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Ok but what was going on with cat and the president?? Do you think that maybe we could have a backstory on that? Either way thanks

She’s not supposed to sleep with her residents.

Then again, she’s not supposed to share pot brownies with them either.

And she can’t, if truth be told, say which comes first.

Wanting to sleep with Cat Grant, or just wanting to see if she can experience what these humans swear is a great high.

She gets a boyfriend, though – a boyfriend that is much safer than a girlfriend, because this planet is hard enough to grapple with, to blend into, and she doesn’t need to give the world any more reason to scrutinize her – and she keeps hearing flutters that he’s going to propose soon.

Cat doesn’t approve, and she’s not quiet about it.

She doesn’t approve because “oh come to your senses, Liv, you know you can do so much better than signing yourself away to some oaf of a senior” and because “who’s going to stay up all night watching C-SPAN with me if not you?” and because “I’m not saying that a woman’s worth is in her beauty, you know I’m not, but you’re just too hot for him, darling.”

Cat doesn’t approve, and instead of making Olivia feel alienated, it makes her feel closer. More secure. Cared for.

Because lord, does Cat care for her.

Cares for her when their study sessions last too late into the night, and she crashes in Cat’s bed, and Cat can do nothing but try not to fidget too much all night, try not to wake her.

Cares for her when the Student Union election board tries to smear her name, and Cat goes full tilt in the school paper to clear it. And, of course, Cat wins, so Olivia wins.

Cares for her when her boyfriend, now fiance, throws himself at Cat, not Olivia, when his team won the championship that night; cares for her when Olivia dumps the man, not the woman, and Cat holds her all night while she cries, and not once does she offer a cleverly-worded I told you so.

Just as she cares for her now – scales and all – and Olivia’s second stomach still flips in that old familiar way, because Cat Grant is still the stuff of legend, and Cat Grant is still by her side.

And somehow, that means they’ll get out of this alive.

More placebo fic

For your placebo fic needs. @mulderina etc.

Rating:  R (I think SFW)

Timeline:  Pre-revival

Blue Algae

It had been weeks since they had last tried.  She told him it was his depression.  He told her it wasn’t just all in his head.  She told him he could get help.  He told her antidepressants would make it worse.  She told him it was okay.  He knew she was lying.

At first he would gloss over it by concentrating on her.  Touch her with his hands, his mouth, give her nights and days worth of orgasms.  As if he could distract her from the fact that they were falling apart if he only made her come hard enough.  

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A Dying Art - Part 2

summary; a prompt from phanfic 

phil has been a technician at radio 1 for a few years after graduating uni (he doesnt do yt) and dan is an up and coming vlogger who’s just got his own radio show. They meet at work and sometimes phil has to wander to the desk (in front of cameras) during a show and he and dan always joke around/flirt during songs so people start to ship them and things snowball from there

words: ~3k

warnings: mild alcohol references, swearing and its more angsty than part 1 i guess???




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And honestly I just need more red robin tim and Bruce like Bruce noticing the changes Tim went through, bruce being worried bc tim looks tired even with 6 hours of sleep and when b said he should sleep more tim just hummed and said okay pt3

OH OH bruce realising he isn’t the emergency contact of Tim’s when he’s hurt like hospital hurt, and it’s not dick or Barbara (so it’s an AU lets say he kind of tolerates jason kind of trusts him bc jay kind of saved his life) pt4

(Combining two anon requests because that’s how I roll)

When you have the motivation and time could you write some Tim and Bruce bonding with tim being red robin and everything maybe some protective batman? Or just batman hearing about tim leading the league of assassins or or idk im good with everything

Bruce. Dammit Bruce, are you listening?’

Bruce pulled himself from the quagmire of his own thoughts as Dick’s voice carried through on the comm-link, urgent and worried.

‘Yes,’ he replied, his voice hoarse. Speaking felt difficult and unnatural as his mind continued to barrage him with fears and accusations and doubts. Bruce faced the cold wind as it tugged at his cape, looking out towards the dark city but unable to focus, the lights and skyscrapers blurring together like water spilled on ink.

This is my fault.

‘Like I said,’ Dick continued. ‘Tim’s condition is stable. He’ll make it through. Jason got to him pretty quickly and Leslie was able to take care of him. But he lost a lot of blood, so it’ll take him a while to recover.’

Bruce was silent as he processed this information. ‘Did he call you, Dick?’

Dick paused on the other end, choosing his words carefully. ‘No. He called Jason, then Jason called me once they got to the hospital.’

‘What?’ Bruce felt his body tense up at the mention of Jason. He knew that Jason and Tim had a history now, that they had grown closer during the time Bruce had been gone… but why would Tim call Jason before him? Why would he trust Jason before him? 

‘Why.’ Bruce said through gritted teeth. 

‘You really need to ask Tim that, Bruce,’ Dick responded quietly. ‘But you might want to give it some ti—’

Bruce hung up on Dick, and swung off into the night, heading for Leslie’s clinic. As he travelled across the cityscape, he damned himself for not taking better care of Tim. For not insisting that he take better care of himself, not urging him to reach out whenever he needed help. And the more he thought about it, the more that old, familiar worry crept its way back into his subconscious, just as it had with Dick and Jason, Stephanie, Cassandra, Damian and everyone who had ever become involved in his mission, his crusade, his personal vendetta against crime in Gotham…

Next time, he might not make it. And it will be my fault. 

He didn’t even bother changing as he walked into Leslie’s clinic, checking at reception for an alias that might be Tim’s. He spotted the name “Alvin Draper” and took note of the room number, tossing the list down with more force than he had meant to. He stalked through the familiar halls, the sterilised, white-washed walls disorienting after the darkness of the city.

Bruce stopped cold in his tracks as he turned the corner. The figure at the end of the hall stood slowly as Bruce approached, his mouth set in a deep frown. 

