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Confident (Part 9)

Summary: Your best friend growing up was Sam Wilson but with his busy life as an Avenger and your life in the Air Force, you two never really got to spend much time together. That was until you applied to become the new War Machine after Col. James Rhodes retired. Now Sam won’t let you be and a new protective streak has started but will it end your friendship or only make things stronger? Bucky X Reader

A/N: Here we go! We’re ramping up! I’m also starting graduate courses again so please be patient…. Thank you loves!

Warnings: Swearing/Angst/Violence?

Part 8

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The drive to the safe house was quiet and unassuming. Sam and Bucky wore dark hats and sunglasses to try and disguise themselves as they left the car into the house. You decided to walk around the house. If there was anyone already following you, you wanted to put on a show. You decided to water the plants and go get the mail. You walked into the home like you owned it.

“She’s good. Acting and everything.” Bucky mumbled to Sam as they were setting up. Sam didn’t answer. “Whatever, man-”

“Look, I just want to do the job and get out of here. Got it?” Sam raised his voice a little but not enough to yell. “I don’t like her out here.”

“I don’t like it either but the least we can do is be there for her. Trust her that she can do this job.” Sam looked down at his work. They wordlessly continued to set up recording equipment and computers.

The sun started to set and after dinner, the curtains were drawn to draw away suspecting eyes. You brought out pillows and blankets for Sam and Bucky as they sat near their slew of monitors. You could see Sam’s eyes drooping. It made you chuckle. He looked the same after years apart.

“What’s so funny?” Bucky was watching you from the other side of the couch. You glanced over at Sam on the opposite loveseat and then back at Bucky, still chuckling. Sam’s head was slowly lulling back until he snored, which would scare him awake. He continued this cycle until he noticed you and Bucky watching him.

“What the hell are you two looking at?” He tried to act angry but the side of his lip slowly curled into a smile.

“You’re dumb.” You yawned as you curled up on your side of the couch.

“Sleep tight, Y/N. First day of school tomorrow.” Bucky joked until you kicked him and then curled back up.

Unlike the lazy, relaxing evening, the tension was high in the morning. Sam would stay in the safe house while Bucky dropped you off at the organization’s headquarters. You were dressed in a very unassuming blouse, blazer, and pencil skirt with heels. Your blazer had a HYDRA lapel pin that could track your movements. Bucky and Sam could also hear using their monitoring system. You were to say ‘take me home’ if you were ever compromised, though you hoped to be able to complete the mission. You let out a big sigh as you left the comfort of the safe house to ride with Bucky to the compound.

Before you jumped out of the borrowed old farm truck, you turned and kissed him. He stared at you for a moment and then smiled sweetly.

“Just have to act like my boyfriend is dropping me off.” You smirked.

“You’ll do great.” He called out to you as you walked towards the building. “I love you.” He mumbled after you were well out of hearing range.

You let out an exhausted sigh as your nerves began to grow but the clicking of your heels gave you something to concentrate on instead of the mission. You knew you couldn’t head straight for the files. You were a brand new employee. You need to lay low for maybe a week, two, in order to blend in. You had memorized the layout of the building so walking to your desk was easy. You had to use the elevator so you had to know where the stairwell was as well. You nodded cordially at other staff members until you saw the top two directors walk in.

“Ah, Ms. Warren, welcome to our team. Come join us in my office.” You willingly stood up with pen and notepad. His office was a huge glass room. There was not much to the room besides a large desk in the center. Your heart sped up just a bit. There was no trace of an office or even technology. You also noticed the loud slam of the door as a brute looking officer shut the door.

“Uh- yes sir! How can I help?” You stood straighter, trying to keep your mind on the task at hand.

“Well, we were hoping that you could help us. You see, we have a bug infestation and we need to exterminate.” The taller man spoke clear and loud, booming in the open air of the large room.

