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Venus in the signs

Aries Venus; Turned on by humor, wit, intelligence, fast thinking and physical movement. Love’s head massages and oral. Requires mental and physical stimulation in order to remain interested. Unpredictable in love yet loyal. If you manage to blow their mind in bed multiple times you’re in for good.

Taurus Venus; Prefers sensual romance (erotic touch, bedroom eyes, beautiful music, wine and a cooked dinner) Needs someone financially secure. Enjoys spontaneous bush walks and hikes, loves being in nature with their SO but also enjoys lazing with them watching trash TV.

Gemini Venus; Must enlighten them mentally and intellectually to make your way into their heart. They should feel free to communicate with their partner honestly without fear of judgement. Will respect you if you give them space, and in return will make your time with them worth the wait. Also enjoys cooking for you.

Cancer Venus; Treasure’s cute random texts, love letters, coming home from work to a hot meal and warm bed. Low key wants to be mothered but usually does the mothering themselves, intuitive in love. Can be emotionally manipulative. Basically wants someone who’ll help make their life easier, and they’ll do the same in return of course.

Leo Venus; Loud and proud when they’re in love, put’s effort into their appearance to impress you, passionate, unleashes their weird side, screams and acts a bit childlike in their relationships. An ideal date would be something energetic and creative such as a dance lesson, shopping for food and cooking a meal together.

Virgo Venus; Needs reassuring that they can trust you for them to let themselves go, logically immerses into the relationship rather then emotionally, but they fall deep when in love. Shows they care by cleaning and organizing for  you. Actions not words mean everything to them, lack of communication and the silent treatment can provoke anxiety, quite sexual.

Libra Venus; Suckers for old fashioned romance, red roses, kissing in the rain etc. They go crazy over finger/hand kisses and back scratches. You need to be  intelligent and/or unique to hold their attention, compliment them on qualities other then their looks. Love’s going on coffee dates with their SO, can be insecure in love.

Scorpio Venus; Needs to know you’re serious about them, hates being played around. Will blow your mind in and out on bed. Fighting can sometimes turn them on, love is extreme in this placement, nothing is halfhearted, they’re committed and protective. Tell them some of your secrets to make them think about you when yous aren’t together, but don’t be an open book. They love a good mystery.

Sagittarius Venus; Free spirited in love, they’ll love going on tramps, camping and rock climbing with you. Talk about different topics such as psychology, metaphysics and philosophy with them, they’ll be impressed with your knowledge. Turned off by clingyness and immaturity. Humor is a huge turn on, loves doggy.

Capricorn Venus; Values independent and hardworking partners, valuable assets and financial stability impresses them. They either totally love you or are completely not interested; thing is they’re secretive about their feelings, sometimes leaving the other person confused. Loves to travel the world with their partners and will wine and dine those they adore. Fall’s in love with someone who relaxes them mentally.

Aquarius Venus; treats their lovers like their best friend, aren’t overly emotionally but still capable of falling deeply in love. Attracted to the quirky and strange. random emotional outbursts scare them off. however being a little unavailable attracts them( Not too much though) . Aquarius Venus values their SO very highly, they express this is oddly cute ways.

Pisces Venus; go crazy over long cuddles, kisses, sappy romantic shit. Even though they won’t admit it. Needs to feel wanted and useful in the relationship. Can become too dependent  so they need time for themselves as they can detach from their own identity when they’re in love. Shy at first, super crazy and loud once they’re comfortable.

  • Venus in Aries: smouldering, seducing, unforgettable. Sets your bed on fire
  • Venus in Taurus: vintage exquisitiness, the taste of lazy Sundays
  • Venus in Gemini: cerebral orgasm, the madness of an intelligent woman
  • Venus in Cancer: old fashioned romance, life in cinema
  • Venus in Leo: she will show your heart how to roar, and for the first time you will feel the Sun
  • Venus in Virgo: your broken heart will be embroided back into one, perfect, oneness
  • Venus in Libra: flowers fall from the tongue with every word, she reflects the deepest poetic beauty inside of me
  • Venus in Scorpio: she is wings. annilhilating, devestating, rapturous, mystically tempting.
  • Venus in Sagittarius: radiates laughter of the heart, the pilgrimage of love
  • Venus in Capricorn: wise, inspirational, reverant, and sovereign, the rings of Saturn wrapped around her wrist like a bangle, promising the universe.
  • Venus in Aquarius: exciting, refreshing, confusing, everyday the maze grows, detouring into wonderland, she disappears only to return with more light.
  • Venus in Pisces: seduces subconsciously

Human Aren’t The Only Beings Who Need Comfort

Imagine comforting an upset anti or dark (gender neutral reader):

“You don’t even need him,” Anti sneers in a fit of rage, anger bubbling over as his pupils widen to consume the whole of his eyes, “all you need is me.”