Jason and Bruce had not seen each other for two years, and the last time they had seen each other, they had nearly killed each other. 

‘He doesn’t want to see you,’ Jason stated, simply; his tone verging on dangerous as he stood there in front of the door to Tim’s room protectively. His fists were clenched at his side.

‘Move, Jason,’ Bruce growled.

‘Make me.’ Jason challenged, his face inches from Bruce’s.

And they would have fought then and there had the door not opened roughly to reveal a very weak but frustrated Tim dressed in a medical gown, leaning on the IV stand. 

He glared at them both for a long second before he turned to Jason.

‘I need coffee,’ he said, his voice cold but level. Controlled.

‘Leslie said clear liquids only.’

‘Well Leslie isn’t here right now, is she?’ Tim snapped, emotion creeping into his biting tone.

He held Jason’s gaze, and Bruce could tell that an entire conversation was occurring, even in the silence. Jason searched Tim’s eyes, his mouth turned down in a sceptical, disapproving frown, before he let out a heavy breath.

‘Fine. Just don’t blame me if Leslie throws you out for being a terrible patient,’ he grumbled. Then he turned on his heels and stalked down the hallway without a second glance, leaving Bruce and Tim alone in the doorway.

‘Come in, Bruce.’

Tim turned away from Bruce and began to walk slowly back into his room, Bruce following behind him, hesitating. He stumbled once and Bruce reached out instinctively, touching his shoulder to steady him. But Tim held up a hand to stop him, even as his face contorted in pain.

‘I’m fine.’ he murmured, continuing towards the bed and sitting down on it with a grimace.

Bruce stood there by him, awkwardly. Worried, and confused, and guilty, and utterly at a loss for what to say. He couldn’t help noticing how Tim’s collarbone was peeking out of his hospital gown, how pale he looked, the bandages around his head, the dark bags under his eyes. And it broke him. 

‘Dick called me.’ he said finally.  

‘Of course he did.’ Tim propped his head back against the pillows, allowing his head to sink into the bed as he closed his eyes. ‘I guess he also told you about what happened, then. About the League.’

‘He told me you went after Ra’s. Alone.’

Bruce paused, waiting for Tim to confirm or deny this, but he said nothing; and for a moment Bruce thought he had fallen asleep. But he opened his eyes again and stared up at the ceiling listlessly, so Bruce pressed on. 

‘Why, Tim? Why would you do this alone? You of all people should have known the risk, the dangers after you faced him last time… after what he did to you.’ He paused, giving Tim the chance to say something, to explain himself, but Tim offered his nothing. 

‘You should have waited for me.’ Bruce said firmly. 

Why?’ Tim finally spoke, struggling to keep the anger out of his voice. ‘I knew the League and Ra’s were moving in Gotham. You and everyone else was I could have called was busy. So I made a decision. I weighed up the risks and the variables and concluded that I would be able to at least stall them from doing any damage to the city. And I was right.’

‘He almost killed you, Tim. Again. You learned nothing.’

Tim laughed at that, a harsh, bitter laugh that cut into the silence of the hospital room.  He pulled himself up into a sitting position and looked at Bruce, glaring at him. 

‘Is everything I do these days a mistake to you, Bruce? Are my actions meaningless and senseless because I’m not doing them under your direct orders? Because I’m making independent decisions?’


‘You used to trust me when I was Robin,’ Tim continued, cutting him off. ‘Why don’t you trust me now?’

‘You’re not the same Tim. You’ve changed so much that I… sometimes you seem like a completely different person.’

Tim buried his head in his hands with a shaky breath. It was such a Bruce thing to say, and he hated him for it. But he knew there was some truth to his words, He knew he had changed. 

The truth was, something had broken when Bruce had died and everything had gone to shit. Something had tipped the balance, pushed Tim over the edge. Whereas before he had been able to hide his pain and loss under a careful guise of stubborn, calculated realism, now his pain was like an open wound. His anger was quicker, his heart subdued. He was more likely to distrust than trust, more likely to condemn rather than to show mercy… and this scared him. 

Ironically, Bruce’s death had brought him the closest to one of his biggest fears: it had made him like Batman.

But Tim knew that he was not Batman. That even if he had changed, he had also grown. He had grown in confidence, in his skills and abilities. He had reformed friendships and mended relationships. He had faced his fears and his pain and his sorrow… and he had moved past them.  

But Bruce had not been here to see it. Bruce couldn’t even begin to know… 

So Tim forgave him, just this once. 

‘I have changed Bruce,’ Tim finally said, his voice quiet, and Bruce looked up at him as he spoke. ‘Your death changed me. Becoming Red Robin changed me. But it didn’t happen overnight. It was a build up of everything that’s happened to me in my life as Tim Drake, as Robin, as Red Robin… everything I’ve been through and seen. 

‘My experiences have moulded me into who I am today, the same as you. Like it or not, this is who I am. And I need you to trust me again, Bruce. That I’m making the right calls, that I’m doing the best I can, that I have learned from my past mistakes.’ Tim gestured at the hospital bed and IV drip. ‘Because there will be more nights like this to come.’

Hrn.’ The corner of Bruce’s mouth turned up in a small smile as Tim finished. Tim noticed and narrowed his eyes.


Bruce shook his head. ‘I just remember saying something similar to Alfred once. “There will be more nights like this to come, so you’d better get used to it…”’

They both laughed and looked away with awkward smiles. And it almost, almost, felt right again. Bruce held his breath for a moment, then pulled his cowl down as Tim sat there in silence.

‘Can I trust you to take care of yourself, Tim?’

That caught Tim off guard. Bruce could see it in his eyes, the hesitation, uncertainty as he turned away and looked out the window.

‘I promise I’ll try and get more sleep.’ Tim said, his tired voice filled with sarcasm. ‘If you’ll promise me to give Jason another chance. He’s changed too, Bruce.’

