old fashioned shop

Thrift haul. It consists of 46 items including: 16 shirts, 7 sweaters, 1 jacket, 14 jeans, 5 pants, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of overalls and a skirt.

I paid $34.55.

Retail price would’ve been $1,821.

Moon sign aesthetic

(Can also work for rising signs I guess)

Aries: First or most passionate kisses, crying on someone’s shoulder whilst deeply hugging them, psychedelic drugs, being a cheerleader, snacking on any visible food for comfort, screaming your lungs out at a concert, and giggling behind the scenes of a prank you tried to pull. Red Lipstick, Smiling, wearing oversized shirts, enthusiastic eternal questions.

Taurus: Sleeping gently, designer clothes, doing someone else’s hair, freshly planted flowers, slowly smoking cigarettes, feeding your beloved pets, absorbing new and useful information, playing with doll houses that smell of home, receiving a gift that means a whole lot, hearing songs of the past that you wish you could teleport back to, going for a special meal with your family.

Gemini: Talking so fast you forget to breathe, continuous music in the background, having tons of cute plushies on your bed, reading complicated books, always analysing or thinking about strange thoughts, confused eyes, eccentric ideas and feelings which keep on changing, people who have multi-talents or are multi-instrumentalists, being oblivious.

Cancer: Working diligently at a charity, shy smiles of recognition from others, closed eyes, understanding the atmosphere, intimate talk, deep music, unexpectedly hugging a close family member, observing people, falling asleep by listening to a lullaby, breathing calmly after snapping at someone and trying to forgive them.

Leo: Powerful dance moves, texting people just for pure reassurance, creating personalised cards for loved ones, radiating expressions, heavy lightning and thunder at night, vintage mirrors, mutual feelings for one another, waking up late, art supply shops, old-fashioned letters that are scented, grand piano’s, pugs, leather jackets.

Virgo: Waking up suddenly from a nightmare and feeling relief, fairies and mythology, playing a slow acoustic song, side glances, peering upon the sky from a window, getting ready for bed, shy body language, doing extra work and receiving credit for it, drinking fresh water on a warm day, films based in the Victorian era, realistic love stories, cute ways of organization.

Libra: Hippies, laying snuggly on the couch/sofa, hugging people who are not feeling well emotionally, giving people heartful gifts or compliments, never-ending compassion, flower crowns, spreading love at protests, casual conversations, clothes scattered all over their rooms, natural tans, family meals, being the entertainer of the friendship group, dramatic fashion statements, blowing out a candle.

Scorpio: Hugging black cats, listening to meaningful and deep songs on vinyls, running away from home, seasides, unexpected acts of passion, blue hues, drunk behaviour, witchcraft, symbolic art which you interpret at a museum, old trainers, blistering baths, heavy storms which echo at a beach, hidden diaries, night stars, emotionless looks, lyrics from favourite songs/bands.

Sagittarius: Group hugs, old motorbikes, going to rock concerts and going crazy, hangovers, staring pointlessly at the ceiling, going on late night shopping trips, giving people small gifts that weren’t expected, getting shots of vodka, opening your eyes after realising you overslept, libraries full of eccentric ideas, flying on a plane, lipstick left on clothes, sharing strange stories on sleepovers.

Capricorn: Being the counsellor to others problems, achieving everything you want, indescribable forests, writing a little note for some special people, deep eye contact from a distance, challenging activities, mutual silence, classic songs from the past, making people feel comfortable, indoor gardens, learning a new instrument, clear sky with a rain scent dragging on, reciting poetry.

Aquarius: Sitting on a roof at night, gentle breezes, scaring people for fun, cuddling people when they least expect it, playing twister, bonsai trees, music that is difficult to understand or is crazy, giving shelter to abandoned animals, passionately singing the lyrics to an important song with your friends, buying new clothes, giving someone genuine attention and expressing some feelings.

Pisces: Fortune telling, reading a book under your covers at night, dancing in your own style, meaningful songs that are easy to relate to, babysitting, finding a personal creative streak for something, baking for someone, childish reactions, 3am phone calls, subtle facial expressions, moving to a new house or apartment, watching a moving film, getting a crush on someone you wouldn’t expect.

