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butterflygon  asked:

for the Art Questions Ask Meme: number 8, please!

#8: What is your favourite piece that you have done?

Ah, gee, that’s a difficult one. I don’t really have any singular favorite piece, but apart from graphic novel work my favorite recent work has been the work on the pastel goth Undertale collection.

A lot of time, effort, scrolling around on the internet, screaming, et cetera went into these, and in the end they turned out to be very worth all of it. I even sold copies of a few of them as prints!!

As far as graphic novel work goes though, I do have a handful of favorite pages so far…so here are those as well.

I draw for a lot of reasons. I draw because, well, I’ve been drawing ever since I was three years old and don’t intend to stop! I draw because it helps keep me sane and helps me cope with a lot of my issues. I draw because it makes me and others happy.

I draw because… drawing is what I do!

#15: What do you like drawing the least?

Buildings, trees, water, and action poses. I also don’t particularly like drawing or coloring armor, and basically any background makes me want to throw things.

#22: List at least one of your “artspirations”.

Oh gee. I have so many. I don’t want to list just one, either, because that’s too hard.

So many people who inspire me have somehow found their way over here and befriended me, and that just  increased my level of admiration for them. I think they know who they are, but I’ll list them anyway: @reye-chan, @midluuna, @ksenya-the-artistic-cucumber, and @spectrumelf!

Then there’s my comics senpai @peppermintbee and also @eruto, both working on my biggest inspiration for comic making at the moment.

And of course, there are my friends @steveningdragon, @cassiomia, @the-pink-magnolia, and @ashatasha who give me inspiration in my daily non-internet life.

There are so many more people who inspire me, but these are my biggest art inspirations.

#4: What defines your artistic style?

uhhhhhh… roundness. Minute sense of proportionality. Colors. No limits to the expressions. Only occasionally taking itself seriously.

I actually have no idea.

#3: Show us your oldest piece of art you have on hand.

I actually don’t know what or where that is, so here’s an old drawing from an old sketchbook (but definitely not the oldest)

…and a frame from the oldest comic containing characters from my graphic novel in development.

#12: Have you ever considered taking commissions?

Yes, but I like the idea of a Patreon much better.

#17: What would you absolutely refuse to draw?

Anything in the NSFW vein (but I’m perfectly fine with gore), along with anything offensive or hateful or just uncomfortable to my mind. I’m also not one for drawing ideas, ships, etc. that I don’t agree with.

(from these artist-oriented questions!!✨)


In honor of SVTFOE returning in a few days I scrounged up some of my lame fusion AU drawings from my old sketchbook! They’re designs I really love and I would love to draw them more given the opportunity haha! But here’s some info if anyone’s interested!
At the top is Tom/star/Marco (tomstarco?) fusion, based off their blood moon ball outfits and also heavy mewberty influence (she’s got six arms and giant butterfly wings that I couldn’t find my original sketch of)
Next is starco fusion based off their blood moon ball outfits
Next is the tomco fusion, kind of monsterous based on how their relationship is a bit unstable but they fuse when trying to work together for star
And then (my fave) tomstar fusion, they’re kind of based on their past relationship and formed from “first love” kind of relationship?
And last but not least some self indulgent Tom and tomstar doodles from like 80 years ago

First Jack portrait by me, circa early 2015, versus…

…late 2015 and May 2016. Look at what a year can do. Funny, you can see my art improvement and Jack’s facial changes. I guess we’ve both grown in this year and a half, huh?


Day 1: Old Doodles/Art Progression

These are some of my old doodles/drawings from my old sketchbook. I did these ,I think, about a year or two back and it was around the time when I really started to get really get into art and SU. It was because of these two and their bond that I got into the show and doing SU art, especially of them. These are some of the first few drawings of them when I was starting out and progression as well. Also, I did say awhile back that I would upload these old doodles one of these days, it’s just at the time I didn’t have a scanner yet, but now I do.



since mcr’s probably coming back and it’s basically 2006 again, i’m feeling weirdly nostalgic for my naruto days