old drawing waiting to be submitted

(Excuse my first attempt at a gif aha, may need to click for better quality.)

Holy cow, I might cry! You guys! This is amazing! 1000 is a big number! I couldn’t be happier at how far my lil’ blog has come, and I am so grateful to you all!
Alrighty, now let’s get to the fun part! (Thank you to those who helped me with what to do for this.)
I’ll be doing a follower pic for 20+ followers, you’re characters will be drawn in chibi style to fit more of you! But wait! There’s more~
For two or three lucky winners, I would like to draw a series of pictures with your OC and Elora together on either a date or a friendly hangout, your choice, the winners will be messaged and asked for a ref, along with other info.

Rules / How to enter:
- Be a follower (new or old)
- Reblog - you can reblog with a ref, a link to ref, or submit me one.
- OC doesn’t have to be a pony but humans I won’t do.
- Must reblog before 15th July, that’s when all winners will be determined.

And that’s it! Everyone who enters, their url will be put in a list and put to a number generator so it’s fair, thank you everyone so much again, I love you all, and stay safe! -Mod