“Really, I didn’t notice anything on my way in?” But then it clicked. They were on to you. “I could ca-” You yelped as a large hand grabbed your mouth from behind. You ducked lower and maneuvered your leg around the outside of your attacker’s legs then kicked, knocking off his center of balance. He tumbled to the ground. You looked up at the two men before you. Their guns were drawn but not aimed yet. You rushed, able to take a hold of one and shoot the other. Surely, Bucky and Sam could hear shots fired. “TAKE ME HOME.” You screamed into your lapel as you ran towards the door. You skidded to a stop as more men entered the room. There was no other exit. “Shit,” you mumbled as you turned and ran straight towards the glass wall. You tumbled onto the roof of the floor below as glass rained down around you. “GUYS, I’m on the roof. Sam, I need you here.” Shots were now raining down on you as you ran towards the A/C unit for cover.

As you looked up, you could see Sam flying towards you in the distance. You made a break, running full force towards the edge of the roof. “SAM!” You screamed as you leaped for him. He reached for you as you reached for him but a sharp pain caused you curl back. Sam watched as a sniper shot your shoulder of your reaching hand, pulling you further from him then turned and started shooting him. It was too late though. You were falling into the glass roof of the floor below you. He was helpless as he watched you fall.

Part 10    

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Batfam headcanon: weekend at the Kent farm
  • Clark invites the batfam to spend a weekend at the Kent farm in rural Hamilton County.
  • Pulls up at the tiny airport in an old farm truck, smiling. The truck legit looks like it could break down any second. 
  • Bruce: “Clark. We can’t all fit in the truck…" "Sure you can! Tell the kids to hop in the back. Don’t worry, everyone does it here.“ "That doesn’t mean they should.”
  • Half the family wear jeans and flannel shirts to “fit in with the locals.” Bruce, Damian, Barbara and Tim abstain. 
  • Driving on a dusty back-road, passing cornfields dotted with red barns, wheat silos and windmills under a cloud-streaked sky. 
  • Everyone sleeps where there’s space: the girls are set up in Jon’s room; Bruce sleeps in the guest room; Dick, Jason and Tim sprawl out on couches and by the fireplace in the lounge. 
  • Damian and Jon are sent to sleep in a creaky old bed in the attic and spend the night arguing and starting at mysterious noises. It’s just the wind. 
  • Breakfast in the morning: Dick and Cass help the Kents cook breakfast while the others are still asleep. They cook eggs and bacon fresh from the farm, sausages, country fried potatoes, grits, warm flaky biscuits… the real deal. The smell of freshly brewed coffee quickly wakes Tim up. 
  • Clark has everyone help out with a few of the chores to give them a taste of farm life. “Hopefully this’ll teach you city slickers a thing or two." 
  • Jason cuts firewood, Steph shucks corn then gets bored and makes Jason switch with her, Damian helps Jon feed the chickens and milk the cows, Bruce gets to drive the tractor under Clark’s supervision ("I prefer the batmobile”), Tim shovels manure (“Why do I have to do the dirty work?”), Dick works on repairing and painting the fence with Babs, and Cass joins Lois in their small garden to help her pick tomatoes and other fresh vegetables for supper. 
  • Damian gets attacked by a possum after Jon convinces him they’re tame. Becomes paranoid that he might have rabies. 
  • Cass and Tim help make a beef stew with vegetables and cornbread while the others relax in the lounge, reading, watching tv or playing card games. Steph and Jason teach Damian and Jon how to play poker, much to Bruce’s disapproval. 
  • The girls talk with Lois about her career in journalism (they all have mad respect for her) and get into a conversation about sexism, the patriarchy and the struggles of being a female crime-fighter. 
  • Jason argues with Bruce and storms out of the house, ends up lost in a cornfield in the middle-of-nowhere. Clark drives up in his beat-up truck (“Need a lift?”). The two go to a local bar and complain about how difficult Bruce can be over a drink. 
  • When they get back, Bruce and Jason sit outside on the porch and talk it out beneath the stars.
  • Everyone goes outside as Clark starts a bonfire (using his heat-vision, obviously) and cook s'mores, wrapped up in blankets to fend off the end-of-summer chill. 
  • They talk and laugh for hours before heading off to bed, everyone in the batfam feeling refreshed and ready to face whatever Gotham has to throw at them tomorrow.