Now it was Bruce’s turn to hesitate. He said nothing as he head towards the window and opened it, the cold air rushing into the room. Tim shivered and pulled the blanket up around his torso, glaring at Bruce. 

‘I trust your judgement, Tim. If you truly think Jason has changed… then I believe you.’

And just like that, Bruce was gone. Tim stared out the open window pensively, before turning back to the door. 


Jason scoffed as he crossed the room and closed the window. ‘There was no need for him to get so emotional over me. God.’

Tim frowned, a scowl crossing his face. ‘Where’s my coffee?’ 

‘Oh, yeah,’ Jason ran a hand through his hair, and apologetic grin gracing his face. ‘About that…’

As if on cue, Leslie burst into the room with a crushed plastic coffee cup in hand, and a look that could kill.

And Jason opened the window again and jumped out of it, abandoning Tim to his fate. 

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Sophii! I had an idea: can you make a little fic from one of the God's points of view where they wake up and find Mount Olympus has moved to America? Thanks! --Ryanthehan

  • the throne room shook in an old and familiar way, one that roused the interest of the gods no matter what inane pastime they were occupying themselves with 
  • Olympus rumbled and groaned as its very foundation was lifted from its perch 
  • the Olympians gather on the grand balcony, staring down as the mortal world that has kept them going passes 
  • None of them say a word to each other, not wanting to have the same conversation that they’ve had so many times since leaving home 
  • “where do you think we’re going” “_____ has been building power for a while, maybe there” “think Zeus knows?” “he looks as lost as the rest of us” “I miss Greece” “me too” “think anyone will have temples of us where we’re going” “I don’t know, Hestia. Let’s hope.” 
  • they arrive with a crash, the entirety of Olympus groaning to a halt 
  • the Gods grip the railing as they look down on their new home 
  • The West expands before them, a testament to what remains of their power. A beacon of hope that they could once again become what they were so long ago. 
  • “think this time will be different?” “how long do you think we’ll get to stay?” “anyone see any temples?” “it doesn’t look like Greece at all” “I wonder who our heroes will be” 
  • they seem to collectively take a deep breath, and when they exhale the air around them seems lighter 
  • Apollo is the first to depart, bidding his fellow Olympians a farewell as he goes to see what the Horizon has to offer. 
  • Artemis soon follows, looking towards the forests for what beasts need to be slain 
  • Aphrodite giggles as she sees a spotlight in LA that could use someone to stand under it 
  • Dionysus hears the faint call of a music festival and leaves to see how hard this new place can party 
  • Ares spots the small spark of a bar brawl and runs off to fan the flames 
  • the museums, with their Greek architecture, call to Athena who wonders if they hold any new specks of wisdom for her 
  • Hephaestus hears the clank of machinery at MIT and stumbles forward to see what innovations are being brought to life
  • the chatter of workers as they are sent down to a coal mine rings in Hades’ ears and he heads towards the Underground 
  • Poseidon can see the roar of the Bering Sea against the hulking crab fishing boats, and he goes to resume the life of a sailor 
  • Zeus smirks as his eyes land on a group of politicians at a burlesque club, leaving under the pretense of going to meet powerful people 
  • Hera retreats to her private palace, hoping that this new home has at least a taste of the love and devotion she used to see so often, back in simpler times 
  • Hestia watches her family leave, piece by piece until she is once again alone on the balcony, “Ok, you guys go ahead and check it out” 
  • she hops up to lean over the railing, smiling down at all the homes, both stable and makeshift that people have created 
  • the crackle of the hearth catches her attention and she turns away from the new world below to walk back towards the throne room
  • “I’ll wait here.” 
[TRANS] 150828 Yixing - SINA Article and Interview

(translator’s note: a long but worthwhile article + interview about Yixing from Sina Entertainment; as usual, important parts are highlighted ^^)

At the recently held press conference for <To Be A Better Man>, Zhang Yixing who is acting in a TV drama for the first time met with his fellow cast member on <Go Fighting> Sun Honglei again. When the topic turned to the use of Weibo, Zhang Yixing who looked experienced turned to Sun Honglei and asked, “Honglei-ge, do you know what “a slip of the hand” means?” Sun Honglei charmingly smiled and did not reply, Zhang Yixing then very seriously explained, “It is when you see some not so good things on Weibo, if you accidentally click ‘like’ it won’t be very good…” Sun Honglei humorously asked, “What things?” Yixing who had not realised that he was being teased wanted to explain knowledgeably, but the audience below the stage had burst into laughter, even Sun Honglei himself jumped up and hid behind the chair, his eyes narrowing with glee. Yixing was dumbstruck for 1.5 seconds, before ambiguously telling the audience below the stage “thank you everyone”.

“Adorkable” seems to have become Zhang Yixing’s fixed label, in <Go Fighting>, what those “old foxes” familiar with the ways of the world often say is, “Yixing is a child, he’s too genuine.” In our conversation, this genuineness was proven many times, for example he would call his younger self with a chest circumference of 104 “fat” without mercy, and he would state his opinion of people who have been the subject of criticism (such as Wang Xun who has recently become “male scum”) outright. When it comes to questions he really doesn’t want to answer, he would simply state: this is a personal topic, can you leave me some space, thank you.

Sincere but not greasy, perhaps it’s because he is still young, perhaps it’s because of his values. When Wu Yifan, Luhan, and Huang Zitao returned to China to develop one after another, EXO was left with Zhang Yixing as the only Chinese member. Things began to get more sinister between the fresh meats, with fans adding fuel to the fire and secretly spreading attacks and rumours that are hard to distinguish true from false. Some people say Zhang Yixing is an artificial “white lotus flower” (t/n: a way of saying that a person pretends to be pure and innocent but is actually calculative and scheming inside), to that, he noncommittally said: It doesn’t matter what they say, let time prove it all for me.

Or perhaps, like the line that Zhang Yixing likes to say – this line has become <Go Fighting>’s motto – I think there ought to be a little more trust between people.