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asking for lidge - please wonderful bean <3 pidge surprising lance on a date and he is fully wooed and actually gets emotional at the end XD

Hope it’s okay I combined your prompts! I had a really good idea and I wanted to roll with it! <3 Featuring transgirl Pidge, because you said transition and I’m kind of a sucker for some transgirl Pidge.

“You know I think the new hair absolutely suits you,” Allura runs the brush through her girlfriend’s hair, making sure to be gentle on her sensitive scalp, “Truly.”

Katie, in truth, was horribly sensitive about it. It was a step, to maybe feeling more comfortable in her body. She didn’t need the long hair to be a girl. But the day she’d gone to the salon and chopped it off…it left her feeling exposed. Vulnerable. What would they think? What would everyone think? What would Lance think?

“She’s panicking,” Keith tossed the little stress ball at his girlfriend’s back, “What are you freaking out about?”

“I…it’s nothing,” It was a bad lie, Katie knew that. Allura knew that. Keith definitely knew that.

Keith rolled his eyes, “Okay sure. How about the truth now?”

“Just…Lance has been in Cuba for the last couple of months dealing with his dad’s death and everything. I’m…worried he won’t like me anymore. Won’t like the hair won’t like…the everything.”

Allura huffed and placed the glittering silver headband in her hair, “Hardly. If he says something rude about it I’m sure Hunk or Shiro would say something. It doesn’t matter how you present yourself. We all love you, more than anything, exactly as you are. And I am sure he will think so as well.”

There was a knock at the front door, followed by the sounds of Hunk sobbing. No doubt Lance was finally home. Katie took a deep breath, pulling at the hem of her dress. Green, pretty, something that Allura and Hunk had sewn just for her. Just for today.

Lance was carried in through the bedroom door by Shiro, lounging across his arms as he rambled on about someone on the plane, “And then they started showing me all these pictures of bears! I don’t care about bears Shi-oh…oh wow. Katie you um…Wanna put me down?”

Katherine Elizabeth Holt looked absolutely stunning. He reached out, running a hand gently through her golden curls, “You cut it. I…I like it. It fits your face nicely.”

“I’m not sure if I trust someone with those eyebrows to tell me what fits my face, but I’ll take it as a compliment.” She grinned up at him, as cheeky as always.

It was a simple date. Just a trip to the movies where they planned on seeing the newest cheesy horror film. Lance’s jet lag was having other plans. About halfway into the film he had fallen asleep on her shoulder, gripping her hand tightly. It was endearing, to say the least. He had awoken near the end, demanding that he take her to ice cream to apologize for ruining the movie with his snoring. After some convincing, she agreed. And that’s where they were now, curled up together in a booth at an old fashioned ice cream shop.

“How are things back home? I know…I know it’s got to be rough. When we buried my dad…yeah it wasn’t fun,” She’s trying not to be so sentimental, but her boyfriend’s seemed a little sad. Lost.

“Not…not good,” he breaks down his walls, honest and open and completely vulnerable for her, “I’m sorry this should be about you not me. You look amazing by the way, have I told you that? I think I told you that.”

The compliment goes right to her cheeks, flushing her a brilliant red.

“If you don’t want to talk about it…it’s okay. But I made you something,” she reaches inside the sewn in pocket, pulling out a long necklace with a brilliant blue stone on the end of it, “I made…I made one for everyone. To say thank you for supporting me. It means a lot…”

He’s crying in an instant, arms wrapping tight around her. She feels suffocated with warmth, with emotion. But it’s Lance so it’s nice. it’s weirdly comforting even as his tears soak her new dress.

“I love you…” It’s a quiet whisper as his sobs die down, clutching the necklace close.

It’s her turn to cry now, cupping his face and peppering every freckle on his skin with kisses. “I love you too.”

Cool hope ya’ll are good with the novel of a prompt I wrote you <3

I’ll Be With You (Part 2)

Summary: Bucky has a chance meeting with the granddaughter of the last dame he dated before going to war on the street, then again and again. How will she handle falling in love with James Buchanan Barnes?

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: The character of Bonnie (Nan) is completely based after my grandmother. She really does exist. I promise! The line “Are you for pretty?” is something my grandmother would say CONSTANTLY.

