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Happy birthday Mark~!

Mark is more than just a bias to me. He’s adorable, handsome, hilarious, down to earth, humble, and truly an inspiring person that I look up to. Mark has done so much ever since his debut and he’s full filled so many of his passions, more than I could do in my entire lifetime, and is he is still continuing to do what he loves. What fazes me is that he never gives up. He perseveres, learns from his experiences, and does what he can to improve. Mark works super hard being in many units, being one of the youngest in one group while being the leader in another. He writes his own raps and expresses himself through his own words. This pure passion that Mark has is now a main goal I’m setting for myself. As a student who’s also the same age as Mark, I’m starting my first year of university next month and I’m anxious just thinking about it. However, I know that I can do it. If Mark is absolutely fully capable, then I know I’m capable too. :) I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Mark. He’s helped me so much through my senior year and I wouldn’t have been able to get through all of the high school drama. Mark has been my bias since square one (BE THERE OR BE SQUARE LOL) and I’m glad to call him my bias.

Thank you so much and have an awesome birthday you smol baby lion ♡

~ @dae_min_yi

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This was posted on my twitter and I thought I would post this on tumblr as well :) (Btw I wrote this at 4 am so sorry if there are any mistakes lol)

Two more more or less unknown Finns from Finnish expressions

Lyyti - Nyt alkoi Lyyti kirjoittamaan! “Now Lyyti began to write!” meaning that things start going as they were planned or something is proceeding after a break.

Manu - Tuotiin kuin Manulle illallinen. “It was brought to him like dinner was brought for Manu” meaning that you get something without any effort and for free. Manu is actually originated from a word meaning master or a travelling worker who usually got free dinner in every house they stayed in. 

I’d also like to thank all of you who have commented on the previous name posts about the origin of the names. Here are some of them:

 - A loan word from German

Ellu and her chickens
 - A character of a story

- A goddess of rain
- On “women’s week” in July it always rains. It’s called women’s week because all the name days then are female (one of them used to be Esteri.
- An old firetruck where the water hose is located in the back of the truck
- A boat

- Loan word from a word meaning death, similar as in chess “Checkmate, shakkimatti”

bucky catching up with memes (or, as he calls them “mee-mees”- sorry seb) but starting in like the early days of youtube
so one day sam walks by his room and hears “firetruck” by smosh playing but he’s like “maybe he’ll realize how dated it is.”
he doesn’t
because the next time he and sam get into an argument, bucky exits with “go firetruck yourself” and sam dies a little inside because his boyfriend is a fucking dweeb