old drawing hah a

Goodbye Gravity Falls and thanks for everything.


ohm y go d its so weird

SO i’ve been talking mainly to @benjathetrashcan​ about this thing called the LadyLike AU??? it’s like the asagao boys, but like in a more evil kind of nature? the original inspiration from this au was Skirt!Shane, i made kind of a character out of him??? and now???? I LOVE HIM???? like he’s so badass.

this au is really dumb its just the boys in women’s accessories and bad attitudes.. but oh BOI DO HAVE I PUT A LOT OF LOVE INTO THEM

some examples are Skirt!Shane


Purse!Jirard, CropTop!Luke, Dress!Jimmy and Parasol!Caddy, i just made this au recently so i wouldnt mind suggestions, i’ll post the whole list of ladylike boys if yall are interested heh