Word count: 1.8k

Songs: Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree (WIth Anyone Else But Me) - The Andrews Sisters

(Part 1)

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

    Your eyes looked over your outfit for the tenth time. It was your favorite little black dress with the perfect cap sleeves. The skirt flared out from your waist while the hem reached the middle of your thigh. You paired it with beige heels, hoping you weren’t planning on walking very far. Your stomach continued to flip as you looked over your outfit.

“You look beautiful Miss.” Mindy called from the hallway, already knowing what you were thinking. You chuckled a little.

“Where’s my favorite granddaughter?” Nan called from the other room. You smiled, grabbing your clutch, and walking into the other room to show your outfit off. Your smile grew when your grandmother continued her praises. “My dear Y/N. Are you for pretty? You look beautiful but leave your hair down. You never show off your beautiful locks. You would know that if you went on more dates” She smiled as you rolled your eyes.

“I love you.” You walked over to kiss her cheek again.

“I know. I’m your favorite.” She cheekily remarked. Her eyes lit up as the doorbell rang. “You want me to open the door?” Her eyebrow cocked up as she smirked.

“Ha! Not a chance. This is already weird enough.” You turned to walked towards the door.

“Does it help that we never slept together?” She called after you.

“God! No, Nan! That doesn’t help at all.” You pinch the bridge of your nose as you chuckled a little. There is absolutely no filter on that woman, you thought to yourself as you opened the door.

“Hi!” Your voice was a little higher than you wanted.

“Hey! Wow!” His eyes trailed up and down your figure. “You’re gorgeous!” But there he was, in all his glory. He was wearing a dark long sleeve button up that fell a little tight across his chest. There was not enough courage in the world for you to look down at his pants. Damn, did he look good. It was the big band swing music coming from upstairs that brought you out of your thoughts. You immediately recognized the song, groaning at the reference. You rolled your head back, letting out a heavy sigh as Bucky started laughing.

“Go get ‘em Sarge!” You heard your grandmother call out from upstairs.

“Jesus, Nan!” You yelled back as you pushed him out of the doorway and onto the stoop. “I am so sorry. I don’t normally date.” Your hands were still on his chest as he grabbed them to pull you towards the car.

“She sounds a little excited?” He joked as he opened the car door. You let out another groan.

“Unfortunately, but she does have great taste in music.” You chuckled, nervously straightening out your skirt. “You sure did have great music back in your day.” You winked at him. The flirting had began.

“Is that an old man joke again?” He smirked as he entered the car.

“You know it.” You crossed your legs, allowing your skirt to rise up your thigh. It was quick but you could have sworn he licked his lips. “So, Sergeant Barnes,” you emphasized his rank. “Where is this place you wouldn’t tell me about?” A smile grew over his face as he thought about telling you.

“Would it be cheesy to go to a pizza shop? A good, old fashion Brooklyn pizza shop?” He looked over at you.

“Well, as long as we don’t get cheese it won’t be too cheesy.” You tried to fake concern in your voice until you couldn’t handle it. He groaned as you started chuckling at your horrible joke. “If you can’t handle my jokes, we haven’t left yet?” You flashed him a smirk but he grabbed your hand.

“You’re not going anywhere, beautiful!” He was smirking now as he turned on the car to take you away.

The drive to the pizza shop was short but you continued with your terrible pizza jokes. He would groan but eventually chuckle, even flash a smirk that made your heart flutter. He was a gentleman in everything he did. When the car was parked, he ran over to your side of the car to open your door, offering his hand to help you out, then resting it on the small of your back. It had been so long since you had dated or even had a relationship. Your stomach continued to do flips as he opened the door. The shop was quaint and homely feeling as you sat in a booth towards the back. His back towards the corner, a habit you noticed, so he could see the entire shop. The waiter was quick to take your order of pepperoni pizza and two beers but his soon absence caused you to feel nervous. He looked perfect in the dim lighting. His cheek and jaw structure looked as sharp as a scalpel. You tried to look around the shop but he could already feel you staring. He was staring too.

“So, what’s the hardest thing about coming back to Brooklyn?” You questioned, deciding to start the ever awkward first date questions.

