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Haunted numbers to call

s No. 1 (666 666 6666) or (1 666 666 6666) there is a lot of rumors about this one particular phone number. in numerous occasions, the phone number doesn’t show up on the phone bill but that’s not the only this wrong with this number some get text messages in the middle of the night others when picking up the call get’s solid static or heavy breathing. 

No. 2 ( 999 9999) it is said that if you call this number and make a wish, your wish will be granted but you’ll die right after in a horrible accident. 

No. 3 (1 000 000 000) many Asian countries state that if you call this number a male voice will tell you to contact 15 about this number and if you don’t do as the voice commands.  You will eventually die. 

No.4   RED numbers these are the numbers you absolutely shouldn’t call               * 7888308001 * * 9316048121 * * 9876266211 *
* 9888854137 * * 9876715587 * and the reason being that these come in colors. The rumors about these phone numbers come from Nigeria. where it is said that if a red number is calling you do not pick up and the reason being that it can kill you if you dare to pick up you’ll die from a signal causing a brain hemorrhage. 

No. 5 (20 20 20 20) this one has got to be the creepiest of them all. Back in  1970′s, everyone was using the old fashioned pay phone boxes. but there was one particular phone number you could call for free if you called this number a lady would pick up the phone and say ‘’Help me, help me Susie is dying’’ or she would say ‘’Help me help me Susie is drowning’’ over and over again. 

No. 6 (12163331810)  in 2007 a person from a NIN concert found a USB in the bath room. through out investigating the USB there was a number to be found inside of it when called the voice of a girl and a mother could be heard the girl is screaming to her mother that a man has broken into the house armed with a knife. To this day this phone number remains a mystery though some people think it’s just NIN trying to promote thirs new songs other say that it’s a burglary gone wrong. 

No. 7 (630 296 7536) *Booth world* when called this phone number a girl named Samantha will pick up the phone and asks for a name to book an appointment for ‘’remodeling’’ she will ask about your name. now if you answer your own name she will somehow know it’s you and ask for another name however if you say your friends name they’ll hang up and get a call later where you’ll apparently hear your friend screaming in agony. I personally don’t think calling this number is safe it’s up to you though 


Imagine going on an adventure with the Doctor

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Words: 2.4K
Warning: Gore, Possible Swearing (that’s a given), Violence
A/N: I used a creature from the tv show ‘supernatural’.

I always dreamed of leaving the life I live and going off on adventures. My dreams came true when I met a man, a strange incredible man with the floppy brown hair and pale green eyes who would take my hand in his as we run off on another adventure, saving the day, defeating the monster. I always dreamed I would be taken away, to be taken to see the stars and have an impossible amount of places to go… that day came on my 23rd birthday.

It started out as any normal day: got up, went to work, received a few calls throughout the day except I got a card from the co-workers and my phone kept reminding me that the people I once knew now only ever seen to contact me on my birthday through Facebook. Life was kind of boring, yes I had a good job, a good place to live, I had some friends but I felt bored with my life.  

I decided to work late, which if you have seen a horror film it’s not good to be on your own in the dark. Wandering around the back corridors of the building trying to find a night janitor to fix the flickering lights around the building, I open door after door in the dark corridor to see if I can find him. I open one of the doors and I saw something that shouldn’t be there, an old fashioned police box.   

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Most Secrets Come With A Price

Can be found on AO3 and FF.net, also this chapter under the cut….

Summary: Oliver Queen wants to get his life back in order. He seeks out an old friend, Felicity Smoak, believing she is the one person who can help him. With years passed and both having grown, will spending so much time together forever change their relationship? But not all is as it seems. When secrets, the past, family, and life, all start to unravel before him, can Oliver trust anyone?

Authors Note: Okay so this is my contribution to the Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon on tumblr arranged by @thebookjumper, we will get a prompt each Wednesday from now until Arrow season 6 airs. And I have decided I will convert said prompts into a multichapter fic. SO this is really hard for me, I am a planner! So this has had minimum planning, and should be updated weekly (unless life intervenes) so join me on this crazy ride that I have no idea where it’s going, until I get the prompt each Wednesday :P (also each chapter title will be the prompt)…

Chapter 1: Summer Vacation.

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Cats & Criminals

Chapter: 1/7
Rating Chapter: T
Rating fic: Explicit
Loki x Reader
Set after the destruction of New York, Loki has escaped. 

Quick fic based on a picture of a black cat with green eyes I saw on the internet.

“See you tomorrow!”

You waved at Lisa, your colleague and friend, as the glass doors opened with a ‘swoosh’ and allowed you to step outside. You moved your hand through your hair and let out a sigh. Another long day at work, but you had survived – although with slight difficulty. Jason had been a real arse again, and your boss wasn’t much better, and every unpleasant interaction with either of them had sucked the energy right from your body. It felt as if your eyelids could fall shut any moment simply because you lacked the strength to keep your eyes open much longer. Home. You longed to be home. The prospect of the soft pillows on the couch and a warm cuppa in your hands set your weary legs in motion, and you forced your mind to focus. Just a fifteen minute walk and you’d be able to throw yourself on the sofa.

The cold breeze brought back some of your liveliness as you traversed the cobblestone streets, hitting you in the face to keep you awake. To your slight annoyance you were still easily distracted: the smell of fresh bread from the nearby bakery nearly lured you inside, and the shimmer of a pretty gemstone had you standing in front of the window for at least a minute, your mind drifting off. No, you needed to move on, to go home. Then you’d be able to make yourself some dinner, or possibly order some takeout, and you could be distracted all you wanted.