A little fresh meat that everyone likes to bully? “It’s more like I don’t know worldly things, don’t know the ways of the world.”

Sina: <To Be A Better Man> is your first TV project, why did you choose it to be your TV debut?

YX: We have also received scripts of many different themes, but because I’m not very familiar with scripts, so I’m willing to trust Honglei-ge, I think Honglei-ge is a trustworthy gege.

Sina: He tricked you so many times yet you still believe him?

YX: After filming more than 10 episodes of <Go Fighting>, naturally a sense of trust will form. Even though while playing the games I don’t dare to trust these few geges, in real life I trust them very much.

Sina: According to the synopsis, your role in the drama is a little fresh meat that everyone likes to bully, is that a performance of your true self (t/n: when an actor’s true personality is similar to the character he plays)?

YX: Everyone likes to bully…I think it’s more like I don’t know worldly things, don’t know the ways of the world, and don’t know myself too well either.

Sina: You even have a love line in the drama, to what extent can you accept romantic scenes now?

YX: (Laughs) This question is so incisive. I think, as an actor I should solemnly say, I need to adapt to various kinds of roles, if there are such roles I should also try them.

Sina: Are there kissing scenes in this drama?

YX: I don’t know, maybe fans won’t be too agreeable…

Sina: If there really are kissing scenes?

YX: If there really are, then I have to brace myself and do it.

Sina: In a previous interview you said you looked forward to a love at first sight scenario, can you tell us the details?

YX: Maybe everyone would be doing their own things, then they would lightly raise their heads, and notice each other’s gaze, and in that second maybe they will like each other. If I look at her but she glances somewhere else, then it won’t work. We must both have that mutual feeling.

Sina: After love at first sight, where do you imagine your first date with the girl would be?

YX: I think it can be at a coffee shop, or we can go to the cinema. If we are in school, the piano room is not bad, I can play a tune for her.

Sina: Nowadays cross-border romances have become a hit, many Korean oppas have “taken away” our pretty jiejies, do you want to even the odds and “bring back” a Korean girl?

YX: Ah? I think love has no international barriers, when fate arrives it will naturally come. Actually our Chinese girls are also very pretty, you see our personal studio’s little secretary is also very pretty, fans are of course the prettiest, right, haha.

Big squirrel Wang Xun has become “male scum”? “I believe gege can handle it well, in any case our Go Fighting gang will always be behind him.”

Sina: This time you’ve met Honglei-ge again, how do you feel?

YX: Very happy, I missed him a lot. After <Go Fighting> ended we didn’t meet up much, each of us were busy with our work, sometimes at night I will dream of these geges, dream of Honglei-ge saying “Aiya, such visuals, my gosh!”

Sina: Can you evaluate Honglei-ge’s visuals sincerely from your heart?

YX: I think a man’s visuals should come from within, I think Honglei-ge is handsome enough, manly enough.

Sina: Then can you evaluate yourself?

YX: I still have room for improvement, maybe in a few years, after I have interacted with more people and experienced more things, I can slowly sustain the side of a man. Right now I’m still a little like a child, I still need to grow.

Sina: It feels like you’ve grown very fast in <Go Fighting>.

YX: Yes, that’s what I also think, I’ve indeed learnt many things. To say it honestly, in the past maybe I felt that to do a reality show, I’ll have to be who I really am. But now I know I shouldn’t be so serious, actually it’s just a game, when the game has ended we are still good brothers, maybe at that time I didn’t think about this point clearly.

Sina: At first did you make a big deal out of it?

YX: Yes I did, but that is also the real me. I remember at that time I even posted on Weibo, saying I can accept the criticism and suggestions everyone gave me, and that I will slowly improve and grow, I hope that my recent growth has not disappointed everyone.

Sina: You must be the little didi (t/n: little brother) that everyone takes care of most on the show.

YX: The geges are all very good, take care of me very well, I can’t finish talking about it. For example, something that everyone cannot see – when we get on the car, because my waist will hurt sometimes, Wang Xun ge will say, you sit here. Honglei-ge too, every time there is something to eat, he always says, Yixing you eat first.

Sina: Recently Wang Xun has been getting some bad press, what do you think?

YX:  I think this is Wang Xun ge’s personal matter, I think gege can handle it well, in any case our Go Fighting gang will always be behind him.

Sina: Right now everyone is saying, reality shows are scripted, so are some of your behavior also required by the script?

YX: I can make a clarification about this to the large audience, there really isn’t anyone telling us how to go about with the next step. The only person who can grasp the thread (running through the episodes) clearly is my master Huang Lei. You don’t have to tell him, he can really analyse it all, I’ve got to hand it to him.

EXO Chinese members terminating their contracts and having smoother developments back home? “I hope they will keep doing well all the way, but I am also walking my own road.”

Sina: After recording this program, will you be careful when dealing with people or things in real life?

YX: I think this is something everyone should possess, I remember a jiejie in our personal studio telling me, that trust is unconditional, but maybe through various little things afterwards, this thing (trust) will be worn away, broken. But I feel that between people, we ought to have a little more trust.

Sina: Have you ever been cheated by a friend, or even been betrayed?

YX: I have. If something like that happens it would be stepping on my bottom line, then I will no longer communicate with him.

Sina: Do you think you can form true friendships in the entertainment circle through trust?

YX: You’ll always be able to find them. Heart to heart, I think if you work hard to do this, you’ll always be able to obtain acceptance by others one day.

Sina: Will antis and the shade thrown at you on the internet now be a blow to you?

YX: When I first debuted it did affect me, but the more I walk forwards, I feel that I should also thank them for their attention towards me, there might really be things I’m lacking in. I’m not the RMB (Chinese yuan), it’s impossible for everyone to like me. It’s better to be myself, and then maintain a grateful heart, it doesn’t matter what they say, you must be yourself. Just like a line in the song lyrics I wrote, let time prove it all for me. (t/n: “ 就让时间来为我证明” in “Promise”)

Sina: Many of the Chinese ex-members of EXO have terminated their contracts and returned to China, and also have very good developments, will this have an impact on your mentality?

