old fashiones shop

Thrift haul. It consists of 46 items including: 16 shirts, 7 sweaters, 1 jacket, 14 jeans, 5 pants, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of overalls and a skirt.

I paid $34.55.

Retail price would’ve been $1,821.

Moon sign aesthetic

(Can also work for rising signs I guess)

Aries: First or most passionate kisses, crying on someone’s shoulder whilst deeply hugging them, psychedelic drugs, being a cheerleader, snacking on any visible food for comfort, screaming your lungs out at a concert, and giggling behind the scenes of a prank you tried to pull. Red Lipstick, Smiling, wearing oversized shirts, enthusiastic eternal questions.

Taurus: Sleeping gently, designer clothes, doing someone else’s hair, freshly planted flowers, slowly smoking cigarettes, feeding your beloved pets, absorbing new and useful information, playing with doll houses that smell of home, receiving a gift that means a whole lot, hearing songs of the past that you wish you could teleport back to, going for a special meal with your family.

Gemini: Talking so fast you forget to breathe, continuous music in the background, having tons of cute plushies on your bed, reading complicated books, always analysing or thinking about strange thoughts, confused eyes, eccentric ideas and feelings which keep on changing, people who have multi-talents or are multi-instrumentalists, being oblivious.

Cancer: Working diligently at a charity, shy smiles of recognition from others, closed eyes, understanding the atmosphere, intimate talk, deep music, unexpectedly hugging a close family member, observing people, falling asleep by listening to a lullaby, breathing calmly after snapping at someone and trying to forgive them.

Leo: Powerful dance moves, texting people just for pure reassurance, creating personalised cards for loved ones, radiating expressions, heavy lightning and thunder at night, vintage mirrors, mutual feelings for one another, waking up late, art supply shops, old-fashioned letters that are scented, grand piano’s, pugs, leather jackets.

Virgo: Waking up suddenly from a nightmare and feeling relief, fairies and mythology, playing a slow acoustic song, side glances, peering upon the sky from a window, getting ready for bed, shy body language, doing extra work and receiving credit for it, drinking fresh water on a warm day, films based in the Victorian era, realistic love stories, cute ways of organization.

Libra: Hippies, laying snuggly on the couch/sofa, hugging people who are not feeling well emotionally, giving people heartful gifts or compliments, never-ending compassion, flower crowns, spreading love at protests, casual conversations, clothes scattered all over their rooms, natural tans, family meals, being the entertainer of the friendship group, dramatic fashion statements, blowing out a candle.

Scorpio: Hugging black cats, listening to meaningful and deep songs on vinyls, running away from home, seasides, unexpected acts of passion, blue hues, drunk behaviour, witchcraft, symbolic art which you interpret at a museum, old trainers, blistering baths, heavy storms which echo at a beach, hidden diaries, night stars, emotionless looks, lyrics from favourite songs/bands.

Sagittarius: Group hugs, old motorbikes, going to rock concerts and going crazy, hangovers, staring pointlessly at the ceiling, going on late night shopping trips, giving people small gifts that weren’t expected, getting shots of vodka, opening your eyes after realising you overslept, libraries full of eccentric ideas, flying on a plane, lipstick left on clothes, sharing strange stories on sleepovers.

Capricorn: Being the counsellor to others problems, achieving everything you want, indescribable forests, writing a little note for some special people, deep eye contact from a distance, challenging activities, mutual silence, classic songs from the past, making people feel comfortable, indoor gardens, learning a new instrument, clear sky with a rain scent dragging on, reciting poetry.

Aquarius: Sitting on a roof at night, gentle breezes, scaring people for fun, cuddling people when they least expect it, playing twister, bonsai trees, music that is difficult to understand or is crazy, giving shelter to abandoned animals, passionately singing the lyrics to an important song with your friends, buying new clothes, giving someone genuine attention and expressing some feelings.

