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Living with Holtzmann

A/N: Here’s living with Holtz! Let me know if you have any suggestions xx

Warnings: None

Word count: 366

·         All the clothes sharing

·         You literally just have one massive wardrobe

·         A wall of ties and headscarves

·         Moving in because Holtz kept forgetting to eat and sleep

·         Her setting you on fire within the first day

·         Banning her from the kitchen after she set the microwave on fire

·         Falling over some form of tool or invention every five minutes

·         Her having mass amounts of snack foods in every room

·         Shopping with her being the most impossible task

·         Trying to tell her pop tarts and cold pizza aren’t actual forms of breakfast

·         She doesn’t listen and gets you into the habit as well

·         Having to have wooden floors because the carpet was burnt to pieces

·         The most immense book collection ever

·         You two have what looks like a small library

·         As well as books you have an amazing music collection

·         So many records, cassettes and CD’s everywhere

·         All the polaroid’s

·         You two would take so many pictures on a slightly modified polaroid camera

·         Your neighbours hate you so much

·         Once Holtzmann accidently spilt some chemicals which caused the whole building to evacuate

·         One day you come home from work to find Holtzmann with a cat

·         She found it behind an Italian restaurant eating all the leftover food ( ;) ) while dumpster diving

·         You end up keeping it

·         Patty often has to cat sit while Holtzmann is making something with nuclear qualities

·         Your apartment becoming the ultimate crash zone for the ghostbusters after a bust

·         You end up having clothes for all the girls and occasionally Kevin

·         You make blanket and pillow forts so often there’s now a permanent one because ‘The sofa is boring’ according to Holtz

·         Your bedroom being the messiest but prettiest place in the universe

·         Fairy lights everywhere

·         Old film posters on every wall

·         Probably burn marks too

·         Let’s not lie, Holtz probably has those glow in the dark stars on her ceiling

·         There’s always music playing, it’s never quiet

·         So many scented candles

·         They have to be scented because the place smells like a factory

·         A massive stack of obscure board games

·         Holtz would get so into them and be so competitive

·         Literally the most fun household you could ever come accross