YX: If they are doing well I will give them my blessings, I hope they will keep doing well all the way. But I am also walking my own road, my expectations of myself are also very strict, I am always working very hard to do what I can do.

Sina: Some fans also wish you can come back (to China).

YX: Actually to be honest, I don’t understand this issue of coming back or not coming back very well, because I’m always having activities in China right now, even my members say they miss me when they can’t see me. Furthermore since the time I went overseas when I was 17 till now, I’ve always been a Chinese, my heart has always been here.

Sina: Now you are the only Chinese kid in the group, will you feel a bit lonely?

YX: No, I think our company will keep looking for thousands and thousands of Chinese people (laughs). If possible, actually I hope we can even groom a Chinese celebrity group ourselves.

Old pictures resemble Du Haitao (t/n: one of the Happy Camp cast members)? “At that time I was fat, every time we measured our chest circumference during physical examinations, the female classmates in front of me only measured 80+, but my measurement was 104.”

Sina: Right now a picture of you when you were young is spreading on the internet, netizens even thought it was Du Haitao. At that time how heavy were you, you were slightly plump.

YX: At that time I was 70(kg), I wasn’t slightly plump, I was fat.

Sina: Did you like to eat a lot when you were young?

YX: Let me tell you something really explosive, I’ve never told anyone this before, when I was young I ate till I vomited. At a Beijing McDonald’s, I ate two chicken burgers, one Big Mac, and three portions of french fries, and then there was also chicken wings, I ate like that, and in the end I vomited.

Sina: How old were you at that time?

YX: I think I was 8, ay that’s wrong that’s wrong, 9 years old…oh, that’s wrong, 10 years old. Around that age, 8, 9, 10, or maybe 11 years old (Sina reporter has become muddled).

Sina: Then how did you make up your mind to lose weight?

YX: I wanted to make some demands of myself. Because every time we had a physical examination in school, everyone would have to take off their clothes and measure their chest circumference etc. My classmates would sometimes share the results of their physical examinations, maybe the female classmate in front of me would only be 80+ (t/n: units not stated but probably in cm), other friends would also be 60 or 70 etc, but my measurement was 104, I really felt very ashamed, at that time my heart really took a blow. So I made up my mind to lose weight no matter what.

Sina: How did you lose weight?

YX: In two years, I didn’t eat any oily food, everything was boiled. I ate vegetables and noodles, every morning in general I ate noodles, vegetables, and an egg. I didn’t have dinner, I only ate fruits. I didn’t eat Kentucky or McDonald’s, and my body weight came down like this.

Sina: Then do you still maintain this kind of diet now?

YX: Now I exercise more.

A little fresh meat with only visuals? “Actually since I debuted I’ve always felt that I wanted to be a celebrity with talent.”

Sina: You previously said you hope you can be an all-rounded celebrity, at the current stage which skills do you wish to improve on?

YX: Language and acting skills.

Sina: You previously said you wanted to act as a T-rex, why?

YX: When I was young I watched <Jurassic Park>, at the end the T-rex gave a roar. Recently in <Jurassic World> it was also the same, the final roar that the T-rex gave was so handsome! Furthermore it stood on the tarmac, walked up slowly and leisurely, then opened its mouth and roared, wah, too handsome!

Sina: Now you have also acted in a few movies, how many points do you give your own acting skills?

YX: 0 marks, can I say that? Because when choosing my roles, I might choose a role that is more similar to my own personality, so for me to really act in a different kind of role, in terms of my control over it I’m definitely not as good as other teachers or seniors, I still have to learn and charge up.

Sina: You can work with your Go Fighting geges, they are all acting veterans.

YX: If geges are willing to work with me then it would be my fortune for three lifetimes, but first of all, in terms of my lines I might still have a bit of a Hunan accent, if I really want to act, I must more or less pay attention to it.

Sina: Is it because men are not too willing to change their hometown accents?

YX: Actually I personally also don’t see any problems with it, but I must be answerable to the large audience.

Sina: Can you reveal the genres of your new songs?

YX: R&B, hip-hop. Yes, it’s mainly like this, as well as electronic music.

Sina: Will you still take part in <Go Fighting 2> next time?

YX: Of course, little secretary (referring to his staff beside him), we must join <Go Fighting 2>.

Sina: Idols must all look our for their idol image, aren’t you worried that after taking part in a reality show and laying bare yourself, your idol aura will be ruined?

YX:  Actually since I debuted I’ve always felt that I wanted to be a celebrity with talent (t/n: the type that relies more on talent than visuals) (Sina reporter could not help laughing a little at this point~~) Don’t laugh at me like that (embarrassed), I hope I can be given more time, for everyone to understand me better. A man can exhibit many different sides, not just whether they are good-looking or not, I hope I can let everyone see a different me, this is what I wish for most.

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Taylor's "Old Self."

