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For you younger kids, FormalWear FreeFall was a hugely influential band in the way beginning of the Zones. They played with The Mad Gear and Missile Kid back when it was just called Mad Gear. And Mad Gear would open for them, so that gives you an idea of how big a deal they were.

Half the gang got ghosted when an exterminator squad crashed the party years ago, and that was that for the band. I think the guitarist from Someone’s Son was killed, too. Back then they had concerts way too close to the city.

Anyway, this isn’t from that concert, but I’ve never gotten my hands on an old FWFF flier before. Pretty psyched. Still looking for a FWFF flier with Mad Gear… Let me know if you see one.

-Nuclear Tide.

Here For You || Maximum Victory Fanfic

So, scullystorm was in a bad mood and came up with an awesome idea for a Maximum Victory fic, so I decided to try and cheer her up!
Unfortunately, my idea of cheering someone up means writing angsty shit with the barest hints of fluff soooooo… Probably not the greatest of pick me ups.
Anyhow, I hope you guys like this!
- Cal

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Shuffling down the street he looked down at the old torn flier making sure he had the right address he walked to the door banging on it .

He gripped the handle to his guitar case -he was not nervous but just scared -scared that this would be some stupid teen trying something every one has .a band that wouldn’t last maybe but he had to give it a shot .

He looked down adjusting his dead milkmen t-shirt pulling up his white skinny jeans a bit as he tapped the toe of his old worn converse wait for this person to answer the door

Charm Me (Hogwarts!AU)

Part 3/?

Pairing: Nalu

Summary: hogwarts!au where every so often Hogwarts calls for a “house swap” where basically one student from each House is randomly selected to spend a month amongst new housemates. Lucy Heartfilia, star pupil of Ravenclaw, has been selected to spend her time with Gryffindor, which would have been okay (bearable, at least) had it not been for one boy in particular… and what is it about the way he sneaks around like he does? 

a/n: thank you guys so much for the support on this story so far! Harry Potter au’s are always my favorite to read, so finally writing one has been so fun! thanks again to @alli-ie for suggesting it!<3

Part I, Part 2

“Damn Trelawney,” Lucy muttered under her breath while stuffing her star chart deeper into her bag. “What’s the point of having open office hours if you’re never in your damn classroom to begin with?” There was an exam coming up and Lucy needed confirmation on a calculation pertaining to some constellation in a part of the sky that the blonde had yet to familiarize herself with. However, when she’d gone to track down the professor, it was obvious that the woman had probably spooked herself with some old tea leaves again.

You’re being a bit ridiculous, the rational side of her brain tried to tell her as she turned the corner, coming up on the staircases that tended to have a mind of their own.

I’ll riddikulus you, she snapped back.

She finished adjusting the things in her bag and tugged on the end of her ponytail, squeezing her eyes shut tight as she walked along.

Shoot, she chided herself, get some sleep for once, Heartfilia. Talking to yourself isn’t doing anyone any favors.

The pictures lining the walls were giving her odd looks, to which the blonde pretended that she didn’t notice. She didn’t have the time to stand around and defend herself against mouthy impressions of Hogwart’s past. Her heels clicked beneath the stone floor as she hurried along, growing increasingly frustrated at the complete mess her bag had become over the course of the year. There were old assignments and loose papers stuffed and crumbled and so many books! The girl hissed in pain as she sliced her finger on an old flier that she didn’t remember ever seeing before. It was a dark, plum purple with gold accent around the corner that was poking out from her copy of History of Magic.

She went to pull it out and see what the flier read when suddenly she gasped, the sensation of free-falling causing adrenaline to surge through the witch’s body as the floor suddenly gave out from under her.

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