It’s been a long time since you’ve seen him this worked up about something; longer still since it’s come so out of the blue. Anti, you’d found, was sort of a creature of habit when it came to his emotions. If he was upset about something, he’d pester you like a bored cat. If he was happy he’d have you join him in pulling pranks or pointless video games. If he was angry he would disappear for a while, how long of course, depended on how angry and just what state he came back in depended on what made him that way. Of the times he started to lose control like this, you could count on one hand the times that it wasn’t caused by one thing: Fear.

A knife materializes in his hand as he gestures with a snarl at the man standing beside you, hand in your own. You can feel the room getting colder by the second, lights flickering slightly as Dark stiffens next to you. Carefully, you squeeze his hand before stepping between the two powerhouses with a soft expression. You know he’s afraid and if the look on his face is anything to go by, he’s hurting, so you keep your voice gentle as your hand covers his, “I need you both. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be here.”

That makes him faulter, eyes flickering as his face twitches just slightly. It was a hard learning curve at first, but you could tell now that you were getting to him.

“Can you please put the knife down, Anti? I want to be able to talk to you and I don’t think it’s going to be just you if you start glitching,” carefully, you brush your thumb over the back of his hand feeling it clench and unclench in minor movements, “I want to talk to you, baby, but I need it to be all you. Please?”

He grits his teeth, shoulders slumping slightly as the knife disappears once more. His chest heaves with the effort of staying in his own body. Instability. You can already see it forming in the ridges of his brows and the way the tendons in his neck jump; being a tulpa, you thought silently, wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Sure, you got the amazing powers and were nearly unkillable, but that also meant anything that your believers didn’t agree on about you could make you… well…

Squeezing Dark’s hand, you drop it, focusing solely on the green-haired man in front of you. Your fingers skim lightly over his jaw and he leans into your hand like a needy cat, eyes falling shut as you step closer to wrap him into a tight hug. Anti’s frame shakes against yours, arms coiling around you too tight. You’ve no doubt there will be bruises later and the thought makes you worry even more. How afraid is he? “Can you talk now, baby? Or would you rather lay down? I can hold you until you feel better,” you keep your voice quiet, trying not to give him too many options just yet. That would only make him worse.

Anti nuzzles his way further into your neck and breathes in how you smell, overlayed with how Dark smells on your skin and his chest tightens with the thought of loss. He couldn’t lose… you. Couldn’t lose this. “Bed,” his voice is mostly static even to his own ears, but he tugs you long after him as he starts to walk away, knowing you’ll get the picture as he does. He lays on the wrong side of the bed, taking up the space Dark usually occupies and making you laugh softly. Petty. Both of of your boys were incredibly petty.

You lay down behind him and he grumbles something you don’t quite catch as your arm wraps around his waist. “Tough lucky, baby; You’re the little spoon tonight,” you say with a soft smile as you kiss his shoulder. As much as neither he, nor Dark wanted to admit it, being a little spoon to you is a secretly coveted position that is held in too high a regard to complain about so vocally. You didn’t do it very often, sure, but you knew how loved and safe being held like this made you feel and to be able to give that to the men you loved in return was no small act in your eyes.

“You haven’t tried to text me in over a week,” Anti’s voice is still static-y when he speaks, but he’s falling back into himself the longer you hold him like this, “I asked you to talk tonight and I find you coming home with /him/. After he said-” his nose snarls and he lets out a low growl cutting himself off.

Your eyebrows knit in confusion. You’ve been texting him for days. He was the one that wasn’t responding. You almost say as much before pressing your face into his neck, voice low as you ask, “After Dark said what, baby?”

“Maybe you didn’t need me anymore,” he spat, words sounding like acid to anyone foolish enough not to realize where that anger was coming from.