People are always talking about Taylor trying to “find her old self again” based on that line in All Too Well (I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it.) Some people think she still hasn’t, that whoever she was before Jake is lost and gone forever. Some people think she has, but only just, as it’s taken her a while to get back to that point. But what her “old self” really means seems to be the thing that most people disagree on - is it her clothes, her music style, the way she smiles in pictures…?
The thing is, Taylor had already found herself well before any of us even heard All Too Well. In all honesty, I believe Taylor found herself well over two years ago, on the day she decided to sit down and write Begin Again. I think the entire Red album is a from start to finish story of her losing herself, and then finding herself, again.
State of Grace opens the album with lines like “this love is brave and wild,” and “love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right.” The song is about engaging in a love that is perhaps dangerous, but that Taylor thinks is brave instead of reckless - which is what she has always thought, and has always been proven wrong about. But, not this time, she thinks. This time I’ll be right.
Onto Treacherous where the theme of “dangerous but I kinda like it” continues on - “nothing safe is worth the drive, and I will follow you home.” Risking everything for a person because you truly believe they’ll be worth it in the end, no matter that your friends and family tell you he’s bad news, no matter that even you know he’s bad news…classic Taylor, again.
I Knew You Were Trouble, Treacherous’ evil twin, obviously represents the breakdown of what both State of Grace and Treacherous tried to peddle to us. SOG and Treacherous tried to get us thinking that this dangerous guy would be worth it, that he seemed like bad news, but he would prove himself in the end. IKYWT is the “fuck, was I stupid” of the album. “And the saddest fear comes creeping in, that you never loved me, or her, or anyone, or anything…” An underrated line, because I think it’s the start of Taylor losing herself on this album. Her saddest fear, the breakdown of everything she believed in, everything she’s always believed in, has just come true. That this love wasn’t brave, or wild, it was stupidly reckless and heartbreaking. Again. This line is so underrated because it’s the buildup to All Too Well, the very first glimpse at Taylor losing all the things she believed in.
I Almost Do, The Last Time, and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together are like triplets that represent the different phases of post break up destruction.I Almost Do is the story of Taylor shutting someone out of her life simply because to let them back in, even for the tiniest of moments, would be much, much too painful. But she still dreams about them, in vivid heartbreaking detail, and every time it’s like she can feel herself falling back into it. Almost. Of course, she catches herself every time, because she’s not like she was anymore. She refuses to be naive, silly enough to think she could ever make things work again.
The Last Time, however, is Taylor giving into those naive temptations…maybe just a couple times. Trying to salvage whatever was so “good and right” about the relationship, desperately clinging on to those last remaining bits of happiness.
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together sounds like the acceptance song. Happy and upbeat sounds like acceptance, right? But Taylor was still angry. Anger isn’t acceptance.
The real acceptance song is Sad Beautiful Tragic. SBT has no anger, no heightened emotions whatsoever. It’s dismally sad, to the point of just giving up, plain and simple. This was a love that Taylor had to give up, though, otherwise…that perfect, peppy forever love she wrote about in Stay Stay Stay was never going to be hers. That person she kept waiting for, the one who made her stop believing in the things that make her who she is, they weren’t ever going to come back. SBT is the final nail in the coffin, which is why it is appropriately the last sad song on the album.
Now, what three songs does Taylor choose to stack back to back to back as the ending songs?
1.) Everything Has Changed - a song about meeting someone who, in some way shape or form, is so amazing that it literally causes something in your life to change. What ‘everything’ is was left more or less to the imagination - but I think 'everything’ refers more to Taylor’s feelings about relationships and love, in a “Mine” kind of way. Taylor might have been wondering why anyone even bothers with love like she had been the last time she had gotten her heart truly broken, but then someone came into her life and had her start thinking that old familiar Fearless type of way again.
2.) Starlight - a song circa Mary’s Song that channels the energy of “forever love”, with magical stories about commonplace events, that don’t feel so commonplace when they’re about love, that thing that Taylor is so obsessed with. The line “don’t you dream impossible things?” always felt cryptic to me; the Ethel Kennedy story wasn’t a particularly enchanted or impossible one. But what I think Taylor was getting at with this was the idea that true love, forever love itself, is an impossible thing. But she dreams of it, finally, again, after I Knew You Were Trouble’s fatal let down.
3.) Begin Again - “I’ve been spending the last eight months, thinking all love ever does is break, and burn, and end. But on a Wednesday, in a Cafe’, I watched it begin again.” I think that not only did Taylor find love again, not only did she start believing in it again, but she also found herself again. Because believing in true love is so much of who Taylor is, that when it’s taken away, by that creeping fear from IKYWT, it’s like parts of herself go missing and she gets paralyzed. She needs to believe in forever love to truly be her old self.
With these things in mind, Red plays like a story about finding something so amazing that feels so real, and then losing it, and losing yourself along with it. Only to find it again, slowly, bit by bit, song by song, until…you watch it begin again.



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written by queencotes

When she finally gathers the courage to press the call button, she’s surprised at herself. The dial tone almost makes her jump, and she only just gets the phone to her ear before hearing the familiar click of connection.


“DiNozzo.” he says, cheerily, and his voice makes her breath catch. He sounds the same as ever, just her usual Tony, and she doesn’t know if she’s ever missed him more than now.


“Hello, Tony.”


She hears his breath hitch as he pauses, and she shuffles awkwardly where she sits, wishing rather desperately she was right in front of him right now and not hundreds of miles away talking down a shaky connection.


He sounds slightly stunned.


“Are… How are you?” 
She swallows slowly, the awkward air between them rising, stifling.


“I’m okay. It’s, uh, nice to hear your voice.” he says, and she can hear the smile behind his words.


“It’s nice to hear your voice, too.” she replies quietly, a grin inching its way across her own lips despite herself, only to fall again as she attempts to explain the reason she called. “I wanted to ask you something.”


He murmurs an okay, and she speaks hesitantly, eyes trained on the ground as if it’ll somehow make it easier to say.


“I am on my way to Greece in two days. I know it is short notice, but Tony, if there’s any chance you’d still want to see me—“




Her heart seems to skip a beat.
“Tony?” she asks, scared to even confirm his words.


“Yes, Ziva.” He laughs in between his words and it sends a thrill right through her.


She can’t help but smile.




She doesn’t quite know what to pack. It seems all she owns is spread out on her bed, and after trying for the third time it refuses to all fit in her suitcase, yet again.


“This is pointless.” she mutters to herself, running a hand through her hair in frustration. Her curls still feel odd, having been cut only a few days ago. It was a sudden, rash decision, but the new Ziva, the one who does good, who has atoned for her sins, felt a little too much like the old Ziva when the tresses tumbled down her back. The breeze may feel odd on her neck and the bangs fall in front of her eyes rather often, but she feels good. She feels different. She can only hope Tony likes the change, too.