“Ugh!” He huffed. “Why did Coney Island have to change?” He exclaimed, trying to fake exasperation, causing you to laugh.

“Well, you’ll have to take me some day to show me what it was like for you.” You teased but his face brightened.

“I’d love to, doll!” He exclaimed, grabbing your hand. You could feel your heart stop. You awkwardly chuckled back at him. Your stomach flipped again as his smile reached his eyes, tiny lines crinkled his face. His touch was like fire on your skin as you could feel any twitch or movement had made. You tighten your grip as you laced your fingers around his, blushing at your boldness.

“This is nice.” Your eyes met his and he was smitten. He looked at you like you were the only one in the room. “But why does an Avenger want to date an ordinary girl like me?” You teased, winking at him as he stared at you in confusion. He laughed again, eyes crinkling, as you smirked.

“Well, ordinary isn’t the word I would use. I haven’t found anyone else other than Steve Rogers that gets up as early as you do to run.” He teased right back. “But to be honest, it’s nice to get away from the craziness of avenging.” His eyes looked back at you, making you smile again. You were getting giddy under his stare and touch. “But what’s your story, sweet cheeks?” He winked at his new pet name.

“Oh, ha! Not as crazy as avenging but it’s not easy. I’m an ER nurse.” His eyes went wide, not expecting this answer from you. “Yeah, so I’ve got some great stories and I could save your life too.” You smirked, trying to sound cocky again.

“Wow! Beautiful and smart, and you sure you’re single?” No matter how much you teased or faked confidence, there was no chance of controlling this date. You were falling, and fast.

“I normally don’t have time or like to leave Nan at home…” You trailed off.

“You two are close.” He smiled sweetly.

“Well, she raised me. I went into nursing because of her. Buuuuuut” you elongated the word and trying to change the subject as fast as you could when the pizza and beers arrived, “Didn’t have pizza this good back then, did they?” You tried to be as lighthearted as you could but you did make his chuckle again.

“Hilarious.” You opened your mouth to retort his sarcasm but you heard your name from behind you.

“Oh my god! Y/N? Is that you?” You mouthed the word ‘fuck’ as you looked up at Bucky.

“Hi, Lana. How are you?” You turned around to try and fake a smile. The inside of your mouth ran raw as you started to chew on the inside of your cheek. She was tall, short hem of her skirt barely covering her ass, as she walked towards your table.

“I’m great! Just getting Kyle’s favorite pizza! He treats me so well I just have to spoil him too!” She was waggling her hands as she spoke and it hit you, that giant goddamn rock. You faked an interested face as she continued. “Oh! I am so sorry, Y/N! Is this awkward? I mean, me being here, engaged and everything.” Boom, that didn’t take long.    

“No, it’s fine but I think your pizza is ready. Have a good night!” You waved her off as she waved back with her left hand. You turned around in a huff and shot Bucky a ‘I’m sorry’ look.

“She’s gone.” Bucky mumbled and you let your face fall.

“Wow! How awkward can I make this date?” As you reached for your beer. “I’m going to need another one.” Bucky chuckled, waving the waiter over for another.

“So, let me guess. Annoying bitch that stole one of your dumbass boyfriends?” You faked surprise at his answer.

“Right-o!” You said as the waiter handed you another bottle. “Thank you.”

“He must have been blind and stupid.” You probably laughed a little hard then you should have but he was trying to make you feel better.

“That’s cute, Sarge, but how could you come to that conclusion? We’ve only known each other for a day?” You questioned teasingly.

“Let’s just say I have a feeling.”

The rest of the evening was still awkward but Bucky was sweet. He was a gentleman as you left the restaurant. His eyes never left you, as you walked to the car in front of him. You stumbled a little on the concrete but his arm quickly snaked around your waist. A small gasp escaped when he caught you.  

“Do you always sweep women off their feet like this?” Your eyes connected to his and your hands laid across his chest. He gave you another eye-crinkling smile as you stared into his beautiful blue eyes. God, he was breath-taking, making the nagging voice in your mind continue as it did all evening. Why was he interested in you?

“Only you, doll.” Your lips were pressed tight, trying not to giggle or smile too brightly. “Now, let’s get you home.” The two of you continued to walk towards the car but his arm never left your waist.  

