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Adoption and Donald Trump as President

I’m not old enough to vote. However my parents are very conservative. They voted for Trump because he stands for life. He’s going to ban abortion. We have a prolife government now, my mom said. My parents think more women will choose life and adoption for their babies instead of abortion. They told me I should thank my birth mom for choosing life. They’re so grateful for her and for me. “Just imagine if you were aborted”. “You’re so lucky you were chosen”.“God had a plan for you”.

Again my story of adoption is being used for the prolife movement. I had to say how grateful I am for being adopted and not aborted. How my birth mom chose life. How I need to be happy and not angry or sad. How adoption in the only choice to an unplanned pregnancy. Having Trump makes things worse now. Especially in my family. They look at me as some sort of miracle. This Sunday I’m suppose to speak at church about adoption. It’s Orphan Sunday. I’ve did this since I was 10. I hate doing it now because it feels sad and weird. I don’t like adoption. Adoption is not a call. Adoption isn’t beautiful. It’s not God’s plan. Now I have to get on stage and explain and happy adoption is and how evil abortion is. How my birth mom almost aborted me. How my life is better with my parents. How adoption is the answer to abortion. How Christians need to stand up and fight for the fatherless and the unborn. I would rather be with my birth family than be adopted. Adoption is your birth mom getting rid of you. Adoption is not being with your birth family. Adoption is having two identities. Adoption is not having answers. Adoption is feelings of being unloved, unwanted, and abandon by the very people who created your dna. Adoption is suicide. It hurts. It sucks. I hate adoption. I would much rather tell people to help foster kids because they don’t have anyone to love them. I do have a family that loves me. My birth mom still loves me. I still love her. Kids in foster care don’t have that. I’m grateful I wasn’t in foster care and yes I do have a good life. But I would much rather speak that keeping your child over adoption is much better. I dream about being with my birth mom.

I hate being used like a pawn. Stop using adoptees to push your propaganda. Agencies, adoptive parents STOP IT. You’re hurting us. Tell birth families to try and keep their kids with them. It hurts not knowing my birth mom. It hurts not knowing my birth family. Adoption hurts. I had no say in any of this.

Please, we beg of you, only read this list if you’re worthy to do so.

: Clicker bait.

Ladybug and Cat Noir celebrate a miraculous year at No. 2.
Shadowhunters’ spoilers are leaking. All these rumors push the show up to No. 12.
Girl Meets World and it’s full of tragedy and hardship. It falls six to No. 20.

Movies: Gene Wilder’s impact was so strong, he essentially took over the list. He will be terribly missed.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory fizzy-lifts to No. 8.
Young Frankenstein is alive at No. 11.
Blazing Saddles is steady as a rock at No. 20.

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Music: Beyoncé is now old enough to be President. Of the United States. Of America.

⬆ Celebrations of Beyoncé’s birthday lands her at No. 1.
Drake moved up twelve spots to No. 4.
⬆ But Rihanna still bests him at No. 3.

Celebrities: A real mixed bag of types below.

☆ Thank you for over 50 years of genuine laughter, Gene Wilder (No. 5).
☆ Strange thing: this is Finn Wolfhard’s (No. 7)  and Millie Bobbie Brown’s (No. 8) first time on the list.
⬇︎ Kendall Jenner falls to No. 20. Time to release a new lip kit?

Games: All the pew pew pews and tap tap taps you can handle.

Mystic Messenger is still forging ahead, up to No. 2 now.
☆ The upcoming Persona 5 returns at No. 13.
⬇︎ Dragon Age: Inquisition seems to be going the way of the dinosaurs, falling three to No. 14.

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Web stuff:  The web celebs are taking over.

Carmilla bulldozes its way through fourteen spots for the coveted role of No. 1.
PewDiePie tries his best to follow, but lands short at No. 14.
Joanne the Scammer makes an iconic debut at No. 19.

I remember when Obama became US president and I was old enough to understand it was huge, but not old enough to completely understand all the reasons why. But mum often talks of the day when Obama was elected, and when he and Michelle walked on stage as President and First Lady for the first time, and she always without fail talks about how tightly Michelle was gripping her husband’s hand, like she was terrified for him being on that stage in front of so many people.