Her phone buzzes suddenly, dragging her out of her thoughts.
“Just leaving. See you soon :)” reads the textShe smirks at the emoticon, then suddenly pictures him ambling through his apartment, flicking the lights off lazily before shooting off a text to her. Her heart aches to see him again, and with a quick reply she picks up her suitcase once more. It’s not long now.




Her flight arrives a half hour before his. She stands around in the arrivals hall with her bag at her feet and her stomach twisting with butterflies, a coffee in hand that she forgets to drink until it’s lukewarm and bitter. The minutes inch by at a torturous pace, with more and more flights seeming to turn up but only minutes having passed. Despite knowing he’s not due for a while yet, though, with each crowded mass of people her heart seems to trip over itself. The melee scatters into mothers and boyfriends and gangs of teens tottering round in heels each time, as expected, and with a resigned sigh she tosses the coffee into the trash and stands straighter, arms folded and her eyes on the crowd.


The screen tells her his flight’s arrived after she already knows. The frequent glances to her watch where time has eventually passed, combined with a gut feeling, just tell her he’s near and when the start of the passengers begin to filter in she can hardly breathe.


And then he’s there. Bag in hand, and wearing a white fitted shirt that makes her ache in an old familiar way, he struts along with a grin on his face, and slows to a halt as he scans large room for her. She can tell when he locks on; he stands upright, shoulders raised a little in anticipation, and she’s waiting for one of them to make the first move when he’s walking suddenly. He speeds toward her, almost breaking into a jog as he grows near, and she hears the dull thud of his bag dropping to the ground just before his arms wrap round her. Her eyes squeeze shut as she buries her head in his shoulder without even thinking, and she holds him tight as they sway a little on the spot from the force of their embrace.


“I missed you so much.” he says, through a laugh.


“I missed you too, Tony.” 
She laughs as well, and though she doesn’t know why, she’s crying a little too.


He pulls back, eyes darting all over her.
“Your hair.”
He sounds mildly hurt, but when he sweeps his hands under it to cup her jaw and cheeks, she knows he’s not serious.


“I like it.”
He smirks, then leans in and presses his lips to hers. His thumbs brush up and down against her skin as he gently pulls her closer, and she slides her arms round his waist to press herself right up against him. He feels warm and soft and comfortable, and if she didn’t have to pull away, she wouldn’t. He trails kisses over her jaw, her cheek, her nose, holding her so gently it’s like she might break. And then he lets his lips rest by her ear and her heart pounds as she waits for him to speak, a hushed, breathless whisper.


“I love you.”


Her hand rests against the back of his neck, fingers brushing short hairs right at the nape, and she runs her hand down as she replies, “I love you too.”


He kisses her again, briefly, then moves away to scoop up his suitcase with an eager grin aimed at her. She picks up her own bag, tugs his hand into hers, and they step out the arrivals hall. Together.

softieboys  asked:

KIDDING!!! narry and 15 pls :)

1.8k of canon compliant light angst ;) 

Niall calls Harry because his mum rang off with at least fifteen minutes left before their food is ready and the rest of the lads are up the coast, trying to catch sight of a whale. Niall’s slept on the beach enough times now to have been jolted awake by one of them blowing a spurt of air and water out of its blowhole and every time, his heart starts pounding like someone got past hotel security and broke into his room. 

He’s never sure why he was so afraid of that, except that Greg had found a baby bird when he was small. He coddled it and protected it and even used to like to carry around in his hand, but when Maura finally got fed up and school started up again, they’d had to find a cage for the bird, because it couldn’t go back into the wild. It never learned how to fly.

The phone rings once, twice, five times until the line goes quiet. That’s always seemed weird to Niall, that when someone finally answers your call the line goes quieter, as though with all the things you’re not saying. 

“Hello?” Harry finally mumbles. 

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The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

Leave Comedy to the Bears, Ebenezer

by Andrew Root

Jim Henson was dead, to begin with. A freak bout of pneumonia had taken away the man who was at the centre of countless projects and characters; the very voice of Kermit himself. Richard Hunt—who performed Beaker, Scooter, Sweetums, and Statler, among many others—had also died, and the number of beloved characters that had been shelved out of respect was ever growing. How could The Muppets survive after such a monumental loss? It would be foolish to think that the idea to shut down Muppet Studios wasn’t bandied about across more than one boardroom table. How do you come back from that? How do the children find the strength to go on when the father has died?

One of the truly remarkable aspects of the Muppets was that despite all of their endearing self-deprecation (early Gonzo) and in-fighting (Fozzie vs. Statler & Waldorf), they were not only susceptible to, but also revelled in great moments of pure, unadulterated optimism. During the climactic showdown between Kermit and an obsessive restaurateur in 1979’s The Muppet Movie, the beloved frog (then still performed by Jim Henson) delivers one of the most genuine, heartfelt, and unquestionably true monologues on the nature of friendship. What he says is this:

I’ve got a dream too. But it’s about singing and dancing and making people happy. That’s the kind of dream that gets better the more people you share it with. And, well, I’ve found a whole bunch of friends who have the same dream. And, well, it kind of makes us like a family.

Over the course of his journey, Kermit’s dream has been scoffed. He has encountered hardship after hardship, not least of which is a psychotic frog-leg enthusiast, and as Kermit struggles to find the words to reconcile his frustration with his pursuers and his generally positive outlook on life, he stumbles on this immutable true revelation on the nature of friendship; that what you are doing with your life is not as important as the people that you are doing it with. This may well be the central ethos to the entire family of Muppet performers. What choice did they have but to pick up and keep going?

