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Sweeter Than a Cherry Pie 

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When Cora asks Stiles to be her pretend boyfriend for a New Year’s family dinner, he figures he can do a friend a favor. When he hooks up with an incredible guy, Derek, the night before, only to wake up alone in the morning, he supposes he can handle that too. But when he shows up at Cora’s house and Derek turns out to be her brother… well, that’s a bit of a bigger problem. 

“Please, Stiles?”


“I would do it for you!”

“Hmmmm. Well in that case… no.”

“Asshole,” Cora grumbles.

Stiles continues laying strips of dough over the pie he’s making, seemingly nonplussed. “I mean if you had like a super hot brother or something, you know I’d be all over that, but…”

Cora almost snorts at the image of Stiles and Derek together, but she figures that it probably won’t help her case much to bring him up. He still needs a date too, and no way is she having hers stolen. “You know this isn’t an actual date or anything. I just need to bring someone so my parents will shut up about it. ‘Ooh, Cora. Haven’t you met any nice young men yet? I mean just look at Laura and her stupidly perfect boyfriend.’” The high, mocking tone she’d used for her mother turns bitter at the end.

Stiles offers a pitying smile, but no help. “C'mon Cora, don’t you think I have anything better to be doing on New Year’s Eve than pretending to be your boyfriend?”

“Do you?”

“Well not right now. But I could! I can go hang at The Jungle and get myself a nice, hot guy, and we could totally-”

“Enough!” Cora interjects. “Too much information. Look, I would totally owe you one, okay? I would owe you two. Three. Seven! I just need you to do this.”

The puppy dog eyes she sends him are almost enough to make him cave. Almost. 

“Sorry, Cora.”

“Fine,” she says airily, tossing her hair over her shoulder and going back to her mixing bowl. “Maybe I’ll just tell your dad that you and Scott were the ones who went skinnydipping in the preserve last month.”

Stiles snaps his head around so fast it’s a wonder his neck doesn’t snap. 

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Try me.“ 

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