And now all I can focus on is, you really think Trump and his wife could possibly have that same fear?

Dear Mr. Trump

Dear Mr. Trump, I was born on November 11, 1998. Today I am 17 years and 363 days old, not old enough to vote. My voice was not involved in your election. After President Obama was elected in 2008 many of my peers, and their parents, simply called him “Obama” even at nine years old I found this offensive and disrespectful, so I have always referred to him as President Obama. I am writing this letter to tell you that you will always be Mr. Trump to me. You are not my president. Because of you I no longer feel safe. All of the hate speech you spewed during the election about Americans not feeling safe (even though crime across the country is lower than in years*) has come to fruition* I am afraid because I am a proud lesbian. Because of you I have begun to think about the possibility of my family being ripped apart. My parents have been married for 20 years, they have battled bankruptcy and illness, and several times they appeared to be losing, however they have triumphed. In spite of their fight, I may have to watch my family be spread across the national borders. My mother will not live in a country ruled by you and your bigotry and my father cannot follow her. Where should I go, Mr. Trump? Where do I belong? I could stay with my father in my home which is now ruled by government who does not care about me because of who I love and the gender I was assigned at birth. Or I could leave, I could move countries in the middle of my senior year, leave my home, my country, my friends, and my lover. I could let you win but I won’t do that. I am a fighter and I am a survivor. I have survived discrimination and assault and I will prevail. I turn 25 in seven years, in my home state of Georgia 25 is the minimum age required to run for office. If you win a second term you will still be in office, so it is with great pride that I tell you that I will be running for office, I will win, and I will fix the country you will break so that once again I can say I am proud to be an American.

* Fruition- attainment of anything desired; realization; accomplishment 

*Jackson, Brooks. “Obama’s Numbers (January 2016 Update).” FactCheckorg. N.p., 12 Jan. 2016. Web. 09 Nov. 2016.

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i think that anon hasn't watched legendary defender. pidge was male in all the other voltrons, og and reboot but new pidge is a girl sorry old anon

that’s so wild. they gotta be at least like 40???? sending anon hate to a blog about a show they never watched. bragging about being old enough to have seen Regan in the presidency. it’s a damn shame. 

I know Obama isn’t MY president (🇨🇦 AMIRITE?) but he’s the first president I’ve been old enough/have cared enough to keep up on and have a vested interest in. I’m surprisingly very emotional about his presidency coming to a close. Thanks Obama.

I don’t think I’ll ever get over Barack Obama not being president…

He came into office around the time that I was getting old enough to understand politics. I grew up with him as my President. 

As I got taller, he got grey in his hair. And now, as I’m getting ready to leave the place I’ve called home for nine years, he’s leaving the White House. 

He is one of my greatest role models and I adore him so much.

Thank you, President Obama.

I’m gonna miss Obama

I’m glad he was my president when I was old enough to appreciate him. Because of this man LGBT youth are far better off than we were eight years ago. And we’ve noticed and we will always remember him

i volunteer at a before and after school program for one of the elementary schools here in the city and one of the kids today goes “miss amy you’re married right?” and i go “no i’m only 21..” and then a chorus of kids just go “but you’re wearing a ring!!” “you’re old enough to be president you can be married!” “are you pregnant? when willl you be pregnant?” 


                  madam president,  it’s an honor.   he’s on his best behavior,  as he’s sure that any other man would be in the presence of the president of the united states.  maybe he hadn’t voted for her  ( though technically,  no one had )  and didn’t actually know anything about her politics beforehand  ––  it hadn’t mattered much,  he knew that harriet would be going off to private school once she was old enough,  but he’s not a fool.  meeting the president,  no matter whom it happened to be,  was an honor.  

Connie for President 2040

Connie’s 12 now, in 2016. You can’t run for president until you’re 35. 35-12 is 23, so she’ll be 35 years old 23 years from now. 2016 + 23 is 2039, which means Connie will be 35 in the year 2039. But, presidential elections are only once every four years, which means the earliest presidential election year Connie will be old enough to become president in is 2040.

You know I love a show when it makes me do math (on a calculator, but still.)