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Girl Genius Blogs
  • Agatha: Recipes (mostly desserts), vines of her messing with the boys, sharing tools/cool gadgets, coffee aesthetic, and fashion reblogged from Tarvek
  • Tarvek: insane theories, political history, science, vagueblogging steamy stuff at Gil, callout posts @Gil, Fashion suggestions @Agatha
  • Gil: Blog nearly the same, less fashion and more of his own blueprints
  • Mama: Insane vines of chainsaw woodcarving, selfies showing off trophies and scars,brauhaus news and pictures of the girls, a smackcam of the nightly barfights
  • Oggie: a nice 30-something-mom blog with pinterest stuff, recipes, bad jokes, scrapbooking, and knitting reblogged from Dimo
  • Maxim: fashion and shitposting
  • Dimo: Old cars, fashion, handicrafting, selfies with crazy shit in the background
  • Generals: liveblogging fistfights with color commentary
  • Tweedle: A shitty self promotion blog
  • Vole: His idea of social justice, the occasional selfie, posts to pick which color uniform he should wear and intentionally picking a different one
  • Bonus: "Dare me to eat this" Is a meme among jagers