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Assassin’s Creed Main Characters and Their Favourite Pokemons

Brought to you by septimaseverina and yours truly.

Altair: Mewtwo

Malik: Hoothoot

II: Charmander

Brotherhood: Charmeleon

Revelations: Charizard

Connor: Eevee

Haytham: Gastly

Aveline: Chikorita

Edward: Psyduck

Adewale: Bulbasaur

Arno: Staryu

Elise: Ponyta

Shay: Pikachu

Desmond: Jigglypuff

What if AC main characters had modern versions of their civilian/non-Assassin jobs?

Here’s what I got:

Altaïr ibn-L’Ahad: Interpol officer/personal security business like Homeland security

Ezio Auditore: Real estate and housing entrepreneur, plus land owner of various lots, with banking endoresment

Connor/Ratonhnhaké:ton: Town councilman who owns a shipping enterprise (occasional cultural and nature welfarist)

Edward Kenway: (okay, this one’s stretch abit) Nautical wares/Seafarer (may or may not be invovled in the black market temporarily)

Adéwalé: Humanitarian activist when not working as at community watches

Aveline de Grandpré: Heir and vice president of the de Grandpré group of companies (she’ll inherit the higher position at some point)

Arno Dorian: Private investigator who helps run his “employer’s” coffee shops during the day

Shay Cormac:Marine force authority and construction team backer (both occupations connected)

May add Chronicles protags and the Frye twins when I play their games and/ or dig up their bios better.

I love how the entire point of Assassin’s Creed; Syndicate was that the perfect technique is a balance between old and new. Evie represented the old school with Altiar and Ezio while Jacob represented new with Arno and Edward. And the ending made the two realize that they couldn’t do it without each other, Jacob realized that he made a mess out of a lot of things and she cleaned it up so he should be more careful while Evie realized maybe father (the ways and rules of the Creed) wasn’t right about everything and she should be open to new ideas and ways of doing things. This is probably why the twins are my favorites just like Aveline and Connor since the four, though the twins had to work at it and Aveline and Connor were already there for the most part, realized that it is a balance you need. You need a plan but you need to give yourself wiggle room and be able to improvise.

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