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What is the floof that makes up Rex's hairdo-bonnet-thing? It reminds me of Gloster canaries and their lil bowlcuts.

They’re upturned feathers that were bred into pigeons, people must’ve liked how they look! She’s not actually supposed to have them, her breed, Aachen Lacquer shield owls, are bred from old German owls but the main difference is they don’t have that little cap. Old Dutch capuchines have a massive crest! Jacobins have the biggest I think, but they have health issues unlike Capuchines.

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What are good enrichment toys for single pigeons for someone who works (so roughly only 8 hours to spend with the bird if working for 8 and sleeping for 8)? Or would it be better to get two birds in that case? Or keep them outside if it's only one or two birds (if there isn't a room that can be dedicated to pigeon use only)? Also should the water and nest things be kept on the floor of the enclosure or elevated? (I'm really thinking of getting a pigey pet but I want to do it right.)

Forage toys!

Not like the ones for parrots, though, pigeons aren’t mechanical puzzle solvers.

A good forage toy for a house pigeon would be more like an easter egg full of seeds with holes burned into it so they leak when the egg is kicked or pecked.

A tray of calcisand with some seeds and grains scattered in it will also stimulate them the way real foraging would. 

A shallow dish to splash in is also super fun. Pidge love to bathe!

If you get an active breed, it will be better to have two of them in a small outdoor aviary, under the current circumstances of time.

If you get a more docile and less flighty or energetic breed like Classic Old Frills, Old German Owls, Fantails, frillbacks, or Old Dutch Capuchine, or a small one like a Figurita, one or two could be pretty happy with the time you have available for them.

Pigeons, in my experience, also enjoy watching videos, which could be good way to keep your indoor birds occupied while you’re gone.

Pigeons are ground feeders and ledge nesters, so food and water dishes need to be on the floor and nests need to be hung up.

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Is there a fairly good breed to have as a first time pigeon owner?

There are many, and those are my specialties!

6 all around absolute favorites (Friendly, easy keepers, easy to breed, good parents)
My favorite performer
4 with simple upkeep.
7 that are great pets but not ideal for beginning breeders.
and a super prolific GIANT of a cuddle bug!

Listed in order from most to least personal hands on experience:
The Classic Old Frill
Valencian Figurita
Old Dutch Capuchine (discussed already under the tags #Classical Art Pidge and #Ramsey Favorites)
Old German Owl
and Show Type Racing Homer

Favorite performing breed:
Portuguese Tumbler!!!

Clever, with straight forward upkeep.
Birmingham rollers
American Show Racers

Great pets! But not suitable for beginning breeders.
Luscerne Gold Collar
Indian Fantail
Mindian Fantail
American Fantasy
Garden Fantail (Already discussed under the tag #Classical Art Pidge)

And possibly the loviest of Giants, the Utility King, which is the meat breed that produces squab. (the dish made with 4 week old squeakers.)

All of these will be discussed in detail as I come to them. ^v^

Updated tags

#Classical Art Pidge (the tag for the healthy breeds from which the Modern Art breeds were developed) will be changing to #Neoclassical Pidge

It sounds nicer, and that was the word I was looking for when I came up with the original tag. 

I will add it to the Old Dutch Capuchine and Garden Fantail posts.

Change your filters accordingly. ^v^

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How many birds have you got left?

House pets:
Gordon and April.

2 Luscerne Gold Collars:
Orel and Heidi

2 old Dutch Capuchine:
Ferdi and Mathilde.

8 Classic Old Frills:
Richard and Victoria.
Richard and Victorias 4 youngest squeaks.

Old German Owl

2 Valencian Figurita
Anthony and Isabella

1 intact Ringneck Dove family:
Danny and Mooki, and their week old peep.

7 single keep back Ringneck Doves:
Cloud, Stella, Vex, Chesla, Archimedes, Kinsea, and Slate.

5 single doves:
Skipper, Lilly, Poltergheist, the Ivory pied cock, the Ivory peep.

Casper is the last dove showing symptoms, and he’s still hanging in there for now.

16 pigeons.
18 Doves

34 birds total.

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I'm curious! About the Old Dutch Capuchines, would they require special care regarding their manes? At least anything specific that would be different from a more 'standard' breed I guess?


A jacobin/capuchine mix might need trimming, but a pure ODC will only need the perches in its cage adjusted to accomodate it’s height.

No trimming or other mane-tainence (I am not sorry fot that terrible pun!) necessary on the part of the owner.