Choosing their next project would be an incredibly difficult task. It would need to be a story that embodied their commitment to positivity, featured a wide variety of memorable characters, and had a solid emotional core. By choosing to adapt Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, they got all of those things. At its heart, this story is about redemption, about coming out of the blackness of solitude, denying cynicism, celebrating love, and above all, carrying on tradition. In embracing these themes, the Muppeteers were also committing to a sea change; with Jim gone, the status quo had been swept away, and shaking things up was a necessity.

The Muppet Christmas Carol is a true ensemble work. Michael Caine brilliantly fills the shoes of Ebenezer Scrooge and provides a performance with seemingly boundless range. He is cruel and flinty; broken and remorseful; joyful and loving; all without sacrificing the continuity of his character. Seeing Scrooge experience happiness is like watching a newborn fawn finding its legs. He simply does not know what to do with himself! Caine’s performance is also noteworthy for being one of the only human characters in the film, a stark contrast to 1984’s cameo-packed The Muppets Take Manhattan (Kermit and the gang’s last big screen outing). With fewer humans filling up the scenery, it’s up to the Muppets themselves to fully populate this world. The way that these characters are used is another indicator of the evolution of the Muppets; for one thing, Kermit and Fozzie don’t have any scenes together. The original trinity of Kermit, Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear is downplayed in favour of the interactions between Gonzo and Rizzo. The chemistry between these two characters is unmatchable and completely fresh. Kermit and Miss Piggy form the emotional core of the film, ruminating on the nature of family, love, and togetherness, while Gonzo and Rizzo form more direct connections with the audience, breaking the forth wall with delicious precision and intent (when the narrators don’t want to stick around because the story is getting too scary, it’s a fairly good indicator that something frightening is about to happen). How does one talk about the casting of a film in which most of the characters are puppets? “The manufacturing?” Whatever the vocabulary, the characterization is beautiful. With 20 years of characters to fall back on, it would have been easy to rely on established personalities rather than forge ahead into new territory, but here again we find the Muppeteer’s commitment to change.The three ghosts that Scrooge encounters work so well for their particular idiom that the idea of shoehorning Scooter into the role of the Ghost of Christmas Past seems perverse. Where Muppet cameos are used, the old familiar faces appear in ways that instantly resonate (Robin the Frog as Tiny Tim jumps instantly to mind, as do Statler and Waldorf as Jacob and the ingeniously named Robert Marley). It’s a clear indication that the Muppeteers are not resting.

Much credit must go to Brian Henson - Jim’s son - who picked up the reins and directed this film as his first feature. While it may seem strange to comment on mise en scène in a film that contains talking rats, it is an important aspect of what makes this film so well-crafted. The Muppets are always shot to fill the frame, a trend which would diminish with each subsequent Muppet film until (during the ghastly Muppet Wizard of Oz), the puppets are relegated to the bottom half of the screen.

Look at this frame from 1999’s Muppets From Space. That is 18 inches of wasted headroom. Perhaps it was the changing trends in aspect ratios that forced the Muppets into wider and wider angles, and that Muppet movies were meant to be seen in the old 4:3 home video format, but whatever the case, that the Muppets are treated with the same (sometimes more) care as the human performers speaks volumes about Brian Henson’s commitment to his father and his friend’s creations.

Just as Scrooge found salvation in his fellow man, so too the Muppeteers must have found solace in each other. When Scrooge is confronted by the regret of how he spent his younger days, and how the manner of his ways cost him the love of his life, he curses the Ghost of Christmas Past. She replies by saying “These are the shadows of the things that have been. That they are what they are, do not blame me.” Above all things, the past is unchanging and unapologetic, but the future (so terrifyingly depicted here) is mutable. Every year that passes is an opportunity. Jim Henson is gone and we cannot change that. What we can do is try our best to live up to his ideals and the ideals of this film; to make a positive connection with the people around us, and to revel in the togetherness of loved ones, whatever form they may take.

Andrew Root is a writer living in Canada, and a Senior Editor at Bright Wall/Dark Room. This piece originally ran on the site in 2010.

The Shining One (DenNor Faerie AU)

“Magnus,” said the voice that had brought him to the clearing, and at last he managed to direct his gaze towards the speaker. A man, no older than Magnus himself – or so it seemed, for Magnus knew that faerie lives beat to the rhythm of something far deeper and older than the frantic pace of human existence – was sitting on a simple throne of dark wood, patterned with rough carvings and inlaid with silver. His face was half-hidden beneath a dark blue mask, the eyes outlined in the same silver as patterned all the courtiers’ clothes; his crown stretched up like a nest of icicles the pale blue of winter skies, and his full lips wore the same look of amusement as all the other faeries.

In which Magnus, a young farmhand, finds himself in the Unseelie Court, darkest and cruellest of all the faeries, and falls for the charms of its beguiling king - Sindre, the Shining One of the forest. As time goes by, he becomes more and more enthralled by the king and forgets the most important lesson of the old stories - never trust a faerie. 

Den - Magnus
Nor - Sindre

Summary is dreadful, but this is a birthday present for my wonderful friend and senpai @aphnorja. I promised her faerie DenNor, and I hope I’ve managed to deliver. Happy birthday, dear Jeni! :3

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Silver Lining

by Polkadot
Prompts: Australia, City, Liking something too much


Belle had a scar. Right above the left corner of her mouth and barely half an inch long. A small, delicate trace of silver that he’d noticed straight away the first time he’d met her. Even before he had noticed her eyes. Or the way she smiled. 

Belle was a breath of fresh air. A smart, quirky mind amongst the dull monotony that was Storybrooke. Despite the resistance he’d offered - twenty years of habit were hard to break, she’d managed to break down most of his walls piece by piece. They’d become friends, good friends in fact, until one day, over hamburgers and iced tea at Granny’s he had realized with a start that he couldn’t imagine his life without her anymore. 

He had watched from across the table how her little scar had caught the light as she was talking enthusiastically and softly smiled a private smile. 

He was glad to be her friend. 

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