old fashioned swimsuit

According to brief and cursory Google research, old-timey swimsuit fashions weren’t really gendered like they are today, offering more opportunities for dorky couples to dress in matching outfits. (Outfit not guaranteed to be equally flattering on both partners)

They were also made of wool? Which I’m sure was very comfortable on hot days. ._.

Note: I doubt they’re planning to actually go in the water. The purpose of a knit bathing suit was mostly to lounge by the water and not go in it, and also she’s fire and he has like five different lines whining about how much he hates having wet hair

anonymous asked:

any and all kingbury headcanons??

I’m going modern AU with this one *cracks knuckles* 

  • Georgie is secretly a really great cook but he doesn’t like to often (because it’s too much work obvs) so when he does cook for Sammy he makes a big deal out of it with candles and wine
  • Sam trying to get his work done, typing away on his laptop and George needs constant attention so he pushes his screen closed multiple times with a pout on his face 
  • poor Sammy getting annoyed because yelling at George just makes him laugh more. like it’s impossible for him to take Sammy seriously he just wants to pinch his cheeks when his face gets red we all do. well at least I do
  • Kingbury going to stay at a hotel and George just HAS to book the honeymoon suite for them like no ifs, ands, or buts. even though they’re not newlyweds it is a must
  • going shopping with George is a nightmare for Sam bc he doesn’t really care but George likes him to look his best so he picks everything out for him and sends him into the dressing room, having him model it all and telling him how beautiful he looks but how he looks even better with nothing on and ofc that gets sammy all flustered 
  • when they decide to move in together they live in Sam’s apartment and George (who has lived in a huge fcking estate his whole life) has to learn the hard way that neighbors can hear  e v e r y t h i n g ;)))
  • george is a total blanket hog. oh and he has a personalized eye mask with his name on it 
  • they argue over things like children ok literally anything, from the remote for the TV to something as stupid as who should get up to turn off the light. 
  • Sammy is ticklish and George uses that against him very often in said arguments bc he likes winning and also seeing sam’s cute little face scrunch up when he tickles him
  • ok but Kingbury at the beach. ohmYGOD OKAY. Sammy going overboard with sunscreen and George making fun of him saying he worries too much. but then George gets a terrible sunburn after and sam’s like “i tried to warn you” and helps cover him with after sun lotion
  • ALSO Sam wears one of those old-fashioned swimsuits that’s striped and has like a shirt and shorts just sayin