ninja turtles
- *the rest of the group goes on about Lucifer* Dean, only concerned about Cas: “he’s possessing an angel at the moment”
- “We keep monsters locked in the back (of the Impala)“
- God watching Netflix in his skivvies (Castiel is just like his dad in this aspect)
- Chuck’s “neato” and the wink
- All of Dean’s porn wow
- Dean awkwardly calling for Sam
- “I did include FREE WILL in the kit”
- The autobiography equaling a suicide note
- God eating literally constantly
- God being proud of the children, his most optimistic creations
- “You think I’m a dick, why do you care?”
- “I don’t understand how dying is a blueprint for success” TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE DEAN
- God telling Dean he’s the firewall between light and darkness, that he (Cas) saved him all those years ago and he knows Dean will step up even if God himself can’t
- All the angels love emojis
- “THAT’S MINE” - Sam
- “Amara or a stroke” literally same thing
- “I missed you and the sensations you arouse” literally same about Dean, Amara, but still scREW OFF
- Lucifer’s half melted face I am crying
- Metatron nearly shitting himself in front of Lucifer
- Lucifer anGRY
- “This world is flawed I’ll give you that, but I am not ready to say goodbye to it just yet” I AM CRYING WITH HOPE DEAN
- “I am drawn to you and it bothers the hell out of me, I can’t control it” THIS IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT
- Lucifer being temporarily grounded
- META T R ON!!!! sacrificing!!! himself!!!
- Poor BABY (the car, of course)
- “WHAT!!! HAPPENED???!!!” this poor guy omg
- “So in other words, Adios” DEAN NO YOU HAVE A CHOICE
- METATRON being praised (I’m not over the Metatron redemption arc, can you tell?)
- Next week’s promo I’m dead

if i ever have kids and they have kids i want to be the grandma that sings old country & folk songs to the little ones when they’re going to sleep and when we go hiking in the woods and when we play in the river and in the car