“Oh, Anti, baby…” you squeeze him tighter, chest aching as you bury your face in the back of his neck, that’s what he’s afraid of. “That’s-… I’ve been texting you all week, first of all. I’d get you my phone to show you, but I think both of us need this more right now. You haven’t responded to anything I’ve sent you; I thought you were mad at me and trying to blow off steam before we talked.” You brush your hand through his hair, holding him tighter, “And I told you Dark and I were going out for groceries and snow cones and I’d talk to you as soon as I got back. If I’d known you were feeling like this, I would’ve talked to you first.”

He frowns, then goes quiet, becoming especially still. That part is a little… disconcerting. Most of the time, he at least pretends to breathe. Like this? He might as well be a corpse in your arms: completely frozen in time. Still, you hold him until he turns in your arms to look at you, his voice sounding far smaller than it has any right to. “I haven’t done anything wrong?” his pupils shrunk to a more human size, revealing the baby blue and septic green you’ve come to know so well.

“No, you haven’t. And even if you had, I would never do that to you purposefully. You know me, Anti, I’d want to talk to you about it.”

“I haven’t felt anything wrong with my phone,” he frowns, “Why haven’t I gotten any of your messages then Y/N?”

After that, it doesn’t take you both too long to figure out the culprit of this failed message scheme: Jack had gotten a new phone and by extention, Anti had as well. The perks of being a Tulpa, you surmised, were far out weighed by the downsides. He relaxes then, tense line of his shoulders going slack as he slowly falls into a light doze. His nose presses into your neck as you try to stifle a laugh. You don’t have the heart to wake him up like this.

Dark paced when he was anxious and by now, he nearly wore a hole in the carpet with his pacing. It’s moments like this that almost made him wish he hadn’t gotten rid of his cane to keep his hands busy. The groceries had been put away. The living room had been cleaned of broken glass. Everything had been set back into it’s proper place. And yet… and yet something is missing. The acute feeling of loss tugs at him like fingers in his ribcage. He wants, more than anything in this moment, to go to you and Anti and he is not a man to deny himself things. But what if you dont understand? You had to, of course. Or else you would understand in time. But… what if you didn’t now? Mortals were always so fickle about things like this. Dark moves silently, door to your shared bedroom opening to him without a thought. The sight before him makes him pause, however. You look so… soft. The sight of you curled with Anti on his side of the bed made a streak of possessiveness shoot through him. He would not lose this. No matter what.

You feel Dark more than notice him at first, the hair of the back of your neck raising at the feeling of being watched as a hazy sort of weight settles over the room. It feels sort of like ink being dropped into water at first, slowly radiating outward from him in a way you would almost call beautiful. You look over to him with a relaxed smile, lightly patting the bed next to you to ask him to sit with you.

Dark is cautious at first, but your smile causes something coiled tightly in his chest to relax just a hair as he perches himself on the edge of the bed. He watches you, expression on edge before all but melting as your hand curls over his.

“Is this why you really asked me to join you tonight?” You ask quietly, as not to wake the sleeping Tulpa who has you in his hold, “Did you think I was ignoring him too?”

“Of course not, Darling,” his voice is smooth, yet smoky around the edges in a way that makes the back of your throat burn like good whiskey. This feeling, you’d come to realize, only came about when he was trying to convince you of something he didn’t believe himself. “You’d have no reason to ignore him,” he continued on in the same purr.

“Has anyone ever told you that for a demon you’re an awful liar?” You asked teasingly, thumb rubbing over the back of his hand as you smiled, “Possibly the worst I’ve ever met.”

He frowned at that in almost a pouting manner, “I prefer the term, Eldritch Abomination, Y/N. I would find no reason to lie about something so… trivial.”

“But it’s not trivial to you, is it?” You watch him closely, pressing on even as he looks away from you, “In fact, I’d say it’s probably the most important thing to you right now, even if you don’t want to admit to that.”

He tenses at your response, skin greying even more than usual as the red and blue sides of himself distance from one another farther. You’ve struck a nerve, that much is obvious.

Your expression shifts just a little, more worried than teasing. You’re hoping the earnest tone you’re using gets through that thick skull of his. “You and Anti are the most important things in my life too, you know,” you begin slowly, pulling his hand to your face to nuzzle your cheek against it, “I wouldn’t leave you. Either of you… I love you, my dear. And I’m sorry this situation made you worry about your standing in my life, but I want you to know I’m not going anywhere.” You kiss the back of his hand as his split seems to settle into something more manageable. “And neither is Anti.”