When you reached your apartment, he parked to walk you up to the door, offering his hand again as you got out of the car.

“Well, Sarge, I had a wonderful night.” You were blushing, contemplating whether to kiss him or not.

“Y/N, I’d like to take you out again.” You flashed a big smile.

“I would love that.”


“Good.” You bit your bottom lip as he looked down at your hands, still connected. You mustered all your courage to kiss his cheek, causing him to look at you in shock. “Call me.” Then you turned and entered the apartment before you could have a chance to continue.

Part 3

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Carpe noctem - A Trevor Price/Daniel Miller drabble - pt.1 (?)

Summary: Trevor has a shitty time recently. Wants a late night coffee. Finding himself just the right time in just the right place

Pairings: Trevor Price (Daniel Miller) x ambiguous female character

Word Count: 1.601

still sfw

@deepestfirefun, @xxbyimm, @patanghill17, @wardenparker, @fizzy-custard @ mynameisnoneya1991 @hannibatchsmuse

1am on a Tuesday night.
She is already about to lock down her coffee bar, when he appears at the door and gently knocks to get inside while she is already fumbling with the keys standing on the other side of the old fashioned shop door.
Would he have been a random stranger she’d right away decline to let him in. But he’s kind of a regular. Dropping by now and then for a coffee or three. Occasionally he wants it boozed up, but mostly just strong and black. And usually he comes during day time. She opens back the door a little.

“Hey.” He greets. “Got a coffee for me?” Straight to the point. Not begging and with no further apologies for turning up right at closing time. It’s none of her business that he’s a sleepless wreck. Seeing Armando and so many others die whenever he lays down to find some rest. He only wants a coffee. And some company that knows nothing of how fucked up he really is.

“Insomnia will not get better over coffee.” She tries for a joke but only earns herself a weak smirk.

“Will you let me in or do I have to go do McDonalds?” he does not even try for puppy eyes because he’s deadly tired and honestly does not care where he gets what he wants.

“You won’t get whiskey with your coffee at McDonalds. Besides, you look like shit.” She holds the door open and he slips in.

“Thank you.” He grumbles but there is the hint of a smile in his voice. He knows she’s right. Deep cover sucks. Hanging out with Nazis sucks. Not knowing if he, for once, is on his own or being followed, watched, spied back on and analyzed - sucks more than anything else.

The bar is almost dark, only a few spots behind the counter give some dim shadowy light and he walks after her to lean onto the counter. Watching her power up the espresso machine again just for him. While the water heats up, she grabs under the bar and grabs a bottle to put on the counter. Whiskey. A good one. Two glasses.

“Be my guest.” she offers with a calm voice.

“Too generous, not good for business.” He mumbles, but grabs the bottle and fills both glasses three fingers high each.

“But good for karma.” She smiles while she turns away to fix his coffee.

His answer is a snort. “Seriously?”

She shrugs, puts down the coffee next to his whiskey and leans onto the counter, not realizing how she’s mirroring him, hunched over, arms crossed, resting on the aged wooden surface.
“So are you the talking type? Or the broody one?” She asks after a long moment of silence and he looks up.

“Why would you care?” Pouring down the whiskey in one go, instant refill. Taking a bit more time with the coffee, wrapping his long fingers around the mug as if he needs the warmth.

“I already told you.” Now a tiny smile curled her lips and it felt like a little warm spot in a snow storm to him. “You’re my guest. And you look like shit. Two good reasons to care.”

“A true caretaker.” The sarcasm drips from his words but she shrugs again.

“More some kind of a helper’s syndrome I assume.“ She chuckles. ”That’s why I have a bar…”

She takes the opportunity to take a closer look: Tall, athletic, probably in his early forties but in excellent shape. Hints of salt and pepper in his short hair and beard. Once he might have been dark brown, maybe with some copper reflexes. A sharp nose and thin determined lips make his features even more interesting.
Blue bomber jacket over some kind of lumberjack shirt. Odd choices but it suits him in some very appealing, raw way.
The most distinguishing feature are his stunning blue eyes.
Tired eyes.
Sad eyes.
But nevertheless beautiful. She suddenly becomes aware that this beautiful eyes are now looking back at her. Rather intensely to be honest.
Shit’! He clearly has realized that she’s checking him out. She grabs her own whiskey. Displacement activity for she has no idea what else to do in her embarrassment.

