old enough to make connections now

Today is the Positivity Day, so I’ve decided to dedicate a post to one of the most positive Kuroshitsuji characters - Elizabeth Midford.
Many SebaCiel shippers dislike her, so today I’ll try to explain why I myself, as a SebaCiel shipper, love and respect Lizzy so much.

Lizzy is the only thing that keeps Ciel’s faint connection to “light”.
Sure, Sebastian understands Ciel better than anyone else. Two years of being together made them become one. Sebastian undoubtedly saved Ciel from complete loneliness (not to mention that without Sebastian Ciel would’ve probably been dead by now). He protects the young master, makes him cookies and they are constantly mocking each other like old buddies.
But do you really think this is enough for a 13-year old boy? He is still just a kid. He needs to communicate with his peers, but instead he is only going out to investigate mass murders.

And above all, Sebastian is the darkness.

Lizzy is the light.
She is always trying to cheer Ciel up and bring some happiness and fun into his life.

And Ciel, though he doesn’t realize that himself, is reaching for this light. He doesn’t show that because he is a tsundere but he really feels good when spending time with Lizzy. She is the only reminder of his happy childhood.

Many people find her obsession with cute things annoying. But she became like this for him.

Even if Ciel doesn’t have any romantic feelings for her, he deeply cares about her as his dear cousin and friend.

Don’t forget, that she is still just a girl. It’s amazing how desperate and serious is her love for Ciel.

She is strong.

She went through a great loss when she was just a child.

Being the wife of the queen’s watchdog is not easy. But she bears this fate with dignity.

And lately, I feel like she is in danger.
Seeing one of the most cheerful characters with this sad blank look in the eyes really breaks my heart. So let’s all cross our fingers for Lizzy.

She’s really done a lot for Ciel.

Happy Positivity Day everyone!

yallneedahero  asked:

All of the above on the ship call pls

Shipping Call - Send me one if you want to plot one or more of these

💚 - friendship Ruby is always looking for fiends it’s harder to no be firends with Ruby to be honest.

💙 - kinship ( blood or symbolic familial bond ) This takes a great deal with to make that connection these days. She’s got a wall built right now.

💔 - past relationship Ruby has not had any romantic connections at the moment. So the past relastionship would have to be school mates or something along those lines

💜 - hateship ( they hate each other but can’t stay away ) My Ruby doesn’t understand this, the only person she hates right now is Cinder.
💛 - hateship ( enemies ) Again you have to do a great deal to get Ruby to hate you

💟 - friends with benefits- she is not old enough for this yet. Ruby is 16 and many others things going on. Anything like this is the last thing on her mind right now. 

❤ - romantic relationship- Same with this one. My Ruby is fickle and can’t decide if she wants this right now really. Her heart is still mending over the loss of people she was starting to love but understanding the feelings just yet.

I feel so much farther behind in my career compared to everyone else.

If I want the whole house-and-kids deal in my 30s, I’m definitely not making enough money.

What if I’m single so long, there’s no one left?

I should have definitely been finished school by now.

Am I too old to still be living with roommates?

At this rate, will I be able to have kids the way I imagined?

—  If you’ve ever had any of these thoughts, don’t worry you’re not alone. We all feel like we’re falling behind, but the reality isn’t that frightening.

“Sceptile has a mega evolution too?!” [Or something close]

If you look at this scene from today, you’d find something interesting. When Shouta said that Sceptile had a mega evolution too, Ash immediately looked at Pikachu in surprise, as if it meant ‘something’ and that ‘something’ was known to only Pikachu.

Now what do you think is that he shares only with Pikachu and related to the conversation? His own Sceptile.

Now, this means nothing. It doesn’t mean anything about Ash’s Sceptile nor does it talk about any future possibilities with Ash Sceptile but it gives you the idea that at least for a brief while, both Ash and Pikachu thought about their old buddy, Sceptile. 

Of course, this interpretation need not be right but it is ambiguous enough for me to make the connection and smile thanks to the hint of nostalgia it left.  

“Hey, uh, d’you mind getting the door for me?”

Delivering boxes of soap would be easier if he had more hands, honestly - if the door was a push he might’ve managed, but alas this shop had a front door you pulled and with four boxes stacked in his arms Leon didn’t have a spare hand to grab the handle. He was lucky enough to accost a passerby, though, and he gave them his politest smile so they knew he wasn’t a murderer.