old english game bantam


Got our first ever fart egg, we never had these in any of our previous flocks :o it came from the smallest hen, Hazel. Her first egg was MASSIVE for such a little bird, this would be her 3rd or 4th egg. I’ll give her some calcivet and other vitamins to help her recover, these eggs are typically a result of some deficiency but sometimes they can just happen with little breeds like old English game bantams.


Photos from the Pacific Poultry Breeders Association show. These are not my birds, just a random sampling of some of the thousands of birds on display. I love my new camera, I’m really impressed with how well it did on these photos.

Breeds represented, in order: Golden phoenix, bantam leghorn, favorelles, bantam speckled sussex, sweet grass turkey, serama, bantam buff-laced polish, blue-laced red wyandotte, and old english game bantam.


We get our chickens very tame by letting the mama hens hatch them and raise them, but scooping up the mom and babies and making them stay in a box in the house at night and when it’s chilly.  They integrate with the flock just fine but are very used to being handled and know we’re the source of food.  Happy little birds.