He almost can’t believe it. Why would a woman look at him like she just does? While he’s still in this horrendous… costume.
Blending in is important but in all his years with the firm this is – by far – the one fake identity that disgusts him the most. Feeling constantly some kind of dirty not even in a metaphorical way. Maybe his late night barista here is one of them? Having a thing for Aryan thugs?
No, most unlikely.
He’d been here a few times before and this is definitely not a place where Neonazis meet if not for bashing the place. Which basically was the reason he’d come here once in a while. Like some weird kind of… cleansing space for his sanity.

“What was I saying?” She blushes with an embarrassed grin and her fingers are trailing along the rim of her glass because she does not know what else to do with them while she drowns in his eyes. His sad blue eyes.

“I have no idea.” Now he smiles. The first real one in days. The air around them suddenly seems to hum from electricity and he realizes that – the first time in ages – there is no reason for doing this. No purpose behind other than wanting it. Enjoying it to talk and tease. To… flirt?

Is she hitting on him? Or encouraging him to flirt with her?
He is scanning signals. It’s coming natural because it’s what he’s used to do. And at least finally something he is good at. Body language. The tone of her voice, the subtext and what she is saying in the first place.

“Aren’t you trusting a little too easily?” He asks in a low growling voice. Like he wants to scare her off by gruff behavior. Or to protect himself? Because this little game is already way too comforting. Too much fun. He haven’t had fun in such a fucking long time. “You don’t even know my name.”

“So, what’s your name then?” She repeats with raised eyebrows and a mocking tone. As if she doesn’t even care.

“Trevor.” It comes naturally. Right now he is Trevor. Must be, because it’s basically his life insurance. No way he can falter and expect to survive it.

“American.” Not even a question and he does not bother for more than a nod.

She tells him her name and he saves it among the big pile of daily information classified as not crucial. She’s just the right person at the right time. No clue whether she still will be tomorrow or if she’ll just fade from his memory like so many before. Actually he does not care. Feeling oddly at peace, and if only for a few hours.
He can’t afford knowing people who are not in the business. Too dangerous.
But he does not want to get to know her, anyway. And neither does she. Obviously.

“Wouldn’t one assume you’d be more… curious?” He asks over the rim of his glass with that slight smile women kept telling him was kind of attractive when he flashed it at them.

“Why would I?” Again she is mirroring him by taking up her glass, looking back at him. Sipping and never leaving his eyes. He is almost certain she’s not consciously trailing through her hair and slightly exposing her neck when she tilts her head just a tiny bit while inspecting him with a daringly mocking grin. “You’d probably lie to me anyway so why bother? We’re not getting married after all.”

His laughter sounds hoarse, like an ability abandoned for far too long. “No we won’t. But what are you up to anyway?” He asks. They haven’t touched so far other than with eyes and it gives the situation some odd kind of intimacy he does not understand. Sitting in an already closed bar talking terms on how to hook up tonight.
Why even negotiating? Why not taking her hand, leading her to the back room and pinning her against the wall? Would be the easy way out. Fast relief and fast get out.
Instead? He reaches over the table and grabs her fucking hand. Shit!

If she’s surprised she does not show it. And she does not flinch either.
“We’re adults, Trevor. I’ll not pretend I’ve never done something like this before and you won’t either. No strings attached. No questions. No promises. Just… tonight.”

He looks at his watch, calculates. He won’t have to show up at the Nazi place until late morning and no one will care whether he changed clothes or not or actually looked as if he’d been up all night.

“Your place.” This is not debatable. He won’t bring her to his apartment. Rather he’ll consider taking a room for the night if she objects but no one apart from business shall know where and how he lives. Not to mention all the case material pinned to the cold walls and the unpacked boxes all around. No, taking her home is no option.
May she assume he might have a wife and children at home and therefor insisting, he does not care.

“Very well.” She calmly agrees, softly taking her hand back from his. “Let me shut down everything then we’ll be on our way.

To be continued (?)