Your resolve seemed to stay intact for another few streets – until you noticed the cat.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any AmeIce headcanons? (I ship it so freaking hard and i'm happy I'm not the only one who ships it :'D)

Do I have AmeIce headcanons? Oh anon you’re so cute…

-They like to drive around aimlessly at night. The backseat of America’s Mustang is filled with greasy hamburger wrappers and empty coke bottles because that’s about all they eat

-Iceland is what you might call a good tourist. So America will do things like take him to Louisiana so he can try beignets and shrimp po'boys

-They sit on America’s back porch on his comfy little porch swing and just chat about life and stuff

- America loves to watch the sunrise so he makes Iceland get up with him sometimes

- Iceland steals all of America’s jackets and flaunts around in them like “oh this jacket? Yeah it’s just my sexy boyfriend’s jacket no big deal”

-America bought Iceland an entire wardrobe of clothes for him to wear when we visits. Most of it is things like skinny jeans that sag a little and tshirts he finds at thrift stores or online and thinks are cool

-For some reason, when they’re together, they both wear beanies all the time. No one knows why

- Ice didn’t tell any of the Nordics when they started dating because he was afraid they would try to embarrass him on purpose/Norway would go ape. But when he eventually told them they were all happy for him and Norway was actually p chill about the whole thing.

- America definitely has a motorcycle (Harley Davidson of course) and Iceland low key loves going for rides.

-America nearly crashed the first time he gave Ice a ride because he was freaking out. “Oh my god he’s like right there all warm and pressed up against me holy shit is that his dick oh fuck”

-Ice keeps a list of all the strange/funny expressions America uses. Some favorites include “Go-lly Moses!” “Oh Lordy” “Slower than molasses in January” “Well bless your heart”

-America loves to serenade Iceland, both in a goofy way and a serious way. His favorite songs to sing to him are “Great Balls of Fire” and “Earth angel” Singing Great Balls of Fire is typically accompanied by bombastic piano playing and theatrics on America’s part

-America is a fantastic dancer. He teaches Iceland how to dance too. So now Iceland can do several dances suitable for public eyes and several that are, um, not

- America is v protective of Ice. Like he’s careful about bringing him places that could be dangerous and if you try to come onto Ice or something you’re cruisin for a bruisin

- America likes to visit Iceland as well and is an enthusiastic tourist which makes Ice really happy

- They’re still really into 50’s pop culture. America has an old fashioned juke box he rescued from a junkyard and restored and they put it on and dance in his living room

- All the other nations, except for the Nordics and Canada the supportive big bro, think the relationship is weird or don’t get it but Ice and America are so damn happy with each other they couldn’t care less

Mod Amanda

 @saffysmom said:

For the head canon game:  music box, Sherlolly.  Thanks!

okay, I’ve got, what I reckon anyway, is a really cute one. so, molly got this old fashioned victorian-esque music box from her dad and she loved it. however, somewhere between going to uni and training for pathology, it went missing and she was heartbroken. it was something that connected her to her late father. years pass and molly falls in love and gets married, the music box always at the back of her mind. on her wedding night, her husband, our sherlock of course, leads her into their honeymoon suite, eyes covered. he tells her to keep them shut whilst he heads to the dresser and winds this old music box. her heart skips a beat at the familiar tune and, then, she’s a weeping mess.

“h-how did you k-know?”

“I know everything,” he says (which translated means asked your mother, contacted the relatives of the designer, replicated the model and had mycroft’s people finalise the details) their little girl also loves the music box

Send me an object and I have to make a head canon out of it.

The Love You Take

I wrote this piece for @jeffreydeanneganstrash​‘s awesome 1K challenge. Congrats on the followers!! 

My prompt was “Melpomene - Greek Muse of Tragedy“, and I chose to focus on Negan as my character. Because of course I did! This story takes place around the events of issue 170 of the comics, so there may be a few spoilers, but not many. Since Melpomene was originally also the muse associated with music, I decided to incorporate some music into the story.

This isn’t smutty at all, and is actually quite dark in comparison to my usual stuff. Be forewarned that there is talk of suicide, so if that is a trigger for you, please be aware. 

Summary: After being exiled from Alexandria, Negan finds himself living alone near the place he buried his beloved Lucille. After he begins to hear mysterious music playing at night, he decides to investigate its source. Has he found a new companion? 

Word Count: 2,138

Warnings: Depictions of, and talk of suicide and methods. Depictions of depression. Pills.

The Love You Take

Once there was a way to get back homeward…

Negan’s eyes fluttered open at the sound of music drifting through the window next to his bed, which he had left ajar before going to sleep. Faint piano chords were carried in on the breeze from a distant location. Christ! How long had it been since he’d heard another human voice, let alone actual music?

Once there was a way to get back home.

The darkness inhabiting this still-unfamiliar room seemed to press against him as he waited for his eyes to adjust to it. Groaning, Negan heaved his body from the mattress and stood, bare-chested in front of the window. His eyes scanned the street outside before moving on to the other buildings in the vicinity. He saw nothing to indicate the source of the sound.

Sleep pretty darling, do not cry…

“Fucking Beatles?”

He mumbled the half-formed question to himself. His voice was still hoarse from sleep and the words were eaten up by the night.

And I will sing a lullaby.

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