“Why should I be bothered if the green haired wonder leaves?” He asks bristley. It wasn’t as if it mattered to him one way or another. “If anything it simply means more of your time to myself.”

You arch an eyebrow at him and his grumbling, “You know how I said you were a bad liar?”

That certainly earns you a scathing look. There was no lie. He didn’t care one way or the other. So what if Anti was out of your lives? For once maybe he could find a moment of silence. Part of him, though… part of him recognized the acute feeling of sadness the thought brought him. Their house would be… lonelier if Anti were to disappear one day.

Watching the emotions play out in the different parts of Dark should be qualified as a pastime of yours by now. It almost feels like watching the two halves of him dance. A sort of wordless conversation flowing between expressions. That, you thought, was easily one of your favorite sights. “I know you care about him too, Dark. And he cares about you,” you give him a small amused smile, “Why do you think he pesters you so much?”

“Because he’s a menace who thinks too highly of himself.”

“Or because he actually likes you,” your smile grows more amused at Dark’s response, but you sober quickly, continuing, “We want you here, Dark. And I want to talk more with both of you in the morning. But for right now the thing I want most in this world is for you to lay down with us… Hold us. Realize we’re not going anywhere.”

And for once… he listens.

Transiting Venus in Libra
October 14, 2017 - November 7, 2017

Aphrodite is at home when Venus is in Libra and she activates the lover in everybody. We approach our social life, relationship, and matters of romance like we are consuming sugar, and there is a real desire to luxuriate in our natural pleasures. Also, the actual consumption of sugar can increase, because Venus is the ruler of confectionery, sugar, and sweet treats. This is a good time for appreciating the quality of relationships in our life, be it with friends, lovers, or family members. The energy of Libra is all about connection, harmony, and unity. If you have been feeling disconnected or isolated, Aphrodite responds with her appetite for togetherness, and she encourages us to re-establish and maintain contact with other people. She exhales the breath of tranquility, so it’s possible to resolve conflicts and disagreements. Venus also rules over financial matters, and she is prone to excess in her own sign. It means that we can become less concerned with financial responsibility and spend more money on personal luxuries like new clothes, make up, dining out, alcohol, caramel mochas, home decore, and social events. The relationship sector is the whipped cream of life with Venus in Libra. It’s a time for spending weekends cozying up to loved ones watching Netflix, cooking with lovers, getting a new hairstyle and feeling your most beautiful, and enjoying the traditions of dating and old fashioned romance. Transiting Venus in Libra offers many different experiences, pleasures, and creative inspiration for different people. The qualities of Venus operate where she is placed in your personal horoscope. 

It’s important that you check your own transit chart for validation, because some people have signs close to the house cusp which can move it into the following house, or have Venus making significant aspects to outer natal planets

Aries rising or transiting Venus in the 7th house: Venus in Libra may be quintessentially social, but her condition in the 7th house also generates the need for self reflection and quiet appreciation. The sense of belonging is especially emphasised, and through the Venus mirror, loved ones reveal their finest qualities. The relationship stage is especially under the spotlight here, but it’s also about acknowledging and appreciating their own beauty, it’s a time for falling in love with themselves. All matters of business partnership present opportunity for wealth development. 

Taurus rising or Venus transiting the 6th house: Work and maintaining the responsibilities of daily life become easier and harmonic. It’s possible to develop closer relationships with colleagues and find work especially enjoyable, especially for the social aspect. The energy for sacrifice is great, the person can burn themselves out trying to be all things to all people. Health matters come into focus, the individual can make or break their diet or health regime. It may be very difficult to resist sugar and lollies, the person can experience sugar highs and lows and extreme changes in mood. It can also emphasise health anxieties. Looking after themselves helps them feel better about themselves

Gemini rising: or Venus transiting the 5th house Personal amusement and pleasures becomes an insatiable urge, the individual may spend a lot of time cooking, eating out, spending money, having sex, and possibly think about children. There may be an opportunity for developing romance and satisfying romantic and sexual fantasies. Venus is comfortable here, maybe a little bit too comfortable. Her sultry side and seductive side is the star of the show. The ego celebrates its existence through creativity 