Pisces: Fortune telling, reading a book under your covers at night, dancing in your own style, meaningful songs that are easy to relate to, babysitting, finding a personal creative streak for something, baking for someone, childish reactions, 3am phone calls, subtle facial expressions, moving to a new house or apartment, watching a moving film, getting a crush on someone you wouldn’t expect.

wintergaurdianoffun  asked:

asking for lidge - please wonderful bean <3 pidge surprising lance on a date and he is fully wooed and actually gets emotional at the end XD

Hope it’s okay I combined your prompts! I had a really good idea and I wanted to roll with it! <3 Featuring transgirl Pidge, because you said transition and I’m kind of a sucker for some transgirl Pidge.

“You know I think the new hair absolutely suits you,” Allura runs the brush through her girlfriend’s hair, making sure to be gentle on her sensitive scalp, “Truly.”

Katie, in truth, was horribly sensitive about it. It was a step, to maybe feeling more comfortable in her body. She didn’t need the long hair to be a girl. But the day she’d gone to the salon and chopped it off…it left her feeling exposed. Vulnerable. What would they think? What would everyone think? What would Lance think?

“She’s panicking,” Keith tossed the little stress ball at his girlfriend’s back, “What are you freaking out about?”

“I…it’s nothing,” It was a bad lie, Katie knew that. Allura knew that. Keith definitely knew that.

Keith rolled his eyes, “Okay sure. How about the truth now?”

“Just…Lance has been in Cuba for the last couple of months dealing with his dad’s death and everything. I’m…worried he won’t like me anymore. Won’t like the hair won’t like…the everything.”

Allura huffed and placed the glittering silver headband in her hair, “Hardly. If he says something rude about it I’m sure Hunk or Shiro would say something. It doesn’t matter how you present yourself. We all love you, more than anything, exactly as you are. And I am sure he will think so as well.”

There was a knock at the front door, followed by the sounds of Hunk sobbing. No doubt Lance was finally home. Katie took a deep breath, pulling at the hem of her dress. Green, pretty, something that Allura and Hunk had sewn just for her. Just for today.

Lance was carried in through the bedroom door by Shiro, lounging across his arms as he rambled on about someone on the plane, “And then they started showing me all these pictures of bears! I don’t care about bears Shi-oh…oh wow. Katie you um…Wanna put me down?”

Katherine Elizabeth Holt looked absolutely stunning. He reached out, running a hand gently through her golden curls, “You cut it. I…I like it. It fits your face nicely.”

“I’m not sure if I trust someone with those eyebrows to tell me what fits my face, but I’ll take it as a compliment.” She grinned up at him, as cheeky as always.

It was a simple date. Just a trip to the movies where they planned on seeing the newest cheesy horror film. Lance’s jet lag was having other plans. About halfway into the film he had fallen asleep on her shoulder, gripping her hand tightly. It was endearing, to say the least. He had awoken near the end, demanding that he take her to ice cream to apologize for ruining the movie with his snoring. After some convincing, she agreed. And that’s where they were now, curled up together in a booth at an old fashioned ice cream shop.

“How are things back home? I know…I know it’s got to be rough. When we buried my dad…yeah it wasn’t fun,” She’s trying not to be so sentimental, but her boyfriend’s seemed a little sad. Lost.

“Not…not good,” he breaks down his walls, honest and open and completely vulnerable for her, “I’m sorry this should be about you not me. You look amazing by the way, have I told you that? I think I told you that.”

The compliment goes right to her cheeks, flushing her a brilliant red.

“If you don’t want to talk about it…it’s okay. But I made you something,” she reaches inside the sewn in pocket, pulling out a long necklace with a brilliant blue stone on the end of it, “I made…I made one for everyone. To say thank you for supporting me. It means a lot…”

He’s crying in an instant, arms wrapping tight around her. She feels suffocated with warmth, with emotion. But it’s Lance so it’s nice. it’s weirdly comforting even as his tears soak her new dress.

“I love you…” It’s a quiet whisper as his sobs die down, clutching the necklace close.

It’s her turn to cry now, cupping his face and peppering every freckle on his skin with kisses. “I love you too.”

Cool hope ya’ll are good with the novel of a prompt I wrote you <3