Cancer rising or Venus in the 4th house: Home is a safe place where they return to a place of belonging. The appreciation for family members, especially the mother and sisters becomes especially enhanced, it’s a time when their mum can become their best friend. Family and domestic disputes can be resolved, because Aphrodite is so rattled by resentful energy. Instead of going out, the individual loves more than ever to be surrounded by friends and family in the home under the blankets and sharing stories between movies. The individual may spend a lot of money on the home decorating or re-designing  

Leo rising or Venus in the 3rd house:  The communication is decorated in cupcake ice, so the verbal delivery can be more beautiful, harmonising, and attractive than ever. The sensory environment becomes exquisitely provocative, so the individual can be more responsive than ever to music, meaningful conversation, literature, or conflict. Social contact is important and the individual can be more talkative and engaged with friends. The person may spend quality time with siblings or resolve conflict between them. There may be nothing more pleasurable than spending the afternoon reading a book, magazine, or a blog 

Virgo rising or Venus transiting the 2nd house: The sensory appreciation is enhanced here and there can be an increased urgency for affection, the protection of loved ones, and having somebody to provide for. It’s possible that the individual will spend a lot of money on their dependants and investments. Creative material can generate capital, and all matters of business partnership present opportunity for wealth development. It’s possible that the income will stabilise if it has been unreliable 

Libra rising or Venus transiting the 1st house: After surrendering to loneliness and exile, social contact is emphasised and relationships validate their existence. The individual wants to be seen with their lover, somebody they are proud to be a part of. A beautiful appearance is in the mirror’s eye, the person can be more mindful on presenting a polished image and experimenting with personal style. If the individual is not in a relationship, Venus here can conduct a bee-to-honey performance where romantic interests emerge from their hiding place

Scorpio rising or Venus transiting the 12th house: Pleasures can be consumed in excess, alone, away from the eyes of company. This makes it possible for the individual to lose sight of how far they have gone. This could be any personal indulgence like eating, substance use, pursuing forbidden romance, or gambling. Venus is social, but here she is quiet, inactive, and dreamy. The streaks of melancholy can generate inspirational creativity. Old lovers can come out of the woodwork. If the person is in a relationship, the partner may become unwell or need to be looked after. Much of this time is likely spent alone with the partner, napping together. Personal income may become uncertain 

Sagittarius rising or transiting Venus in the 11th house: Friends are the sweet sugar of life and there is no better time to appreciate the good qualities they bring to your life. The social calendar can be especially active right now. The individual may desire to join a group, charity, or an organisation. It’s possible that friendships or relationships can develop online, and the individual may enjoy sharing spiritual knowledge, astrology, or political revelations with friends or online circles. The personal style can become experimental

Capricorn rising or transiting Venus in the 10th house: Expect a warm response from the public. You are more socially radiant and desirable than ever. But do they see the real you? or are they blinded by the image they have and want of you? It’s important to decipher this possibility. You can charm yourself into that promotion you desire or impress superiors with your personal qualities. Venus here may also resolve conflict with parents or offer reward for all the hard work, maybe the individual finally has enough money to buy that object of material desire. 

Aquarius rising or transiting Venus in the 9th house: You can enjoy yourself again without excess guilt or compulsive self destruction. The individual may think about traveling or even book a trip overseas. Long distance relationships can begin. Also the love of learning and matters of the spirit are enhanced, it means that playing with astrology can be really fun. If you study tertiary education, you may be more interested in the social events, parties, and being with your university friends than going to the lectures. This also means that group work assignments are easier, for once. Personal comment, I think we all know group assignments are the worst lol. Ok back to focusing. It’s also a good time for accessing the help you need from academics or expert advice from any professional like doctors or psychiatrists. 

Pisces rising or transiting Venus in the 8th house: Deep desires and romantic longings reveal themselves as sexual desires, so the person can be drawn to close and intimate experiences. This isn’t really a comfortable place for Venus. It can activate her dark desires or obsessions. The course of current relationships will grow deeper and more intense, it’s time to the plunge and expose the parts of themselves they have feared to reveal before lovers. There can be physical urges and sensations without causation, powerful attractions to forbidden, complex, and mesmerising people. The person can be more secretive than usual. 


[art: Mab Graves]

What Happens to One

Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes

Summary- In a world where you feel everything that happens to your soulmates, you drew the short straw.

Message- the reader is enhanced like Steve.This didn’t really come out how I wanted it to. Should I do a part 2? Sorry if it sucks!

Warning- self injurious behavior. Chronic pain- kinda

Word Count- 1499

You had never known a life without pain or cold. When you were born you screamed like every other baby, but what set you apart was the fact that you never stopped screaming and you were cold. It didn’t matter how warm the room, or how many blankets your parents covered you with. As you grew, you noticed that your left arm always felt funny. Sometimes you would fall to the ground and seize, it felt like there was electricity coursing through your body. You were also strong, like really, really strong. You were fast, and all of your senses were enhanced, too. It didn’t take long for your parents to figure out that you must have more than one soulmate, because no one person would be able to handle all of that pain.

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Venus In The Signs

Aries Venus; Turned on by humor, wit, intelligence, fast thinking and physical movement. Love’s head massages and oral. Requires mental and physical stimulation in order to remain interested. Unpredictable in love yet loyal. If you manage to blow their mind in bed multiple times you’re in for good.

Taurus Venus; Prefers sensual romance (erotic touch, bedroom eyes, beautiful music, wine and a cooked dinner) Needs someone financially secure. Enjoys spontaneous bush walks and hikes, loves being in nature with their SO but also enjoys lazing with them watching trash TV.

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To be in a hurry in Sicilian - Avere fretta in Siciliano

I Siciliani sono un popolo noto per il loro stile di vita molto rilassato. Sebbene amiamo fare le cose con calma, capita anche a noi di andare di fretta. 

Quando succede, diciamo: “Aju prescia”.

La parola PRESCIA /prè·scia/può essere tradotta in italiano con FRETTA, viene definita dal dizionario Treccani nel seguente modo:

prèscia s. f. [lat. *pressia, der. di pressare «pressare»] (pl., raro, -sce o -scie), ant. o region. – Fretta, premura; spec. nelle locuz. avere prescia e andare di prescia; meno com. fare e mettere prescia, sollecitare. 

La parola Prescia si riscontra anche in Castigliano (1), Catalano (2) Francese, (3) e Portoghese (4).

  1. Tener prisa;
  2. Tenir pressa;
  3. Être pressé;
  4. Estar com pressa;

In Siciliano diciamo “Aviri prescia” o “Aviri Primura”.

Sicilian take things slowly and easily but it can also happen to the best of us to be in a hurry. When we are in a hurry we say “Aju Prescia”, “I am in a hurry”

“PRESCIA” is a common word used in Sicilian to say “HURRY”. The term is still mentioned in the Italian dictionary but it is described as archaic and regional. 

The word comes from the Latin term “pressare“ which was derived from “pressus”. This is also where the  English word “press” comes from.

The word is also used in Castilian (1), Catalan (2), French (3) and Portuguese (4).

  1. Tener prisa;
  2. Tenir pressa;
  3. Être pressé;
  4. Estar com pressa;

anonymous asked:

Can you translate for Futaba too? Thank you very much!

Gender: Female
Height: 149 cm / 4'11" (I swear I’m 150 cm!)
Weight: Hint ->  0kg < X < 1000kg
School Year: 1st year but not yet in school
Zodiac: Pisces
Blood Type: AB (RH-)
Family Structure: Adoptive Father (Sojiro Sakura)

Skill: Programming, Hacking, Video Games

Habit: I squat anywhere immediately and I talk in internet slangs

Hobby: Surfing the net, playing video games, and watching anime

Food Preference: Curry, cup noodles, sweets. I actually like homemade food but because my mother was busy I pretended to be satisfied with instant foods so she wouldn’t be burdened. But, lately I have deemed instant yakisoba in a cup acceptable.

Ideal Type of Lover: Here are the specs: must be an indoors person more than outdoors person / do not clean the room without permission / I want to experience old fashioned romance / sing all the theme songs of Phoenix Ranger Featherman R*

If you won 700 million yen, what would you do? A life-size Feather Man Robot (And it will move properly!)

Message for someone in the phantom thieves: To Haru

You have not eaten instant noodles, and to be frank you are missing out half of your life. So I will make preparation for a meal recommendation, next time Haru at the festival the noodles will be at the safe house! [translation here is a bit wonky. I hope it makes some sense] 

*Phoenix Ranger Featherman R is a famous TV show in the Persona series universe.